FS4 INFO: Job File

From the mean streets of Night City to the mountains of Mars, a tabletop RPG campaign teetering on the brink of the Fourth Corporate War. Cyberpunk (R. Talsorian Games)

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FS4 INFO: Job File

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Series 4, Part 1 & 2 - Firestorm: The Fourth Corporate War, inspired by Firestorm: Stormfront and Firestorm: Shockwave, the modules by R. Talsorian Games

Originally posted 10 May 2006, 10:26

Location: Night City, CA

Caught up in a global conspiracy, the team must fight to survive and they face hard decisions about their own future.

In the centre of the tangled web of the conspiracy is Project 3002, a project created by the presidents of megacorps from around world, its purpose and goals known only to a handful, but a project which has ultimately driven world events for over a decade.

All this takes place against the backdrop of Interpol's top secret Commercial Intelligence Service and a black op codenamed Operation Circlet. The one clear objective, to take the shadow war between Militech and Arasaka and make it a hot war, the Fourth Corporate War.

Guided by the legacy of Dr. Paradox, now the team must find a way to strike back at the masterminds behind the deaths of so many of their friends and loved ones. As the team learn more, the sides become more polarised and they see that they have formidable enemies, but also allies in the coming war. The odds are stacked against them, the end of world maybe at stake.

All the same, they have a job to do, but this time it's personal.

Currently employed on job:

Jin Wei
Wen D

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Project 3002

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Project 3002 was created in 2000, following the outbreak of the bioplague. The bioplague has extraterrestrial origins, brought back onboard the NASA Deep Space probe that had carried out a scientific experiments in the tail of the C/1999 S4 comet, codenamed Whitewing.

The probe had returned its payload to the White Sands Space Harbour, but the quarantine had been breached and the bioplague escaped.

Soon after, top secret research labs around the world realised the bioplague was able to communicate instantly over distances using a method unknown to science.

Biotechnica ran one of these labs, and the information quickly fell into the hands of Howard R. Merrill, president of Merrill Asukaga & Finch.

He began talks with other business leaders, and having heard the rumours themselves, they were convinced to sign up to Project 3002.

The development and production of the end product would be so volatile it was decided the only safe place for it would be Earth's nearest planet, Mars. (The Moon being far too vulnerable.) The EC were closest to launching a Mars mission, but Project 3002 would involve manufacturing and transporting equipment in Earth's orbit to Mars. The plans for Crystal Palace space station were pushed through the EC Government.

Project 3002 became a network of research labs, each feeding data back to the datafortress that would eventually be based on Crystal Palace space station.

The purposes and goals of Project 3002 can only be guessed at, by all but a handful of megacorp presidents and Eurocrats who know the truth. The handful who had signed up to Project 3002.


Howard Merrill
American. President and owner of Merrill Asukaga & Finch

Perry Sullivan
American. Former president of Fed-Boeing. Died of old age in 2006

Saburo Arasaka
Japanese. President and owner of Arasaka Corporation, with Kenjiri Nanotechnologies in the zaibatsu

Stephen Lew
Chinese American. President and owner of Microtech, known to be Pro-Taiwanese


Bernhard Liste
German. Eurocrat, Progressive Party, currently Chairman of Commission

Francoise Rigotard
French. Eurocrat, Social Integrity Party, currently Commissioner of Interior, head of Interpol

Nicolo Loggagia
Italian. President and owner of Biotechnica

Raymond Rosseau
French. President and owner of WorldSat Communications Network

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Although Project 3002 has the backing of several corporate presidents and politicos in the EC and Interpol, after the Kohl Incident in 2014 the project came to the attention of the Directorate of Internal Security and Counter-Intelligence and an inner circle of Revivalist EuroElites.

Mostly from the Centrist Liberal Party and Economic Democracy Party, these Revivalists may have disagreed on policies, but shared the common view that the people should not fear the government, the government should fear the people.

As this inner circle learned more about Project 3002, their attempts to stop it became more desperate, until they finally abandoned the Directorate of Internal Security and Counter-Intelligence as a legitimate tool, relying almost entirely on black ops.

Just as R. Maximillian was using a terrorist group as a cover for his black ops, so Sir Magnus Caine did for his by creating the neo-anarchist Wild Boys, led by Major Brennon Collier.


