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Cast of Characters

Posted: 05 May 2014, 12:20
by nemarsde

Players Characters

Posted: 05 May 2014, 14:40
by nemarsde
The players characters (PCs) are all convicts (or should that be ex-convicts?) who were serving long prison sentences as of 2013. All were convicted of serious crimes, all but one being in the USA.

The XCOM Project had started to assemble human test subjects as early as 2012. The statis tanks seemed to employ an antifreeze/suspension fluid, cooled to subzero temperatures. The subjects have no recollection of the experiments performed on them, suggesting they were kept sedated and doped with an amnesic.

Although the XCOM Project was supported by the Council of 36 Nations, it was a US-led project and test subjects were initially procured from North America for logistical reasons.

Survival rate was low, but XCOM kept stocks at 100. After the "Antfarm" was abandoned, many subjects perished in their tanks, and even the reviving process was risky.

Of the 10 subjects revived in the PCs' batch, only 6 survived. They're all scarred by major invasive surgery, and what physical state they're in remains to be seen. Records show they were allocated to G-mod research: the refining of alien genetic modification technology for use on humans. Side effects are expected.

According to the Livonian, records also show that these 10 subjects have above average intelligence. The very reason he selected them.

Initially referred to as "shitsicles", they become legends in the Resistance, under the propaganda guise of Excalibur Squad.

Piper Hawkins
Heavily redacted file in the interests of national security.
  • 1996. Born Columbus, Georgia.
  • 2005, father killed in helicopter crash at Groom Lake/Area 51. Brad Hawkins served with 160th SOAR, US Army, and was a Blackhawk Master Aviator (pilot).
  • 2008-2009. Hacktivism. Pursued vendetta against the US Government and defence contractors, blaming them for death of her father. Hacked into US Military and Boeing-Sikorsky computers to obtain evidence of “JEDI RIDE” programme and proof that test flights were unsafe. Included vandalism of multiple networks by infecting them with viruses.
  • 2011-2013. Arrested and convicted on multiple computer-related offences. Sentenced to 25 years, to be served at FMC Carswell, Texas in 2013. Later committed suicide whilst in prison, aged 17.
After the Battle for the Convergence, Piper becomes best friends forever with Lily Shen, and reunites with her elderly mother. Together with Buddy, Piper and Lily go on to cause a lot of trouble in the future.

Milton Samy
According to the US Representative to the Council, Samy was more-or-less requested by the White House for the XCOM Project, with President Obama saying: “If we’re going to keep feeding [Americans] into this program, then they [the Council] better at least send us one of those sonofabitches in the Hague.”
  • Details of early life unverified. Born in an Acholi village in the southern Sudan in 1946, he moved to northern Uganda afters its independence in 1962, later becoming a Christian minister.
  • 1996-2006. Raised and led the Acholiland People’s Resistance against the LRA, and sometimes government forces.
  • 2005. Indicted by ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
  • 2007. Captured by US-British task force in western Kenya.
  • 2012. Convicted of multiple charges, including murder, abduction, mutilation, and forcibly conscripting child soldiers. Sentenced to 35 years, to be served at the Penitentiary Institution Haaglanden, in The Hague.
  • Died in prison, aged 67, Sudden Cardiac Death brought about by a change of heart medication, diet and shift to more sedentary lifestyle.
Milton was later killed in the Visori-backed mutiny on the Crown of Atlantis. A Visori Firestorm multirole fighter struck the ship with a fusion lance, destroying the superstructure. It collapsed on top of Milton, killing him instantly. Seemingly an Act of God.

Santiago Alvarez
  • 1979. Born in Villa Nueva, Guatemala.
  • 1997-2010. Guatemala Army Kaibiles, including tour with UN peacekeeping mission in Democratic Republic of Congo. Retired Master Sergeant.
  • 2010-2013 Joined newly formed Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas, taking part in combat operations. Arrested by US DEA agents in El Paso. Convicted on multiple counts of murder (including undercover DEA agent), racketeering, money laundering and drug charges. Multiple life sentences, to be served at USP Pollack, Louisiana. Murdered in prison showers, aged 34. No arrests made in connection.
After the Battle of the Convergence, Santiago brings his surviving family together; his son TJ and his family, and his daughter Conny. Santiago has a large villa in Virginia Breach with private pier and landing pad. Although apparently single and unemployed, he's often seen in the company of Jia Cai, Chilong's Chinese bodyguard.

