INFO: End Notes

The housing developers have more to worry about than the slump in house prices. A tabletop RPG campaign set in 2008 East Midlands. CJ Carella's WitchCraft (Eden Studios)

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INFO: End Notes

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Dramatis Personae:
Freddy Antolini - brightlilim
Chesca Hayes - Rossi720
Dr Matt Hayes - SteveH
Ken Hudson - Caveboy
Charlie Lawrence - Han
Leanne Lawrence - Ghost
Dr Oshan Williams - Gypsy

First session - 24 February 2008
Last session - 31 May 2009

Game System/Setting:
CJ Carella's WitchCraft

The campaign ran for 13 sessions over 15 months, each session lasting roughly 11 hours. A total of roughly 165 hours of gameplay. SND was originally planned to run for 10 sessions over 12 months, with each session representing one day in-continuity.

The gaming group took a field trip to Mawsley, Northants on 13 January 2008, before the campaign started.