Sir Laurence Hilliard
British. President and owner of Hilliard Corporation

Mahmet Al Hamedi
Saudi British. Owner of World News Service

Dr. Rudolf Muller
German. Owner of Euro Business Machine (EBM)

Vincent Francisco
Italian. President of Carolli Technologies, cousin of Antonio Luccessi, co-founder of Militech and Mafia don

EC Government

Dr. Gerhard Zettelkasten
German. Eurocrat, Economic Democracy Party, currently Speaker of Community Council

Jean Carnet
French. Eurocrat, Economic Democracy Party, currently Commissioner of Finance, head of EuroBank

Sir Magnus Caine
British. Brigadier (retired), Queen's Sussex Rifles. Eurocrat, Centrist Liberal Party. Former Director-General of Internal Security and Counter-Intelligence, Interpol. Killed by Project 3002 black ops team

Dr. Maria Cavero
Spanish. Eurocrat, Centrist Liberal Party, currently Commissioner of Technology, head of ESA. Sold out to Project 3002 and betrayed the inner circle

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R. Maximillian

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R. Maximillian is Section Head of Interpol's secret Commercial Intelligence Service. The identity of the section head is a closely guarded secret, known only to the director-generals. Even the Commissioner of the Interior isn't trusted with this information.

But R. Maximillian has been section head since 2011, so long that he's been able to corrupt the Commercial Intelligence Service, bending it to his will, whilst hiding himself behind even more layers of secrecy. How and when R. Maximillian became involved in Project 3002 is uncertain, but his first known involvement was with the Kohl Incident.

Project 3002 remained only a rumour until 2014. That year Biotechnica's president, Nicolo Loggagia reported to that his corporation could not manufacture meet its quota of atraumatic enhancements drugs using vatgrown resources.

However, Interpol's Commercial Intelligence Service had information on a new technique pioneered by Dornier-Bauer Biotechnische that used vivisected humans as a resource. Howard Merrill suggested Interpol's ESD be used to round up orphaned children from Naf while Biotechnica geared up for the new technique.

This plan was presented to External Security Department Chief, Andre DuBerry, as a black op, but he refused to get involved and resigned. Heidi Kohl, Assistant Director-General of Criminal Investigation and Counter-Terrorism was shocked when she found out about the plan and tried to take it to the Community Council. The Commercial Intelligence Service had her killed.

But information on Project 3002 had now leaked out and came to the attention of the Director-General of Internal Security and Counter-Intelligence, Sir Magnus Caine.

The Section Head of the Commercial Intelligence Service, R. Maximillian, would have to find an alternative to the ESD. And meanwhile, in Night City, with the help of the Master Hackers, Dr. Paradox also found out about Project 3002's plan to use orphaned Naf children and disappeared.

R. Maximillian created the terrorist group, Terranostra by killing the prominent activist, Paolo Cavour, and then writing the Declaration on the Fundamental Duties of Mankind and sending it to the media. According to the Directorate of Internal Security of Counter-Intelligence, Maximillian then defected to it.

His goal was to experiment with the new vivisection technique pioneered by Dornier-Bauer Biotechnische, until he could go into full production on atraumatic enhancement drugs.

As he was assembling a research team, the Directorate of Internal Security and Counter-Intelligence was able to infiltrate a double agent, Edvard Kurvasier.

R. Maximillian would also use Terranostra to remove obstacles to Project 3002 within the EC under the guise of eco-terrorism.

As Project 3002 reached advanced stages, R. Maximillian created I-CORP to build the Project 3002 prototypes and tighten his overall control on the project. This had to be done without alerting the megacorps not involved in Project 3002, to keep it secret and more importantly, keep it focused.

Project 3002 members created dummy corporations with the necessary resources, and these were bought out by I-CORP and stripped.

Dummy corporations

Genetech Biogenetics
Mass Media Associates
Nanotek Industries

I-CORP also bought holdings in other corporations, these weren't stripped as R. Maximillian planned to use them for specific purposes:

Corporate holdings

Bought to analyse and crack Dr. Paradox's datafortress. Used for other netrunning tasks

International Defence Alliance (IDA)
Bought to sell on to Sato cheap, for Operation Circlet. Would also provide Project 3002 with a military force

Bought after Brightman scandal to develop some method of moving and transporting Dr. Paradox's datafortress

Orion Investigations
Bought to find Dr. Paradox's research lab and information on the Harbinger virus, then to recover Dr. Paradox's Shadowdeck taken by the Apocalypse Gang. Could also be used for counter-intelligence against megacorps such as Infocomp and WNS

How R. Maximillian had access to so much information on Project 3002 and the stock markets was unclear until Sir Magnus Caine exposed the double agent, Lieutenant Jules Ben Ali, duping Ben Ali into contacting his handler directly. The Wild Boys' netrunners were lurking and got a trace on the handler.

He never knew it, but Ben Ali's handler was based out of Merrill Asukaga & Finch fortress headquarters in New York.

The Revivalists now suspect R. Maximillian was also created by Howard Merrill, the creator of Project 3002. Because of the secrecy surrounding the Commercial Intelligence Service and the influence of Merrill Asukaga & Finch, R. Maximillian could simply be a kind of joint identity used for managing the project.