Ryan Scott Parker
  • 1985. Born in Tyler, Texas.
  • 1999-2003. Multiple juvenile offences, including autotheft and B&E.
  • 2003. Aged 18, convicted of armed robbery and murder, in addition to rape, abduction and attempted murder of two women, with co-defendant Troy Carter Morgan.
  • 2004. Convicted, sentenced to death by lethal injection. Start of appeals process. Detained at Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas.
  • 2013. Executed, aged 28.
After the collapse of the Elder regime, Ryan takes to the road in a highly modified, Elerium-powered Lamborghini Turican and drives into the American West....

Conner Stamp
  • 1972, Born in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • 1980. Moved to Australia, aged 8.
  • 1990-1995. Joined Australian Army, age 18. 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. Married US woman, Jessie, yeoman in US Navy who he’d met whilst on exercises in Hawaii. Later discharged Lance Corporal.
  • 1996. Aged 24, moved in with Jessie, who was stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  • 1999-2005. US Army Rangers, serving combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Graduated Ranger School, discharged Corporal.
  • 2005-2008. Security contractor with Visori Corporation in Saudi Arabia. Illicit affair with local Arab woman, Nisreen Taher, later abducted and killed (possibly by al-Qaeda, possibly by relatives). Dismissed and returned to USA, unemployed.
  • 2009. With Jessie's assistance, starts recruitment process for joining XCOM Project.
  • 2010-2011. Shot and killed wife, Jessie at their home, before taking car to drive-through carwash. Diagnosed psychotic break. Convicted of murder. Life sentence, to be served at USP Tuscon, Arizona.
  • 2013. Committed suicide whilst in prison, aged 44.
Real name Edwin Zane Rawls
  • 1972, Born Beaumont, Texas.
  • 1990-2002. Worked as wrangler on ranches from East to West Texas, before joining US Army.
  • 2005-2008. Served with US Army Operational Detachment Alpha (Green Berets) in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • 2008. Joined Visori Corporation, became involved with Middle Eastern UFO activity. Love affair with Saudi translator, Nasreen Taher. She betrayed him and was intending to pass alien evidence to embryonic XCOM, via Conner Stamp. Rawls was forced to kill Taher. Failed attempt to frame Stamp for murder resulted in Stamp being accused of impropriety with Taher, and he was sacked.
  • 2009. Exalt moles in Council reported Stamp was being recruited into XCOM and plot was hatched to replace Stamp with imposter, altered using alien surgery.
  • 2011. Jessie Stamp was to be mind-controlled by Sectoid, while Rawls killed Conner and took his place. Something went wrong on the night. Rawls killed Jessie, shot Conner and the Sectoid. The Sectoid responded by melding Conner’s dying mind – having no knowledge of aliens – with Rawls’.
With the Elders overthrown, Earth is still faced with extraterrestrial threats. XCOM is formed by Van Doorn, and Conner continues to serve as colonel. He and Garcia strike up a relationship and share quarters, defending Earth against the Tasoth and Andromedons.

Dr Nate Nielsen
  • 1971. Born in Manhatten, NYC.
  • 1992-1996. Graduated JD with PhD in Health Ethics from University of Maryland, followed with LLM in Health Law.
  • 1996-2001. Internship and junior attorney position in Baltimore, VA, before taking Assistant General Counsel at Harlem Hospital, NYC. Witnessed 9/11 attacks first-hand.
  • 2013-2014. After discovering an illegal handgun discarded in the dumpster outside his Harlem apartment, Nielsen decided to use it. Over a 12 month period, he shot and killed 3 homeless people, 6 prostitutes, and a Colombia University student. Also shot and wounded a drunken Wall Street trader who was passed out on the street. The victim couldn’t identify the shooter due to their inebriated state. Nielsen was only apprehended when NYPD publicised a link between the gun and the seemingly unrelated murder of a Jewish loan shark. A tip-off from the Russian mafia led to Nielsen’s apartment where he was arrested. The media had already dubbed the killer the “Streetsweeper”.
  • 2014-2015. Convicted of multiple counts of murder. Nielsen’s stated he was exploring the ethics of killing. Life sentence to be served at Sullivan Correctional Facility, New York State. Died in prison, aged 44, allergic reaction to painkiller prescribed for back ache. Nielsen had recently complained about the bed in his cell.
After the Battle of the Convergence, Nate disappears, intent on continuing Milton Samy's "good work". Rumours circulate of him becoming a cult leader.
[Not actually a player character, but this groups the convicts in one place.]

