TTB INFO: Job File

From the mean streets of Night City to the mountains of Mars, a tabletop RPG campaign teetering on the brink of the Fourth Corporate War. Cyberpunk (R. Talsorian Games)

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TTB INFO: Job File

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Series 3, Part 1 & 2 - Thicker Than Blood, based on the module by Atlas Games

Originally posted 25 Nov 2005, 15:44

Location: Night City, CA

Investigation. Team hired by Dr. Phil Carey, teacher of corporate law at St. Bartholomew's School in Night City. Dr. Phil's wife, Dr. Toni Carey is teacher of programming at same school. She was left in a despondent mental state after meeting with Nymph in a virtual world called Thieves' World. Dr. Toni had also been investigating Project 3002 in her spare time, reasons are not clear.

Dr. Phil hires team to find the cause of his wife's despondency in hopes of also finding a cure. Team accepts job.

Agreed payment is 12,000eb on completion.

Dr. Toni has keen interest in fantasy and collects winged lions. Search of the Carey apartment also turned up painting of a broken monolith, around the base dances a dark, sinister-looking almost fay-like character in rags. This possibly represents the Devil or a Devil figure. On the pictures illuminated border are positioned winged lions, holding closed books. These are guardian figures, warding against what lies within the border, with the closed books almost certainly representing war.

One of Dr. Toni's pupils at St. Bartholomew's School went missing. Her name was Jase Grant, a child prodigy programmer. She was friends with Seng Loh, and together they often escaped from the school and met up with the Dead Dogs biker gang.

The Dead Dogs told the team that Jase Grant was dating Yakuza, Little Johnny Kagero, until he disappeared. There's also a rumour on the street that a woman and child were seen climbing out of an Upstairs Downstairs Inc cleaning van down 12th Alley in the Hill View slums on the same night Jase Grant disappeared, 1 February 2021.

Upstairs Downstairs Inc are the cleaners at St. Bartholomew's School.

According to Seng Loh, Jase had been more quiet and withdrawn for months.

A woman called Sake Falle has recently been asking questions at the school.

Currently employed on job:

JC Stalker
Jin Wei
Wen D

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St Bartholomew's School

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Founded in 1996 as a privately held corporation with Ms. Carina J. White as majority shareholder, CEO and head teacher. St. Bartholomew's aims to be Night City's premier primary educational establishment for ages 4 to 11, catering for corp execs with biotech body enhanced or cloned children who want the absolute best return on their investment.

Of the school's 400 pupils, 45% board at the school, enjoying the latest cutting edge tech in their rooms checked by the school's traditional American values.

Discreet security is provided by IntCop and the three tier fenced perimeter, covered by motion sensors and IR cameras, manually operated to avoid Net attacks.

There are 20 teaching staff at the school, but only senior staff hold shares, they are:

Carina J. White (Head Teacher), Donny Bierce (School Secretary)

Humanities Department
Dr. Toni Carey (Art), Delmar Chang (History), Isaac Hussein (Languages), Ulyss Skinner (Head of Department, Philosophy)

Science Department
Wax Nolan (Head of Department, Computing), Dr. Tomosha Sazhin (Mathematics), Zen Roget (Natural Sciences)

Dr. Phil Carey (Law), Lucee Smythe-Smith (Sports)

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In the News

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The following information is readily available from dataterms and street vendors.

Killings linked to Corp School
Night City Today
March 6, 2021. Vol. CCVII, No. 9

Night City - The bodies of two school teachers were discovered by police today at their apartment home in South City. According to a news release from the NCPD, detectives wanted to question Dr. Philip and Dr. Toni Carey concerning another investigation but instead found the couple shot dead, apparently victims of a brutal homicide.

Although police haven't commented it seems increasingly likely the deaths are linked to the murder last night of Rya Mendez, an Upstairs Downstairs Inc cleaner who worked at St. Bartholomew's School, the same school as the Careys.

Rya Mendez was shot dead at her home in the Hill View slums last night, and police were called in after eyewitnesses reported seeing a masked woman leaving the building with a screaming child.

