A tabletop RPG campaign inspired by the 2009 film, Star Trek. Nero's incursion has devastated the quadrant and it will take a new breed of Starfleet officer to tackle the challenges of a hostile and unpredictable galaxy. Hackbird (One Seven Design Studio).

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Post by nemarsde » 30 Oct 2011, 11:00

Players, go ahead and post whatever you want, in whatever manner you want. There's also the option to upload attachments with a post.

Here we can discuss character creation, Star Trek, Blackbird Pie, etc. Anything you feel the need to share, do so here. Old videos of William Shatner appearances are always appreciated.

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Post by brightlilim » 17 Nov 2011, 01:20

Ok - let's go with the concept/character sheet for the Young Rawiri (this may get amended as suggestions/criticisms are made).

Rawiri Paratene

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Culture: Māori
Subculture: Surfer Dude
Age: 13
Height: 1.7m
Weight:: 75kg
Build: Large
Father: Arana, aged 42. Marine Biologist, specialising in cetacean research, currently working on a project to reintroduce them into the wild.
Mother: Haeata, aged 44. Biologist, specialising in alien lactation. (Was: Marine Biologist, specialising in cetacean research, currently working on a project to reintroduce them into the wild.)
  • Arataki (“to lead”), aged 19? Eldest daughter.
    • Currently attending Star Fleet Academy. Academically very bright, seems to have an intricate understanding of systems, which she has channelled successfully into Engineering, where her superlative understanding of the physics behind the Engineering principles has stood her in good stead. She will graduate with First Class Honours in Engineering, with Star Fleet marking her out for rapid promotion. Unfortunately, she was posted to the USS Farragut during its fateful encounter with Nero at the disastrous Battle for Vulcan, where she lost her life.
  • Hana (“shine” or “glow”), aged 16. Second daughter.
    • Completely unenamoured of the proposed move to "that little barren island" in the Bahamas, she elected to stay with her aunt and uncle in Auckland to continue her schooling. Has a boyfriend, who will eventually dump her and regret it. Not as academically minded as her parents or her siblings, but is just as determined and strong-minded. She has a strong artistic and practical bent and is currently at the start of an ultimately successful career as an artist and sculptor, working in meta-materials such as aerogels and tuned nanolattices. Her art is starting to attract attention outside her college for its uniquely quirky nature, and her burgeoning portfolio will gain her entry into the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s College of the London University of Arts.
Connection with Inagua/the Bahamas: On the 1st year of a 3-year stayover thanks to his parents.
Single-sentence description: The son of marine researchers, Rawiri is a big swimboy athlete who is currently stranded in Inagua, having been abandoned by his sisters, and is just starting to become A Teenager.
Good points: Strong, athletic, powerfully-built. Good keen sailor, surfer, swimmer and scuba diver.
Bad points: Stubborn, prone to throwing his weight around when it suits him. Starting to gain An Attitude.

Rawiri's a Māori surfer dude, who’s replacing his lack of surfing in the calm waters of the Caribbean with snorkeling and diving instead. His childhood was spent with one foot in the traditional Māori culture, and the other foot in the modern world.

His Māori upbringing meant that he learned his whakapapa (ancestry) by heart, paddled sea-going canoes, learned to fight (ceremonially) with the mere (short club) and taiaha (long club), and underwent the coming of age ceremony at 12 which included being tattooed the old-fashioned way with a knife carving an intricate pattern into his face with pigment rubbed in. Of course, the tattoo was removed and the wounds healed soon after the ceremony, but the pictures are always there, as is the memory of the pain and of the pride in not flinching at the knife.

On the other side, his childhood included modern music, movies, sailing, diving,surfing, as well as playing rugby, cricket, footie and other sports.

As he grew up, he became aware of his parents' work, and how that took them away from him at times. Finally, this year, the project arrived at the point where the whales were ready for release. The chosen release point was in the Bahamas, and it was decided that the whole family should move for the duration of the project. The two children who were still living at home weren't happy with that, but only the elder, Hana, had an option to stay behind and continue her studies. Rawiri had no choice but to go with his parents.

So Rawiri found himself on Inagua in the Bahamas, abandoned by his older sister who could choose (and did choose) to remain in Auckland, and parted from his friends. To compound matters, the surfing was nonexistent there; too calm to even try. As it turned out, at least the snorkelling and diving was better and the sailing easier. He also found some new friends there.