Whoever he is, R. Maximillian is at the centre of the tangled web of the Project 3002 conspiracy, and with Operation Circlet driving Arasaka Corporation, Militech and CITIC to war, it would seem he was given the task of cutting loose Saburo Arasaka when the project no longer needed him.

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Operation Circlet

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See MHC INFO: Job File for more info.

Saburo Arasaka was a member of Project 3002, lending the project the vast resources of Arasaka Corporation and zaibatsu, especially Kenjiri Nanotechnologies, the leaders in nanotech research back in 2000.

As a member of the Black Dragon Society and a supporter of Japanese facism, Saburo Arasaka had always been trecherous in his dealings with Western megacorps. The other Project 3002 members knew that Saburo Arasaka would be trying to double cross them, as so they planned to double cross him first.

The Project 3002 members were also afraid of military response after the project was completed. Depending on how far the project went, it could cause chaos in the early days, and a military response to that could devastate the First World. The United States, Sovs and Chinese were considered threats in 2000, but 16 years later it was Militech, CITIC and their conglomerate, CCMMC that were the greatest threat. R. Maximillian was given the task of killing Saburo Arasaka, and destroying Militech and CITIC's ability to wage war.

In 2013 Interpol's Commercial Intelligence Service stole DNA samples of Saburo and Hana Arasaka from the US Military, samples obtained during the post-war occupation of Japan.

Using advanced biotech, they developed a kind of Trojan bioplague, codenamed Siegfried. The virus could lie hidden inside cells, programmed to respond only to Saburo Arasaka’s DNA and then mutate into bioplague. It was one of many assassination plans.

In 2016 the Commercial Intelligence Service found out about ChIIDA when she fell ill on a trip to Luxembourg. Her DNA matched Hana Arasaka’s and they realised Saburo Arasaka was growing clones of his dead wife. ChIIDA was the only surviving clone.

She would be returned to Japan, her mind would be swapped with Hana's, which had been held in storage since her death. Saburo Arasaka was undoubtedly growing a clone of himself, so he and Hana could enjoy a second youth together.

If Interpol could kidnap ChIIDA without Arasaka knowing, they could infect her with the Siegfried virus and brainwash her afterwards. When Saburo and Hana's clones were reunited and they had sex, the virus would mutate and attack Saburo and Hana, killing them both in seconds.

The Commercial Intelligence Service formed a black op, codenamed Circlet.

Interpol spy, Paco Hanser, underwent biosculpting and DNA remapping, taking on the alter identity of Atsumichi Sato. He would infiltrate the zaibatsu, arrange ChIIDA's kidnapping and manoeuvre into position to seize Arasaka Corp after Saburo was dead.

Another Interpol spy, Richard Brock, underwent the same process, taking on the identity of Militech General Hathaway. While Hathaway was visiting the Militech subsidiary, Direct Security Services in Athens, he was killed and replaced by the Interpol spy.

General Hathaway would now return to Militech in Washington DC and begin planning a black op that would involve a Militech force attacking a US army base and bioresearch facility on Chandalar Shelf in Alaska. This attack would be foiled, and the ensuing investigation would find that Arasaka spies had infiltrated Militech and planned the whole thing as a preamble to a hot war.

With General Hathaway in place at Militech, Militech convinced Arasaka Corp were about to start a war, and with Sato in charge of Arasaka Corps, it would only take the slightest excuse to drive both of them to war. All they needed was a way of quickly dragging CITIC into the war, and that seems to be where Jin Wei came in.

As it happened, Saburo and Hana Arasaka were killed by the Siegfried virus, Sato was able to take charge of Arasaka Corp.

Militech did attack the US army base on Chandalar Shelf, but the investigation by SSI found out that General Hathaway planned the attack and tried to blame it on Arasaka spies. The Commercial Intelligence Service had to kill Hathaway before Militech got to the truth.

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Little Tiger's Revenge

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In 2008 the Chinese Civil War had been raging across Asia since 1992, and HK was now surrounded by Hua Yuchi's MLC (Maoist Loyalist Cabal), only held back by an alliance of Triads and megacorps.

With refugees leaving China by the boatload, the snakehead gangs became the main source of business for the Triads. There were often fierce rivalries between the gangs, especially those gangs that had come downriver from the mainland. Yuen Chen's gang had come to HK from Guangzhou, and almost immediately started feuding with the Xiang-Shan Zhou's gang.

This feud began to disrupt business on the waterfront, and the Ling Triad decided to resolve it. Underboss, Zhang Ling, arranged a meeting in a warehouse but it quickly became clear that the Triad favoured local Xiang-Shan Zhou.

Zhang Ling called Yuen Chen's gang "rustics", Yuen Chen lost his temper and shot Zhang Ling dead, the meeting ended in a gunfight.