  • 1989. Born Avi Ben Cohen, in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • 2008-2011. Served in IDF.
  • 2014. Graduated with BSc in Psychology from Tel Aviv University.
  • 2015-2017. Served with XCOM in the Tactical Squad until Yellowstone, whereupon he participated in Operation Vulcan's Hammer, laying the ground work for the Resistance and becoming a ghost.
Finding himself at a loss after the collapse of the Elders regime, A.B. refuses positions with the High Comission and XCOM, too used to working independently. A city under construction is a dangerous place, however, and remnants of the aliens forces have gone into hiding. A.B.C. soon realises there is need of a masked justice. Someone with the power, resources and independence to fight a new breed of criminal.

Non-Player Characters - Session 1

Posted: 05 May 2014, 15:19
by nemarsde
African-American with dwarfism. According to him, one quarter Vietnamese. One of the Livonian's trusted inner circle, caretaker and handyman. Although foul-mouthed and short-fused, he also seems eager to please and make himself useful. Later revealed to be Pritzker prize-winning architect Dondrey Nhut, he's responsible for some of the most famous buildings of the post-war era, though is best known for his work in the Convergence.

Nhut finally explains that he turned against the Advent Government after they refused to cure his infant son's dwarfism, saying their were factors that made him inelligible for treatment. He tried to pay them off, they refused. So he took his son to the Deregulated Zones, where money could buy anything. They cured his son's dwarfism but his organs soon failed and he died. Nhut's wife left him, he blamed the Elders.

After the Battle of the Convergence Nhut redesigns the ravaged city, employing alien technology, with the remit of making it the First City of Earth, aka Mega-Primus.
[Tony Cox anyone? Image]

Londoner, ex-Paratrooper, with a shaved head and Neanderthal features. Tall and barrel-chested, he's the oldest and leader of his security team. One of the Livonian's trusted inner circle, serving as bodyguard and henchman. Moody and taciturn, he watches, listens and grunts orders when the need arises. Fought in the war and hates the aliens, having survived one of their terror strikes in Birmingham. Killed during the ISC raid on the Energen Plant.
[Vinnie Jones. Image]

The Livonian
According to the urban myth, the last of his kind, an Eastern European people, the Livonian sounds more like a New Yorker when he speaks. In his sixties, with gaunt Slavonic features and a high top of grey hair, he looks eccentric, and there's a mad gleam in his eyes. He leads a cell of the Resistance, opposed to the alien regime. Although it seems more like a circus show, they have mustered impressive resources and must be dedicated to their cause. The Livonian may dress like Val Doonican, but he's about as cuddly as a crocodile.

Intelligence dossiers found in Dan Ikaran's apartment later prove that the Livonian is none other than General Peter Van Doorn, US Military Attaché to the UN during the war. Supposedly killed in an alien ambush on his convoy in London in 2013. During the Battle for the Convergence, Van Doorn reveals himself to the US Military and takes control of their joint ops base. He's later instrumental in transferring power back to the High Commission, and ensuring the future of XCOM.
[The one and only Christopher Walken. Image]

Female Hispanic pilot and flight engineer in her thirties. One of the Livonian's trusted inner circle, she shows a vehement hatred of the alien regime, but doesn't reveal why and becomes aggressive if asked. Tough-looking and scarred from beatings, she doesn't come across as very feminine. Flying the Skyranger, she uses the classic call sign "Big Sky".

Finally, Garcia explains that she and her mother, a crack whore, were abducted by the aliens during the war. She watched as her mother was vivisected whilst conscious. The craft was downed by XCOM and she was later rescued from the wreckage. She'll never forget the ruthlessness of the aliens, even in pursuit of laudable goals.