Rawiri has a skateboard that he takes most places and performs tricks on. He also likes surfing and bodyboarding; the latter when just at the beach and playing about. He'll probably spend the first day in Inagua cruising around on the board, and it will be his normal form of transport in Inagua, as elsewhere. (Was: Rawiri has a cool powered hoverboard that he takes everywhere, performs tricks on, and is his principal form of transport. It can go over water as well as land, but isn't capable of taking oncoming waves into account, and so would rely on the skill of the surfer to get around/over those. He'll probably spend the first day in Inagua cruising around on the board, and it will be his normal form of transport in Inagua, as elsewhere.) He normally carries some gear with him in a backpack; it normally includes some tools for his skateboard, including a pen knife, sunscreen, a bottle of water (vital in Inagua), some music, and a Net-connected data pad that he has his nautical charts and diving and snorkelling guides, etc. stored on. He has a nice off-road BMX-style bike in Inagua. In Auckland, he would be dressed normally, but out here, he's in a t-shirt, board shorts, beach shoes, and a baseball cap.

Immediate Future
Given his sisters' achievements in the next few years, Rawiri will have a lot to live up to. He won’t turn out to be an academic genius like Arataki, nor a unique artistic visionary like Hana. He will just have to be the best at what he does. As soon as he discovers what that is.

  • Fight, Hard, Māori Culture, Streetwise
  • Boarding, Subaqua, Team Sports, Waterbaby, Watercraft
  • Agile, Endurance, Lightning reactions, Powerful, Quick
  • Academics, Observant, Quick Learner, Navigator
  • Thrives in dangerous situations.
  • Key is hit when you do something cool that is risky or reckless.
  • Buyoff: Be very careful in a potentially dangerous situation
  • Overestimates his ability to achieve tasks set before him.
  • Key is hit when you agree to do something that is likely to be beyond your personal capabilities to pull off.
  • Buyoff: Carefully consider the task and realise that it's not achieveable by you (or your team).
Buddies with Giulietta
  • Most unexpectedly, it turns out that he's spending a lot of time with Joules, diving and sailing, and she's actually quite good company.
  • Key is hit when you do something for Joules that may land you in trouble.
  • Buyoff: Ignore Joule''s needs.
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Diego "Dee" Martinez Rivera

Post by Bigby » 26 Nov 2011, 00:47

Diego "Dee" Martinez Rivera

Gender: Male
Culture: American Cuban
Age: 14
Height: 163cm / 5'4" (average)
Weight: 50 kgs / 7st10 / 110lbs (average)
One Sentence Summary: Dee is a practical, optimist, easy going, boy scout, always get involved type of kid who makes friends as easily as he makes enemies.


Nature Reserve (Proto-Warden)
[6] Practical, (Great) Outdoors, Fruit (is good for you), (Good with a) Knife, Stamina, (Doesn't Miss Much) Observant

Sunny Disposition
[4] Optimist, Easy Going, Warm Deep Chocolate Eyes, Cuban Charm

Good Kid
[4] Well Educated, (Code of) Honour, (Connected) Datapad, Decisive

Inaguan Gang / Lots of Friends and Enemies
[4] Staunch Friend, Knows the Island (Inagua), (Loves) Sailing, (Experienced) Fighter


Ever the Optimist
Dee believes that by applying himself and doing the right thing will result in the best outcome.

A Proper English Gentlemen / The Last Boy Scout
Dee is polite, practical and steps in when he believes his help is needed.

??? - A link to another character.


A classic Cuban complexion, skin tone, hair colour (black) and eyes (a warm deep chocolate brown). Tanned and disheveled hair - that outdoors looks. Always dressed in practical clothes that are always well used but never scruffy. Carries a rucksack filled with practical things (including a slightly battered but top of the range and connected datapad), a very sharp knife in his belt (well secured of course), hat and sun glasses. More often than not he is cutting up fruit with his knife and eating it.


Dee has a sunny disposition. Easy going, easy to get on with, always lending a hand, helpful, knows a lot of stuff, useful to have around. That is until he sees something that he views as wrong. Then he gets mule headed, determined, doesn't back down.


Diego moved to Inagua when he was around 10. By the time he is in his early teens he is distinguishable from the native Inaguans. He is a survivor. He learnt quickly. To be successful you blend into your native environment. It was a curious blend of his estranged mother's keen political sophistication and his warm uncle's down to earth park warden practicality. He ditched his posh educated American accent, rich kid clothes and academic upbringing.

