INFO: Characters

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INFO: Characters

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Characters appearing in Stunning New Development (SND).
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Stoneyfields Residents

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Dr Matt Hayes
41 years old. General Practitioner at Mawsley Medical.
Drives: Black 2007 Lexus RX Hybrid SUV.

Lillian Hayes
39 years old. Solicitor advocate. Paralysed from the waist down and confined to an electric wheelchair.

Chesca Hayes
15 years old. Student at Brooke House College, studying photography.

NO. 2

Eric Lowell
Mid-forties. BT regional manager. Tall, but out of shape, carrying a lot of spare weight and has bad back (sciatica). George Clooney-style grey hair, neatly trimmed. Easy-going, indoors type. Good-natured and good father but has drifted apart from wife.
Drives: Light metallic tan 2005 Volvo V70 estate.

Amy Lowell
Early-forties. MILF. Tall for a woman, 5'10", olive-skinned with long, wavy blonde hair. Should have been a model. Second-generation Greek. Teaching assistant at Mawsley Primary. Was full-time mother, but now children have grown up she lacks purpose. Now suffering from mid-life crisis. Goes gym (LA Fitness in Kettering Venture Park) daily, sometimes with Tina Mayweather.
Drives: Metallic blue 2007 Toyota RAV4 SUV.

Mikey Lowell
16 years old. Downhill mountain biker, competing in European Championships and World Cup, Men's Juniors. Handsome boy, wavy blonde hair, athletic, popular. The first-born son. A daredevil and show-off, he's always getting into trouble for some stupid stunt and goes through more bikes in a year then most people have in a life-time. (Though they aren't his expensive downhilling bikes.) Just turned 16, he tries not to get distracted by girls. Girls should obsess over him, while he casually ignores them yet he's easily frustrated by girls who don't appreciate how cool he is.
Rides: Black Marin Novato street bike and black/yellow Trek 4300 hardtail.

Nikos Lowell
13 years old. Tall for his age but lanky, with mop of brown hair and glasses. Always has a cold. He's become more of a loner as his brother's gotten older and developed a large circle of friends. Quiet and reclusive, Nikos will talk animatedly about Star Wars and Indiana Jones to anyone who shows an interest. He can often be seen in the field practicing his moves with his Force FX lightsaber, or wearing his fedora and tracking badgers (sometimes a combination of both).

NO. 3

Late-twenties, salesman, almost Jude Law-ish. Sandy-coloured hair and goatee beard, balding, but always well-dressed and in expensive suits. Tanned and bleached white teeth, smells of CK One.
Drives: Silver 2007 E46 BMW M3 saloon.

NO. 5

Freddy Antolini
Mid-thirties. Sci-fi novelist. Second-generation Italian and Londoner.
Drives: Red 2005 Alfa Romeo 156 saloon.

NO. 6

Jarvis Riley
Mid-thirties. Short, thickset bodybuilder, being only 5'4" but weighing around 270". Baby-faced with swarthy skin and slicked back, black hair. Cheaky and boisterous, but always polite. Ex-Parachute Regiment, now works as a doorman in Kettering.
Drives: Black Range Rover Sport. Black Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV.

Tina Mayweather
Early-thirties. Small but athletic, with long, light brown hair. Loves dogs. Often seen walking her husky, Thor, in the morning and at night. Sometimes goes LA Fitness (gym) at Kettering Venture Park with Amy Lowell on week day evenings. Always dressed in the latest high street fashions with immaculate makeup. Works at Nationwide call centre in Northampton.
Drives: Red 2006 Mini Cooper with white roof and bonnet stripes.

NO. 7

Stu McKenzie
Mid-forties. Scottish. Ex-Staff Sergeant Major, Royal Logistics Corp. Now works for Musgrave Group distribution centre in Wellingborough. Proud of service, aloof with a bawdy sense of humour. Thin, fair-skinned and balding with dark hair and tattoos on forearms.
Drives: Silver 2006 Ford Mondeo ST TDCi.

Gwen McKenzie
Late-thirties. Partner in beauticians, Beauty Matters, in Market Harborough. Perfect makeup, nails, hair, tan and teeth, but has sharp, angular features, giving her an mean look. Aloof, like her husband and fierce rival of Cllr Victoria Perry.
Drives: Silver 2006 Audi TT Roadster.

Reece McKenzie
3 years old. The boy who might as well not been born. Looks a lot like his father. A serious boy, he rarely smiles and is cared for mostly by Polish au pairs or one of the local childminders. His parents are far too busy, but it's OK because having a child hasn't inconvenienced them at all.