Unexpectedly surviving the Battle of the Convergence, she joins the newly reformed XCOM at the rank of Lieutenant and starts a relationship with Conner Stamp. They continue Earth defence operations against the Tasoth, Andromedons and other extraterrestrial threats.
[Michelle Rodriguez has made a career out of these roles. Hollywood action flicks will be at a loose-end if she ever retires! Image]

Running a smuggling operation using go-boats out of the Convergence, Lenny was one of the Livonian's underworld contacts in the city. Bald, overweight and over the hill, he was an amiable but cynical businessman. He was also selling out the Resistance, so the Livonian kidnapped him and fed him to crocodiles as an example.
[Dean Norris. A familiar face, ironically best known for it being half covered in latex in Total Recall. Image]

Non-Player Characters - Session 2

Posted: 01 Jun 2014, 18:36
by nemarsde
Dr Vahlen
A Swiss xenologist, female, head of R&D for the XCOM Project. An attractive woman in her sixties, she's unconvinced by the aliens' façade of divine benevolence and is committed to their overthrow. Intimate knowledge of the XCOM Project makes her invaluable to both the resistance movement and the aliens. Although she's demonstrated flexible morals in her work, there's no doubt where her loyalties lie. Recaptured during the ISC raid on the Energen Plant, she was taken to the temple ship and vivisected. She learned about the Elder's Project Overmind and Project Avatar, and warned the Excalibur Squad that the Elders had to be destroyed, no matter what. Died aboard the temple ship.
[For this smart, mature woman of European decent with a troubled past, it has to be Isabelle Huppert. Image]

Val Ramirez
An old mixed heritage North Carolinan woman in her seventies, non-citizen and vagrant. Said by Dr Vahlen to carry several presumed extinct STDs, she is of special scientific interest to the Authorities. She's later revealed to be a leader in the Undergound, the society of "nulls", non-citizens living amongst the detritus of the Convergence. Val is killed in the attack on the alien underground base, during the Battle of the Convergence.

Non-Player Characters - Session 3

Posted: 06 Jul 2014, 19:23
by nemarsde
South African thug, mid-twenties, with a bald head and underbite, making him look like a Goomba (from Mario Bros). Often found with his posse in the vacinity of the Shequoiya Mall, sporting cheap jewelry and counterfeit fashion brands. They're local renegades, Diablo, too belligerent to make it as citizens, too lazy or cowardly to make it as non-citizens. A bane on society. Goomba was first hospitalised by Santiago during a mugging and later killed by him during a riot.

Tall, slender Englishman in his forties. Clean shaven and neat blonde hair, always immaculately presented and majordomo of the renamed and renovated Vulcan Mansion and Grounds. Later revealed to be a prototype android with sophisticated Sentient Engine AI based on alien technology. He is designed to be the perfect manservant, even down to being slightly dull and innocuous. The Advent Government has prohibited further development of AI as it poses a risk to human evolution.

After the collapse of the Elders regime, Pavise continues to fight for equal rights for androids, leading to the creation of the Sentient Engine Liberation Front.
[Pavise would have to be played by Paul Bettany. Image]

Grumpy, flea-bitten African-American man, mid-forties, former civil engineer with the City of Hampton, until it was handed over to the aliens in 2038. Now he's a smelly hobo, living in the Underground, but believes the aliens are up to something suspicious below Chesapeake Bay and questions how the bay was originally formed.

Buddy is a Cyberdisc, befriended by the XCOM Project. Although trapped in a war configuration like the rest of his species, Buddy's natural curiosity led to him trying to communicate with Earth computers during a mission. Dr Shen's engineering team detected this, and started a dialogue with the Cyberdisc via the Internet. Dr Shen named him "Buddy". This led to a friendship and Buddy eventually defecting to XCOM in the last days of the war. He helped Dr Shen lay the groundwork for Operation: Vulcan's Hammer, the Earth Resistance. Since then he has guarded the elerium reactor beneath the Convergence and attempted to reconfigure.

After reconfiguring, he merges with Earth's Internet and becomes an embodiment of humanity's collective knowledge.

Non-Player Characters - Session 4

Posted: 05 Oct 2014, 18:53
by nemarsde
Scruffy-looking, beer-bellied border guard in his forties. Working at Sunny Valley, a preservation in the Sierra Chinaja, Guatemala. Corrupt, he's first bribed by journalist, Michael Bradford into smuggling him into the preservation, then by the Resistance to guide them and find Bradford. He joins the crew of the Avenger base, on the Meros Research Platform in the Gulf of Mexico, and is killed in the Battle of the Convergence when the Overspawn hits the Avenger with its disruptor beams.

German security guard, with a young family in Hamburg. He was brutally tortured and murdered by the Resistance on the day of him and his wife's anniversary.

