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INFO: Locale

Posted: 04 Jun 2009, 21:19
by nemarsde
Stunning New Development (SND) is set in the modern day East Midlands, around a new housing development called Mawsley Village.

Official Mawsley Village Web Site

SND locations will be added to Google Maps as the campaign progresses.

SND Google Map

Note: The second phase of development to the NNE of the village is shown as incomplete on most maps. However, as of Summer 2007 it is mostly complete.

The nearest village by road is Old, roughly 5 mins drive. This is an old, traditional English village and a complete contrast to Mawsley.

Loddington and Cransley are farther away by road, but cross-country they are nearer. There is a bridleway west of Mawsley leading to Loddington, and a footpath leading east from Mawsley to Cransley.

The parishes of Mawsley, Loddington, Cransley, Thorpe Malsor and Broughton are known collectively as the Four Spires.

The nearest town to Mawsley Village is Kettering, roughly 10 mins away by car (off-peak). Kettering is oft described as a "shit-hole".

The nearest city is Northampton, 30 mins away by car (off-peak).

The nearest major city is Leicester, 45 mins away by car (off-peak).

The market town, Market Harborough is 20 mins away by car (off-peak) and can cater for more affluent circles with its many expensive designer boutiques, wharf-side design studios, and private schools.

The nearest habitation outside of the village is Mawsley Wood Farm, just to the west, not even a minute by car. There are two residential/business properties here, Mawsley Manor on the right, and Mawsley Grange ( graphic design/printers) on the left.


There are two entrances to the village, Broughton Road (the front entrance), and Loddington Way (the rear entrance).

These both lead onto the C31, commonly known as "the top road".

To the east, the top road leads onto the A43, from there north to Kettering and the A14, south to Northampton and the M1.

The west leads into the middle of nowhere and a network of country lanes.

The top road west of the village is dangerously potholed. Cars with low profile alloy wheels beware.

According to the site regs, construction traffic should enter the village by the rear entrance, but should only approach from the top road east. The top road west is off-limits to construction traffic as it isn't wide enough and wasn't built for heavy loads.

However, because there is a country route across to the A6 that bypasses the A14, many drivers coming from Leicestershire choose to ignore this regulation. These, along with regular farm traffic, might explain why the road is in such a state of disrepair.

The No. 39 Bus runs between Kettering and Northampton, and back again, stopping at Mawsley Village.

Official No. 39 Bus Timetable

The bus is unreliable during peak times, and is a double-decker.

Birmingham International Airport is about 75 mins away by car, taking the A14 westbound onto the M6 then M42.

East Midlands Airport is about 60 mins away by car, taking the A14 westbound onto the M1 northbound.

Route planners often cite Birmingham International as the nearest of the two airports, but the traffic system around Birmingham International is usually much more congested than East Midlands.

Mawsley Village is located in a flight corridor servicing both airports and the skies are busy both night and day. Planes can be heard flying overhead at night.

Nearby Sywell Aerodrome is the base for several aerobatics teams, and turboprop planes can often be seen (and heard) in the skies during the day.

Carpetbagger Aviation Museum is based at the disused Harrington Airfield, which had housed Thor 2 Megaton intermediate range ballistic missiles from 1958 to 1963.

The village also appears to be in a corridor used by RAF Chinooks and Pumas flying nape of the earth. (RAF helicopters only, unfortunately. No Army Air Corps helicopters have been sighted, e.g., Longbow Apaches.)

Kettering General Hospital is also the site of the air ambulance servicing the A14. The skies really are busy day and night.

The nearest train station is Kettering, operated by East Midlands Trains (formerly Midland Mainline).


Posted: 05 Jun 2009, 19:17
by nemarsde


Homes are privately owned unless otherwise noted.
  1. Blossom House. Dr Matthew Hayes, Lillian and Francesca Hayes. (Images: rear aspect, rear street aspect, front corner aspect, front aspect.)
  2. Eric, Amynta, Michael and Nikos Lowell.
  3. Darren (newly arrived). RENTED. (Images: corner aspect (No. 3 and 4).)
  4. VACANT. FOR SALE. (Images: front aspect.)
  5. Frederico Antolini. (Images: corner aspect (No. 5 and 6).)
  6. Jarvis Riley, Tina Mayweather. (Images: corner aspect (No. 5 and 6).)
  7. Stuart, Gwen and Reece McKenzie. Kaja (au pair). (Images: front aspect.)
  8. Dr Oshan Williams. (Images: front aspect, front corner aspect.)
  9. Elsie Berringford (widow).
  10. Russell and Samantha De Witt.
  12. Kenneth Hudson. (Images: front aspect (No. 12, No. 13).)
  13. Charlotte and Leanne Lawrence. (Images: front aspect (No. 12, No. 13).)
  14. Guy Leyshon, Paula Ellis, and Brendon Leyshon. SHARED OWNERSHIP.

Google Maps updated

Posted: 28 Aug 2010, 12:14
by nemarsde
Google Maps' satellite imagery of Mawsley Village has been updated and now shows Stoneyfields. The road map is still largely inaccurate though and serves as a warning to anyone using Google Maps as a navigation tool.