Diego ("Dee" to his friends) always believes things will work out for the best. He is always helping people. He always wants to do the right thing and never accepts there are good reasons for doing the wrong thing. He is not afraid to stand up for himself and others. Consequently he has a lot of friends and a lot of enemies. Most of the time his enemies are people on the opposite side of those he helps. Occasionally his help is not always appreciated. He's not a stick in the mud, stickler for the rules type of guy. If the right thing means breaking the rules, going against authority then that's what he will do.

More formally Diego Martinez Rivera was born in Cuba. His mother is an American politician from Miami with distant Cuban blood, and his father a successful banker from Cuba. From the outside he has everything you might want out of life. On the inside his parents were pushy, always using him for the photo opportunity and his father had a temper never spared the belt. The latter he claimed was part of his Cuban heritage that would make him a man. Uncommon in the modern world, but not unknown. It did not take Diego long to take action. Rather than rebel or fight back, he did the right thing and reported the whole situation to the authorities.

The news broke and nearly ruined his mother's political career. She had been destined for high office, maybe the very highest, but with this in her past she receded into the minor leagues. She never forgave Diego or his father. In the end the authorities agreed to allow his uncle to take him in for the remainder of his minority. His uncle is a simple man, who lives a simple life as a nature reserve ranger on the Bahamas Island of Inagua. Diego has a lot of respect for his uncle. He empathises with his simple, honest and friendly approach to life. His uncle never lectured him either, just lead by example. When he does have something to say, which is not very often, then it is sage, to the point and important. This is just what a young, impressionable boy desperately seeking a role-model needed. Diego also learnt a lot of valuable survival skills from his uncle. Learning how to live off the land, catch and prepare his own food and generally be self-sufficient in a manner that is rare and unneeded in the modern world. It suited Diego to the core and gave him a spirit, determination and resolve that he put to good use.

During his time in the Bahamas, Diego gained a passion for sailing. Sailing small sailing boats around the islands was often the quickest, safest and sometimes only way of accessing some of the remote parts of the nature reserve.

Diego is not ambitious at all, and yet he is driven to a higher morale code that demands he does the right thing and shapes the world around him in that image. He is not interested in material goods, items or stuff. His two concessions are he keeps with him is a good sharp knife and a datapad connected to the databases of the world. Everything else is optional, although some good fruit is most always to be found on his person.

Day in the Life Of Dee

Dee's life revolves around his uncle, school and his friends. When he is with his uncle they generally wander the nature reserve, learning everything there is to know about the wildlife, plants and practical knowledge about how to live off the land. They will be collecting data for the government monitoring the state of the reserve as well as doing general maintenance on the land and buildings. One day they might be collecting seeds to be sent off for analysis in a lab and the other rebuilding a stone wall fence that has fallen down.

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Hazard Team Roster

Post by nemarsde » 31 Aug 2012, 15:36

OK, so your Hazard Team currently has the player chars as permanent members, and the Colonel's asked D'Antonio to compile a short list of specialists that can complement the team, drawn from the ship's crew.

I've marked these NPCs with a dagger (†) in the Below Decks post.

But here's a summary of names and specialities:
  • Lieutenant Rodgers. Alien cultures, politics/diplomacy, sex
  • Lieutenant Kev. Geology, mountaineering and caving
  • Lieunenant Junior Grade Berens. Medical doctor, poisons/toxicology
  • Ensign Connelly. Phasers, phaser modification, shooting
  • Ensign Diya. Athletics, medic, empathy/hearts and minds
  • Petty Officer Third Class Candy. EVA, starship construction
  • Crewman Lukadragis. Marine, Eskan/double hard bastard
These crew members have been cleared by the Captain for Hazard Team duty (i.e., OK, if they get splattered we'll make do without them).

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2014 Play Dates

Post by nemarsde » 30 Mar 2014, 12:55

Season 1 finished in September 2013, and since then we've played some Marvel Super Heroes, 13th Age, HEX, a good assortment of games.

Will there be a Season 2, will it get cancelled by the network!? Who knows.

But here's what we have to look forward to for the rest of 2014.
  • 3 May
  • 31 May
  • 28 June
  • 26 July
  • 6 September
  • 27 September
  • 12 October (TBC)
  • 29 Movember