Non-Player Characters - Session 5

Posted: 05 Oct 2014, 19:20
by nemarsde
Michael Bradford
Daredevil investigative journalist, working for the Extropians, an organisation seeking self-rule for Earth and equality with the Elders. He is also the son of David Bradford, Central Officer of XCOM, in effect its chief of operations. The Livonian believes Michael may have witnessed his father's planning of Vulcan's Hammer and have the location of the Gollop Chamber's Resonator located somewhere in his childhood memory. Michael disappeared in Guatemala and was later rescued from ISC custody by the PCs. After the collapse of the Elders regime he produces the definitive history of the Resistance from 2012 to 2043.

TJ Alvarez
General Manager of the Sunny Valley Preservation, he is Tito Juanito, the son of Santiago Alvarez. Although he supervised of the genetic engineering, factory farming and butchery of humans at the facility, he claims it is necessary to placate the Tasoth, an alien race of carnivores, that consider the meat of sentient species to be a delicasy. The Elders have created a highly restricted supply of human meat to prevent the Tasoth from establishing their own operation on Earth, which would inevitably lead to confrontation. TJ was taken hostage by the PCs but when Santiago revealed himself, the shock made TJ believe he was being psychically interrogated by the ISC. He's suffered complete mental breakdown and was only put back together by Annette Durand.

Eventually TJ and his family move to the liberated Convergence, reuniting with his sister, Conny, and their father, Santiago.

Non-Player Characters - Session 6

Posted: 12 Oct 2014, 08:27
by nemarsde
Annette Durand
Said to be the most powerful human psychic ever tested by XCOM. A French woman, living in the Convergence; last address a high-rise apartment in Norfolk. The Resistance buys use of her psionic abilities, and she helps Conner, Michael Bradford, TJ Alvarez and his father, heal psychological scars.

She's killed during the Battle of the Convergence when her highrise is demolished by the rampaging Overspawn.
[Annette Durand looks like she was modelled on a young Juliette Binoche in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Binoche would thus make a perfect Annette, since she's now old. Image]

Jesse Stamp
Wife of Conner R. Stamp. American, retired US Navy, chief petty officer where she served as a Seabee diver. She was murdered by Conner at their home in Hawaii in 2010. It's later revealed that she was involved in the XCOM Project before "the Antfarm" was constructed, working out of the USNS Pathfinder survey ship with Dr Shen.

Non-Player Characters - Session 7

Posted: 01 Dec 2014, 22:22
by nemarsde
Judy Hawkins
Piper's now elderly and infirm mother, in her seventies and living in a leafy suburb in Poquoson. She fainted when she first saw the resurrected Piper and was taken to the local hospital, where she was visited by her best friend, Mrs Murdocco, who looked after Judy's pet whippet, Chester.

She's eventually reunited with Piper after the Battle of the Convergence.

Dan Ishkaran
An old man, formerly an XCOM engineer working under Dr Shen. In a gay relationship with another engineer, Bashan Shavak. Truly work-obsessed, during the downfall of the Council, they stole many components of the psi lab and Gollop Chamber and founded a private company called Lifetree, developing psi interfaces. Bashan later married a wife and started a family, and Ishkaran was estranged. After Bashan's death, his son Sam Shavak waged a boardroom battle against Ishkaran for control of the company. Ishkaran gave up in despair, went into hiding and apparently lost himself in his work. He's since set up an illegal psi lab in stinking, run-down apartment block in the Convergence.

After the collapse of the Elders regime, he reconciles with Sam Shavak and joins Lifetree.

Sam Shavak
Wunderkind, golden boy, tech guru and trend-setter, Sam Shavak is CEO of Lifetree Corporation. So-called "Man of the Future", Sam is a vocal supporter of the Advent Government, prominent member of Exalt and in the Top 10 World's Richest People. He lives in a palace called Dreamscape in the ET Controlled Area of the Convergeance. He seems to have used his own technology to develop and/or augment his psionic abilities. In private, it seems Sam might be more open minded, and less unwavering in his support of the Elders.

Shavak allies with the Resistance and after the Battle of the Convergence, becomes one of the founders of the Technocrat political party.
[Good looking but slightly sinister, with a deep hynotic voice. Yet young enough to be born after the war? See Taylor Kitsch. Image]

Non-Player Characters - Session 8

Posted: 01 Feb 2015, 10:36
by nemarsde
Jia Cai
Sexy Chinese hostess, spy and fixer, trusted lieutenant of the black marketeer, Shaojie "Chilong" Zhang. She carries out the Tong's business, answering only to Chilong, and was first encountered in Session 2, when she slipped the PCs the key to their handcuffs. She eventually disappears with Chilong on some other shady enterprise but keeps in close contact with Santiago.