No shots were heard by neighbours in both instances, suggesting the killer or killers used silenced weapons. Although police haven't yet made a statement, the rumours are that both Mendez and the Careys had several of their fingers shot off in what is assumed to be evidence of torture.

Denz Stone of Upstairs Downstairs Inc paid his respects to Rya Mendez, but again emphasised that Mendez had resigned from the corporation in February.

Meanwhile, police have still not commented on what investigation the Careys had become involved in, but have offered some advice to parents. When asked if parents should be worried if their children attend St. Bartholomew's School, Captain Morressey, NCPD said, "Parents should worry more about what their children do when they're not attending school."

Netwatch's Fighting Fantasy Frack Up
Walter Pickering's Night City Streets

Dateline Thieves' World - The world is a cruddy place, whether you're running in realspace or cyberspace, but sometimes it's fracking funny too.

Now Thieves' World isn't my usual scene, too much chainmail, not enough nipple, but the word on the street was that something heavy was going down in the Thieves' World VR, so I arranged to hook up with another media in the Vulgar Unicorn and get the lowdown.

I didn't know much about Thieves' World, apart from what I'd seen on vid in Elflines, but the other media brought me up to speed faster than a cheap Toyota Avante.

We weren't there more than five mins before a ripple of energy went through the crowd and each of us was messaged by a gang calling themselves the Heroes of Agiliak. Next thing I knew, the tavern was emptying and we were swept along with the crowd. These so-called heroes were made up of Thieves' World powerplayers, epics, and they had a hateful grudge against a clan called the Rink.

Through the excited chatter I got the idea that the Rink had upset more than a few people around Sanctuary lately, as what had started with a rumour had quickly exploded into all-out VR war. The Rink were a mysterious clan, veiled in secrecy with their own control area out in Fellsorn.

There was talk of them being a faction aligned to the Bloodthirsty Goddess, there was talk of them being backed by Arasaka Corp, but worst of all was talk of them being paedophiles -- cops, corps, rockers and politicos -- all into the same sickness. By the time all this went down, anywhere you went in Thieves' World, even dwarves and elves were agreeing on the one thing, the Rink were dirty.

Somewhere along the line though, the Torcholders had become suspect, after all, why would they give these sickos a control area unless they were in on it too? So it fell to the powerplayers to do something about it themselves.

So I found myself joining an angry mob of over 500 avatars, being assembled into a kind of crusading army. We had a dwarf, Grunter Grimhelm leading a frontal assault across the desert of Fellsorn, while Ossrick of the East led a strike team through a portal in the Maze. Air support was coming from the flight of dracoliches created by the Dark Lord of the Black Tower of Zorenudu.

If that hasn't got you primed and wired, nothing will, as always Pickering's got the picks, check out the vidfeeds below.

The realspace fallout came after the battle though. The Rink were somehow able to anihilate most of our army, Ossrick's strike team got wasted, and even the main assault lost about two-thirds of its force. The defences they had in the desert alone were fracking crazy, the fortress would've been impregnable if not for our sheer numbers. We finally overran the fortress though, killing and destroying like some kind of VR boostergang. When we found Old Red Eyes, the half-dragon medusa, head honcho in the Rink, she stoned Grunter with a glare and it was the dark gnome, Ashon the Passionless, who suddenly pulled out a fracking BalronII loaded with all kinds of black market tech and blew her head off!

It'd only be a matter of time before the Torcholders would call in Netwatch now.

I actually wasn't there, I was ghosting, having been killed by a wyvern rush back in the desert, but like hundreds of other players I got to see Netwatch offline the whole thing, but only after the control area's datafortress had been cracked by the netrunners on our side, the files stolen.

So what was so funny? Turns out the Rink was actually a Netwatch op, luring in paedos, taking names and hacking their cyberdecks. That's right, the Rink were the good guys dressed up to look like the bad guys.

No, so this is a fantasy story that ends with the bad guys winning, with the sickos getting a break? I guess so, if you consider having your personal files now in the possession of neo-anarchist netrunners winning. Me, I wouldn't want to jack in for a long, long, long time.