INFO: Player Characters

From the mean streets of Night City to the mountains of Mars, a tabletop RPG campaign teetering on the brink of the Fourth Corporate War. Cyberpunk (R. Talsorian Games)

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INFO: Player Characters

Post by nemarsde » 25 Apr 2011, 21:02

Please could all players post a full description of their characters in this topic. Descriptions may or may not contain sensitive information on the character, depending on the player's preference.

Descriptions should be approx. 200 words.

Dramatis personae:

Awari - Caveboy
Entropy - Rossi720
HiLyte - pchan
Jin Wei - Gypsy
Keyl - Ghost
Mach - Boston
Nyx - SteveH
Tara - Han
Zee - pchan

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Post by rossi720 » 25 Apr 2011, 21:03

Originally posted by rossi720, 19 Nov 2002, 15:44


• a measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.

• inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society.

• a bioengineered, cultured, European killing machine.

Think Arnold Schwarzenegger. Think James Bond. Think some terrifying combination of the two with a sleek silenced eurostyle machine pistol in one hand and your throat in the other. Wonder how the human body can be pushed so far, and find out in your last moments just how far that is.

Born in the darkest reaches of Britain, trained by the most prestigious and private Institute of Vocational Excellence in Paris, Entropy is the ultimate expression of the word Eurosolo. He is unfailingly polite, calm, and professional. His only breach in manners is forgetting the whose relatives he's killed that week.

Originally on holiday in Night City to see the sights, he took on an offered contract to cover his expenses and things went downhill from there.

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Originally posted by pchan, 22 Nov 2002, 12:27
  • Handle : HiLyte
    Role : Media
    Sex : Female
    Height : 1.83m (6' 0")
    Weight : 58kg (9st 2lb)
    Build : Slender, almost willowy
    Hair : Currently strawberry blonde, normally braided in a pony tail down to her
    shoulder blades, and tied off with an artificial orchid.
    Party/clubbing look tends to manga-style with scarlet hair and twin pigtails
    stiffened to arc further than normal.
    Eyes : Currently green
    Skin : Light chocolate, silky smooth and unblemished.
    Clothing : Normally, a red-and-black fashionable jumpsuit with black ankle boots.
    Club/sin wear is diaphanous plunging blouse, leather miniskirt, fishnets,
    kinky boots and not much else...
    Ethnic Origin : South American (Brazilian/Scandinavian).
    Language : American English
She walked into the room, and a ripple of paused conversations spread across the room. The men stared at the stunning exotic Scando-Latina beauty, or more precisely, at those parts of her body not covered by clothing. Almost without fail, they switched their attention to those parts that were clothed a second or two later. The diaphanous blue-black plunging top was darker in the appropriate places, leaving just the right amount to the imagination. Similarly, her long multi-coloured skirt was transparent enough for her long slender legs to be visible beneath, but opaque enough in the appropriate places to barely preserve her modesty. She didn't need any heels to showcase her height, but the shoes she chose added another three inches to her natural six-foot.
The women just thought Bitch! as they momentarily lost the attention of the men. All except for the small minority of lesbians...
Her eyes swept the room, apparently unaware of the number of eyeballs which were mentally undressing her. Men started to approach her, hoping to get her attentions long enough to get a chance to bed her. She favoured them with small talk as she walked, but she was really looking for somebody else. It was, however, an interesting, if incomplete overview of the pecking order at this party.
Most conversations resumed soon after, but they were not the same as before. Eyes would linger over her as she walked by,
It took a few minutes, but eventually she found him ogling her.
"Sorry I'm late," she said, "but I had to find the right outfit for this party."
She looked at him, waiting for a response.
He closed his mouth as the fact that she was talking to him finally registered.

"Oh, um," he stammered.

"You look different from yesterday. Much more..."

His mouth refused to cooperate with his brain at this point, which was probably a good thing as it was just turning to mush anyway.

"Yesterday was work, tonight, I party."

She looked down at him; he was shorter anyway, and her heels gave her even more of an advantage.

"Do you party, KT?"

She laughed as expressions battled for supremacy on his face; fear, lust, disbelief, pride, avarice, doubt all assailed him, leaving him speechless.

The fact that she seemed to be favouring one man with her attention didn't mean that others didn't move in, but their lust for her meant that no-one spotted the AV bugs masquerading as buttons and beads on her outfit, and as fashionable protrusions from her shoes.

The evening was spent in the company of the rich and powerful and she did not shirk from allowing each of them some private time with her. After all, she was gathering useful information, and personal contact details.

She didn't ignore her entry ticket though; KT got to dance with her, and he swelled up with pride, to see that she was favouring him over those who would be his social and business superiors.

Inspired by Angela Lindvall.

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Jin Wei

Post by nemarsde » 25 Apr 2011, 21:07

Originally posted by Gypsy, 07 Feb 2003, 17:15

Full Name: Jin Wei

Race: Chinese
Sex: Male
Prof: Fixer

Physical details
Build: Average
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Hand: Left handed
Age: 25

It is easy to underestimate Jin Wei. He is not particularly imposing to look at, although he does have a lot of charm to go with his cheeky good looks.