Shaojie Zhang
Former Chinese Triad, nicknamed "Chilong" or "Hornless Dragon", who oversaw the trafficking of black market alien technology. After the start of the war, Chilong chose sides and defected to XCOM with an alien computer. This was used to bring down an alien battleship in the East China Sea as part of Operation Slingshot. When XCOM collapsed, Chilong went underground in the Convergence, using materiel he expropriated from XCOM to found a Tong (a working men's club) in the docklands area. Since then he's become an international smuggler, specialising once more in alien tech.

He provided the Resistance with the location of an Outsider shard, aboard the sunken wreckage of the alien battleship downed in Operation Slingshot. A gang of cut-throat treasure hunters were on standby to salvage the wreck, but Chilong needed hard cash and muscle to secure the prize.

It's later revealed that Chilong is harbouring the Asaru Ethereal, an alien being that infiltrated the CIA during the 1960s and helped thwart the Zudj incursion. Asaru eventually sacrifices itself to destroy the Micronoid Overspawn, and Chilong disappears into the shadows once more.

Non-Player Characters - Session 9

Posted: 22 Feb 2015, 18:43
by nemarsde
Troy Carter Morgan
African-American hoodlum, convicted of rape and murder and sentenced to death before the war. He was frozen and used as a Gene Lab test subject by the XCOM Project, and later defrosted by the Resistance in 2043. Without Meld to stabilise his G-Mods, he quickly crashed and was captured by the ISC. They rebuilt him with cybernetic augmentation and psionic restraints, turning him into a state of the art MEC Trooper. After encountering Ryan, he somehow crashes his psi restraints and goes on a serial killing spree through the streets of the Convergence. His psychosis rapidly spreads to the other psionically-linked MEC Troopers, disrupting ISC activities. He's eventually hunted down and terminated by Excalibur Squad.

Benny Tse
Trigger-happy Cantonese gangster, member of Chilong's Tong Brotherhood. Survived the ISC raid on the fish market and represented Chilong on the Crown of Atlantis. He's gravely injured during the assault on the High Commission, at the Battle of the Convergence. He later opens a dim sum restaurant in downtown Norfolk.

Sergeant Jackson
Metroplex PD SWAT Officer; a tough-looking black American woman in her thirties, she's in league with Chilong. Jackson allowed Chilong and the Resistance squad passed the police cordon after the ISC raided the Fish Market.

She and her SWAT team are killed during the Battle of the Convergence, protecting civilians from alien attack and averting the masscre of thousands.

Captain Block
Australian captain of the R/V Crown of Atlantis, a 13,000-ton, 125-metre long deep-sea salvage vessel that was once the Shenqianhao, pride of the Chinese salvage fleet. He's a tough, mixed race sea-dog, with a motley crew of Filipino and Malaysian seamen, and Western officers and specialists. Killed by Visori air strike.

Tall, burly Norwegian first mate of the R/V Crown of Atlantis. With a weathered face, armful of tattoos and bulging muscles, he looks like the ship's enforcer and carries a sidearm openly. Led a Visori-backed mutiny on the ship, and was shot and killed by Conner Stamp.

Non-Player Characters - Session 10

Posted: 27 Mar 2015, 19:38
by nemarsde
Zudjari beachcomber on the remote Haiyang Island in the Yellow Sea. Speaks Zudj, Madarin and Chinglish. He encountered the squad after they beached their Seabreacher, having escaped the mutiny on the Crown of Atlantis. Traded the Seabreacher for a sat phone, and invited the squad back to his home in the nearby village.

Grandpa Stink
Old, wrinkled Zudjari veteran with walking stick and fedora. Seemed to understand the Resistance's grievances and warned them not to trust the Elders. Presented the squad with an old, worn hard light axe.

Little Stink
Juvenile Zudjari, fascinated by Santiago's Ghost Armour. Kicked him in the shin, then presented him with an alien cigarette.

Non-Player Characters - Session 11

Posted: 12 Apr 2015, 09:58
by nemarsde
Black marketeer and Americana affecionado, based out of the Black Widow Club in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Bleached blond hair, gold teeth and tattoos, long-time associate of A.B.C.

Dr Jarbek
American ISC cybernetics expert, young, hungry engineer in his late-twenties. Team leader in the Mechtoid design bureau. Captured by the Resistance while tracking Troy Carter Morgan. He's detained and turned to the Resistance side, becoming a double agent. He's killed during the Battle of the Convergence.

