GNA INFO: Job File

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GNA INFO: Job File

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Series 2, Part 2 - Going Naf

Originally posted 17 Mar 2005, 14:55

Location: French Riviera, EC

Retrieval. Hired by Sir Magnus Caine, Interpol Director-General of Internal Security and Counter-Intelligence, for non-official retrieval of information on stolen artefacts.

Team will be provided with invites to Suleiman Najm al-Ghul's New Year's Eve Party at his clifftop mansion in Cannes. They will use their skills to steal copy of the data chips in al-Ghul's personal cyberdeck, which should contain the relevent info.

Sir Magnus will make contact after the party.

Agreed payment is 50,000eb on completion, and intelligence documents. Party will take place on New Year's Eve.

Wednesday 23 December 2020. Team was approached by Lieutenant Jules Ben Ali of Interpol during ferry crossing from Malmo to Copenhagen. They were blackmailed into accepting job, to find and capture a blackmarket cybertechie working out of Lanark-Lothian Metroplex.

Tuesday 29 December 2020. When team tracked down cybertechie to his hideout in Glasgow, they found it was actually test of abilities, arranged by Sir Magnus. He offers them job, they accept.

Objective: Retrieve information on current location of stolen artefacts.

Monday 1 January 2021. Team steal copy of data chips. Back at Hotel Tautou in Saint-Tropez, meet with Sir Magnus. Files are stored within a booby-trapped VR rec area. Team must jack into VR rec area and avoiding booby-traps, retrieve info.

Team retrieve info. Afterwards get cleaned up, before flying out to Saint Moritz. Meet Sir Magnus in ski lodge. The info reveals the stolen artefacts have been shipped Tunis in North Africa.

Team will fly into Monastir Airport, then RV with EC spy called Baha Al Din. RV is at 10:00, Tuesday 2 January 2021, Ancient Carthage excavation on Cap Bon Peninsula.

Team must still retrieve info on current location of stolen artefacts.

Currently employed on job:

Keyl (lead)

Jin Wei