Afterwards, Yuen Chen returned to his houseboat in Aberdeen Harbour and on hearing what happened, Mei-Mei Chen, his wife insisted that their son, Jian Chen, be sent away for his own safety.

So Jian Chen went to stay with his Uncle Tai Chen, who ran the Happy Valley tong in Night City.

A year later, Yuen Chen's boat was hit by a stray missile during an MLC attack. Him and his wife suffered massive injuries, Mei-Mei died in the water but Yuen was rescued by a boatload of Chinese refugees. Here he created a new identity for himself as Po-Chi and became a refugee, eventually finding a home in Night City's Combat Zone.

Yuen Chen's brother-in-law and lieutenant, Lao Hu (Dirty Tiger), was also killed, stabbed in an alleyway, he turned up the next day gutted and laid out in the fishmarket. His family were captured by Xiang-Shan Zhou and sold as indentured workers to Arasaka Corps.

Lao Hu's son, Xiao Hu (Little Tiger), swore revenge on Xiang-Shan Zhou and the Ling Triad.

By 2014 the Chinese Civil War had ended, the MLC had lost and Neo-HK boomed. Jian Chen had disappeared in 2012, leaving the tong and living with Night City's boat people under a new identity, Jin Wei.

Little Tiger finally found his cousin living on a derelict cargo ship, and confronted him with his past. Little Tiger wanted Jin Wei to return with him to Neo-HK, gather together the old gang and take on Xiang-Shan Zhou. When Jin Wei refused, Little Tiger was outraged and a fight broke out. Little Tiger tore out Jin Wei's eyeball, before he was kicked over the ship's side, shattering the bones in both his legs.

Fleeing to Vancouver, Little Tiger was taken in by his Uncle Ha, who ran the Golden Heron tong. Little Tiger recovered but now blaimed the Chen family for what happened to his own family. It was Yuen Chen who shot Zhang Ling and condemned them all, and now his son was too much of a coward to redeem his honour.

Little Tiger quickly disposed of his uncle, took over the tong and started working against Jin Wei and Xiang-Shan Zhou.

2015 and Little Tiger had bought Jin Wei's friend, Teh Gulong, by telling him of the family's past as a snakehead gang and paying him off. It was at this time when Jin Wei started dating a netrunner called Vixen and first met her friend, Nymph. Little Tiger learned everything.

A year later, R. Maximillian was searching for a supply of orphaned children in Africa, China and India for Project 3002. Little Tiger approached R. Maximillian with a plan. If R. Maximillian could get him bodyscupting and DNA remapping, he would assume the identity of Jin Wei, join the Xiang-Shan Zhou snakehead gang and use them to supply the orphaned children.

R. Maximillian was able to tie Little Tiger into Operation Circlet, so while Little Tiger was rising through the ranks of the Xiang-Shan Zhou, on the back of the Project 3002 business, he and Sato were creating a story that would blame Jin Wei for the assassination of Saburo Arasaka.

After Saburo Arasaka was assassinated, Jin Wei would be revealed as Jian Chen. Realising they'd been betrayed, the Xiang-Shan Zhou gang would stop at nothing to kill Jin Wei before the Ling Triad punished them. Meanwhile, losing face with Militech over the conspiracy, CITIC would push the other Triads to completely destroy Ling and take over their businesses.

Little Tiger would have his revenge. Project 3002 would have its supply of orphaned children for the atraumatic enhancement drugs, and Operation Circlet would have its catalyst for war.

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Project 3002's purpose and goals are largely unknown, but it is possible that there are rival projects. Project 3002 members aren't the only presence on Mars, for example, and there are other megacorps that aren't signed up to the project or counted amongst the Revivalist EuroElites.

When Project 3002 was created, even some of the most powerful megacorps weren't needed, and since then many corps have grown into key players in international business.


Jiang Xiaoxi
Chinese. General, PLA-Army. Chairman of CCP and president of Chinese International Trust and Investment Company (CITIC) since 2008 (signed China-US Mutual Aid Pact), headquarters in Beijing

Andrei Gorborev
Russian. President of USSR since 1990, owner of SovOil since 2002, headquarters in Moscow

Donald Lundee
American. General (retired), USMC. Co-founder, president and owner of Militech since 1999, headquarters in DC

Dr. Kessler
German. Owner of International Electric Corporation (IEC) since 1998, president of Berliner Industrie Kapital Gruppe, headquarters in New York

Ellen Trieste
Italian American. President and owner of Petrochem since 2019, headquarters in Dallas

Antoine DuBois
French. President and owner of Orbital Air since 2006, headquarters in Nairobi

Michelle Dreyer
American. Owner of Network News 54 since 2000, president of the Edwin R. Dreyer Foundation, headquarters in New York

Dyson Bonner
American. President of Adrek Robotics since 2013, headquarters in Los Angeles