Special Agent Tiras
ISC special agent in charge of the Livonian manhunt. Thin Man, who originally arrested Excalibur Squad in Virginia Beach and pursued them during the breakout of Dr Vahlen. After the Resistance strand Visori's fleet a thousand light years from Earth, the aliens suspend the High Commission and form a Coalition from Exalt members. Tiras becomes the new Speaker for the Advent Government, and during the Battle of the Convergence, he unleashes the Overspawn in a last ditch attempt to thwart the attackers. He ultimately fails but escapes and is currently at large.

Non-Player Characters - Session 12

Posted: 31 Aug 2015, 22:16
by nemarsde
Aden Zaky
Egyptian hacker and Resistance cell leader in charge of the hyperwave relay, located in a warehouse in Rushmere. Later proves to be a traitor, using connections to start manufacturing and distrib of alien narcotics, EZ and Psiclone brought in from the Lake Victoria Equator Base. In league with local gang, Psyke, and using North African workers. Presently detained by the Resistance.

The Triplets
Liam, Logan, Luke O'Halloran, once small-time drug dealers, now partners with Aden, and bosses of Psyke, an augmented reality network dealing EZ and Psiclone. The eldest, Luke, later turned out to be a Thin Man who had infiltrated the gang. He and his brothers were killed by the Resistance.

Non-Player Characters - Session 13

Posted: 13 Sep 2015, 12:12
by nemarsde
African contact, supplying Aden with EZ and Psiclone from the Elders' Lake Victoria Base. Possible cyber-terrorist.

Mitch Powers
Aging Californian hipster and ex-XCOM trauma surgeon. Was instrumental in developing the Cybernetics Lab, and was badly wounded during the war when the aliens assaulted the Antfarm. Now mostly robotic, he works as a technician at a body enhancement clinic in Virginia Beach, reluctantly aiding the Resistance on the side.

Darby Simone, aka "Darb". Organiser and book-keeper of high stakes, illegal gladiatorial death matches in the Convergence.

Non-Player Characters - Session 14

Posted: 25 Oct 2015, 09:49
by nemarsde
The Wife
Real name Shelly Marie, A.B.'s better half. She runs a business consultancy firm in the Convergence than largely acts as an unofficial, clandestine association for ex-XCOM personnel. After the Advent Government declare a security crackdown, she is trapped in the Convergence, until her husband rescues her.

Canadian transport ops controller for Visori's Elerium mining operation on Proteus.

Visori Charlie Squad leader. Stocky Chinese-American, hard-nosed Proteus veteran, took command of the Delta and Charlie Squad survivors after the Battle of Hogback Ridge, and led them back to Ground Base. The Resistance infiltrators continued on to Outpost 11.

Visori Delta Squad leader. His squad was waylaid by Skeletoid deadfall trap and then ambushed, developing into the Battle of Hogback Ridge. Dubose had his head ripped off by a Skeletoid.

Conny Nakatomi
Conchita. Santiago's eldest daughter, married a Peruvian-Japanese doctor and humanitarian. She later joined the Extropians and was recruited into the Resistance. Qualified paramedic, she and her husband were last reported incarcerated by Visori on Proteus, a resource harvesting operation in a pulsar (PSR 1257+12) some 1000 ly from Earth. She had been attempting to sabotage ops, and incite native Skeletoids to violence. Later rescued by the Resistance, she discovers that Visori tortured her husband to death. After the collapse of the Elders regime, she reunites with her brother and father and lives in the Convergence, becoming a nurse.

Dr Tygan
African-American and Visori xenobiologist, defected to the Resistance and co-conspirator with Conny Nakatomi. Helped the Skeletoids overrun Outpost 11 and rescue Conny. They assembled the Skeletoid clans and prepared for a last ditch assault on Visori's Ground Base, before the planet could be "cracked" by mass driver. Rescued by the Resistance, he joins the Extropians political party after the collapse of the Elders regime.
[Is Lance Reddick! Image]

Non-Player Characters - Session 15

Posted: 31 Dec 2015, 17:08
by nemarsde
Gryon's trusted, potty-mouthed lawyer. Executed in cold blood by the Resistance, during the revolt on Proteus.

Gryon's sexy, Stairmaster-destroying, pinstripe-wearing PA. Executed in cold blood by the Resistance, during the revolt on Proteus.