However, anyone who takes a second look with be aware of the easy grace with which he moves, the confidence in his eyes and the general cool nature of the individual, such that people start instead to take a second look at themselves, their motives and reasons for being. Those discerning enough that is...

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Post by caveboy » 25 Apr 2011, 21:12

Originally posted by Caveboy, 14 Mar 2005, 16:43

Physical description
Jomo Awari is a black Kenyan man in his late twenties. He's average height with a slim, almost wiry build. His hair is short, neat and natural. His eyes are dark brown. He has no obvious cyberware.

A few years ago he was captured during a hostage rescue mission in Honduras and was tortured. He suffered third degree burns to the left side of his face and lost an eye when his interrogators applied lit cigars to his face. The eye was replaced by natural looking cyberoptics, but the scarring (mental and physical) remains.

Jomo dresses to fit in, as he doesn't like to draw attention to himself.

Like most edgerunners, Jomo has seen - and done- a lot of things he'd really rather forget. He's also lost a number of very good friends. He finds it diffiult to put these out of his mind and at times becomes very withdrawn.

Once people get to know him well they may catch glimpses of the light-hearted joker he used to be. Regardless, he's always very serious and cool when working.

He doesn't drink alcohol or take drugs. He keeps fit by free-running -- using the urban environment as an obtacle course. Free-running is as much mental exercise as physical to him, if he's down or has a particular problem to solve he'll often put on his running shoes and head out.

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Originally posted by Ghost, 18 Mar 2005, 16:55

Julius Keyl is gifted. His area of expertise is finance. His approach is unique and idiosyncratic. Julius makes surprising and unexpected connections between finance and psychology that seem obvious to him - his mind naturally works in this way. He’s taken ideas that seem provincial in the financial arena and made them not only acceptable, but fresh and ground-breaking. It’s hard to stick a label on what he does. His long-term projections go beyond forecasting and at times into the realms of Futurology. His financial analysis is more like a business forensics. Keyl made a name for himself at the start of his career by making some bold and unlikely predictions for companies that were to prove startlingly accurate. His methods generated a lot of interest, although others have trouble imitating the unorthodox lines of reasoning. Colleagues have at times teased him for being a ‘financial seer’ when quirky reasoning has paid off. There have also been times when he has been (wrongly) suspected of having inside information. His unusual approach proved consistently effective. He enjoyed a successful career at Merrill, Asukaga & Finch and was promoted to work in global risk assessment in Rome, influencing corporate policy. Julius is passionate about his work. Keyl isn’t motivated by competing against others as such. He’s a perfectionist and is hard on himself when slow to solve problems he could not be expected to have all the answers to. He also has an almost obsessive interest in current affairs. His curiosity about details of news stories could be likened to that of a comic or a detective. He is quick, intelligent and sometimes restless. He reads voraciously and apparently indiscriminately. Julius is observant of people and their behaviour.‘Money talks’ to Julius, not only in the corporate sector, but also on a scaled down individual level. Spending patterns reveal a great deal to him about personalities and lives. Personalities and lives speak to him about likely financial decisions. Such skills make him an able investigator.

Julius’s natural parents were somewhat eccentric and his early childhood experiences played a large part in shaping his personality, ideas and precocious talent. At 12 years of age Julius became a student at a prestigious Institute in Geneva. He was to become the protege of the Director, Evangelos Lazaridis. Another student Entropy who was also a favourite of Lazaridis grew up and studied there at the same time.

Julius looks to be in his late twenties or perhaps even turned thirty. He's of Caucasian European ethnicity (English-looking) with light brown straight-ish hair, slightly wavy here and there, a longish face shape and nose and average looks. His expressive eyes betray his inner thoughts and personality. Looks of scathing criticism, boredom, interest, amusement or compassion may play across his face as he takes in situations around him. At times he can be impatient and overly harsh with others. His friends find him to be kinder and more supportive than he appears. This is someone who definitely has an opinion, even when he chooses to keep it to himself. One could imagine he could be verbally intimidating in a heated argument. Keyl is above average height and has the lean look of someone who'd rather enjoy a drink and a cigarette than go to a gym and is still getting away with only a small paunch. Julius is not the sort of person to give a solo the slightest cause for concern. He is nevertheless, tall and strong enough to be given a wide berth by an ordinary citizen, should he ever be angry and violent. But then he just doesn't seem the type to lose control. His body language reveals that he is (usually) self-assured, deliberate and unflustered. He is just as at ease in different kinds of dress and situations, but is completely out of his element in combat.

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Post by SteveH » 25 Apr 2011, 21:15

Originally posted by SteveH, 29 Nov 2005, 22:10

Nicholas 'Nyx' Morgan

Race: British
Sex: Male
Prof: MedTech, Ex-Marine

Build: Well Built
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue/Green
Age: 23

Nyx is new to the group and as such hasn't given much of his character away as yet. It's clear from his dress and demeanor that he isn't a stranger to action.

Although his Gibson Battle Gear shows signs of extensive use, his kit is obviously cared for and he handles his assault rifle and MedKit with equal professional ease.

Beyond that it has become apparent from his gait at speed that he has cyberlegs.