Short, chubby Polish girl with dark curly hair and swarthy skin. 19 years old, though often seems younger. From a satellite town around the outskirts of Lodz. Au pair hired by the McKenzies, she is completely responsible, slightly dull, and has a boyfriend back in Poland. Probably.

NO. 8

Dr Oshan Williams
Drives: Dark blue 2006 Mazda MX-5 convertible.

NO. 9

Elsie Berringford
Widow. Mid-sixties. Husband was Rolls-Royce engineer. Has property in Dubai. Daughter and family live in St. Ives, Cambs. (Turns out to be a Rosicrucian scholar.)

NO. 10

Russ and Sam De Witt
Note: Currently on holiday in Costa Del Sol
Retired couple, early-fifties. Snowbirds with Hymer motorhome. Rarely at home, either on holiday or at the pub. Frequently drink and drive, their old 1996 Ford Mondeo is covered in dents.

NO. 12

Ken Hudson
Early-forties. Ex-London cabbie, now private hire car driver.
Drives: Black 1992 Austin Fairway Driver.

Bobby Hudson
15 years old. Scruffy black hair, fair-skinned and skinny. Wears emo fashion. Gamer, plays Counter-Strike and Starcraft. Fan of Queens of the Stone Age. Stuck with old HP Pavillion, yearns for a new gaming rig.

NO. 13

Charlie Lawrence
Drives: Faded red 1998 Fiat Punto.

Leanne Lawrence

NO. 14

Guy Leyshon
Paula Ellis
Brendon Leyshon
Mid-twenties. Unemployed with 6-month old son. Guy does temping at warehouses in Kettering/Wellingborough area sometimes, but blames Polish immigrants for lack of work. Guy often goes to London at the weekends to shop in the markets.
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Bob Littler
Chairman of Mawsley Village Association and Mawsley Parish Council.

Brenda Quinn
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and President of Mawsley Village Women's Institute.

Victoria Perry
Councillor for Slade Ward, Kettering Borough Council. Tory. Governor of Mawsley Primary School, and director of Lounge-Boutique Ltd.

Sergeant Tony Hopkins
Leader of Kettering Police Rural West Safer Community Team. Winner of the 1991 Academy Award for Best Actor.


Early-twenties. Spotty, greasy chav with shaved head. From Broughton. Deals drugs (cannabis) in the Four Spires.
Drives: Trevved up 1998 yellow Vauxhall Corsa with bucket backbox, 15-inch alloys and unpainted body skirt.


Conway's crew.

Colette Harding
10 year old girl with long, mousy brown hair and a large fringe. Attends therapy sessions with Dr Williams. Seemed taciturn to the extreme, but not withdrawn. Parents worried she had a personality disorder. Now she's remarkably loquacious.

The Red-haired Man
Mid-thirties, tall, about 6'4", lean, unkempt appearance with red hair and thick stubble. Seen wearing black and white keffiyeh, dull coloured smock jacket and combat trousers.

Tony Williams
Oshan's husband, separated. Violent. Well-built, rugby player's physique. Paranoid schizophrenia. Seen lurking around Mawsley in duffle coat and wool hat.

Mawsley milkman, working for Dairy Crest. Thin, reedy man, lives with parents at old farmhouse in Loddington.
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Outside World

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Early-twenties. Student at Brooke House College. Gaoshan Chinese. Dark-skinned, grandparents immigrated from Taiwan to HK.

Early-twenties. Student at Brooke House College. Han Chinese from Beijing. Bullies Wei-Ling.

Mr Wilmott
Early-sixties. Substitute photography teacher at Brooke House College, replacing popular Mrs Robinson who's on maternity leave. Bald with medium length grey hair, shaky head, thick spectacles. Qualified with British Institute of Professional Photography, but no teacher training. Bird photographer by trade.
Drives: Blue 2004 Subaru G3X Justy.


L/Cpl Seru
Early-thirties, Fijian Paratrooper/sniper, transferred from Sniper Cadre to training duties with Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) after breaking leg in Musa Qala. Tall, lanky and unkempt appearance, tends to avoid decision-making, happier to follow orders and keep his head down. Only known survivor of the Sentinel exercise.

Cpl Nicholson
Seru's partner, Special Reconnaissance Regiment, providing electronic surveillance for 14 Signal Regiment, joints ops test of Skynet 5B systems.

Short, floppy-haired civil servant with Ministry of Defence, apparently observing the Sentinel exercise but turning out to be an agent for some shady special interest group.