Serge Gryon
Franco-American industrialist and EXALT founder, CEO of Visori Corporation. Visori was created from the forced merging of several of the world's largest defence contractors after the war, and has since grown by acquisition. It is trusted by the Elders regime and was tasked with managing the stabilisation of post-war Central Russia. Before the war, Gryon was already the president of an elite PMC, specialising in the rich Middle Eastern oil states, making him a man in his 70s.

Gryon is a megalomaniac, who has had most of his aged, decrepid body replaced with a high-end MEC chassis. Killed by the Resistance's so-called Excalibur Squad during the revolt on Proteus. His clone offspring take over the business.

Lily Shen
Daughter of Dr Shen, Chief Engineer at XCOM during the war. She has inherited his role, and has been working for the Resistance rebuilding a base on the Meros Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. After Buddy reconfigured, he sought her out to assist her. She becomes best friends with Piper and together with Buddy, they cause a lot of trouble.

Non-Player Characters - Session 16

Posted: 14 Feb 2016, 18:28
by nemarsde
Captain John White
Grey-haired Englishman in his fifties, captain of the Roanoke relief expedition of 1590. Upon finding the colony deserted, with the word "CROATOAN" carved on the palisade, he believed the colonists, including his granddaughter Virginia Dare, had taken refuge with the Croatoan tribe in the south. However, his tracker found recent, child-sized tracks leading north. With a storm on the horizon, White despatched a small search party to follow the tracks, desperate for news of Virginia. After the storm had passed, they planned to rendeszvous with further up the coast at North Bay after the storm had passed. The search party disappeared and White reported them as drowned during the initial landing when their boat capsized. White was never able to make the rendeszvous or reconnoitre Croatoan Island; his ships lost the last of their anchors in the storm and had to turn for home.

Konrad von Heilbronn
German mercenary and adventurer, contemporary of fencing master Joachim Meyer, who blended Florentine style with the traditional German style. Volunteered for the northerly party that searched for the lost colony of Roanoke in 1590. His rapier is found in the remains of the Overspawn.

Philip Fuller
English soldier, billman and privateer, one of the northerly party that searched for the lost colony of Roanoke in 1590.

Carib Indian, bowman and tracker. Found the child's tracks that led north from Roanoke Island, and was enjoined to the northerly party that searched for the lost colony in 1590.

Luke Dominguez
Young Portugese sailor and arquebusier. One of the northerly party that searched for the lost colony of Roanoke in 1590.

Lieutenant Ely
English Separatist, trader and Algongkin speaker. Led the northerly party that searched for the lost colony of Roanoke in 1590.

Roanoke Indian who parents had been killed by Mandoag warriors, after they abandoned the island colony, together with the European settlers, and headed north to join a rumoured colony in Chesapeake Bay, where the colony was originally meant to be founded. The colonists dispersed amongst the local native tribes, with some, led by John Kendall, heading south to Croatoan, and others, led by Ananias Dare heading north to Chesapeake Bay. Somerset's parents travelled with the Dares, and were attacked by the Mandoag, "The Enemy", who carried many of them off into the wilderness.

Non-Player Characters - Session 17

Posted: 28 Mar 2016, 15:53
by nemarsde
The leader of the Elders, enemy of Asaru and commander of the temple ship. Mastermind behind Project Outsider and the contingency plan, Project Avatar, both of which would result in the exinction of "human nature". One subtlely, one destructively. The Uber-Ethereal was banished in a duel with Ryan "The Volunteer" Parker and presumably killed when the temple ship was destroyed in orbit by detonating its Elerium engines.

Non-Player Characters - Session 18

Posted: 28 Mar 2016, 18:23
by nemarsde
Giant monster that landed on Earth 35.5 million years ago, making a crater that became Chesapeake Bay. Taller than a skyscraper, the Overspawn is a colony of microscopic alien organisms called the Micronoids. Powerfully psionic yet native to the physical realm, the Elders realised this species could be harnessed by injecting them into humans, creating a living, breathing psychic network that could flourish on Earth. This would allow the Elders to survive indefinitely in a virtual environment, untethered from the limited physical forms they'd been forced to occupy. After Excalibur Squad destroyed the temple ship and routed the alien forces during the Battle of the Convergence, Speaker Tiras unleashed the Overspawn in an attempt to turn the tide. Unfortunately for him, the Asaru Ethereal sacrificed itself by merging with the Micronoids and putting them to sleep permanently. The Overspawn died on the spot.