War rages across the Galaxy. Both the brutal Galactic Empire and the desperate Rebel Alliance reel in the face of terrible losses. A tabletop RPG campaign set after the Battle of Yavin. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Fantasy Flight Games)

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Start 11-11:30am, End 9-10pm.

Episode List
0.[*]20th Oct 2018 ("Beginner's Luck"). Age of Rebellion beginner game followed by a Hillfolk character creation session.
  • 24 Nov 2018. Episode I - "The Tale of the Sa Nalaor". The group start their first mission and Reeva's past comes back to haunt her.
  • --- Christmas Break---
  • 19 Jan 2019. Episode II - "Welcome to the Jungle, Part 1". The group braves the dangers of the Cholgana jungle and find survivors of the Sa Nalaor.
  • 23 Feb 2019. Episode III - "Pilgrim's View". A younger Dane works for the Empire under a similarly younger version of Zak's brother Merioon Myrto.
  • 23 Mar 2019. Episode IV - "Welcome to the Jungle, Part 2". The group persuades the survivors of the Sa Nalaor to honor their business arrangement with Reom, the Empire arrives and Dane is badly injuried while the the crew of the Nighflyer try to escape.
  • 20 Apr 2019. Episode V - "Escape from Cholganna". The crew make their escape with Cratala and head towards the junkyard planet of Raxus Prime. Along the way Reeva finds more about her mother's disappearance, but at a great cost...
  • 18 May 2019. Episode VI - "Toxic Motherlode". The crew are embroiled in an epic (and long) battle with the Yi Yar clan, conclude their deal with Reom and run from the Empire when they turn up late to the party.
  • 22 Jun 2019.
  • 27 Jul 2019.
  • --- Summer Break ---
  • 14 Sep 2019.
  • 19 Oct 2019. Episode X - The Great Tatooine Land Race. The crew explore options on how to get into Vemmla's Palace. They decide in the end on entering the Great Land Race and against all the odds win!
  • 23 Nov 2019.

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Episode I - The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

Post by Bigby » 01 Dec 2018, 11:43

Beyond the Rim - Act I

Obligation. Rolled 37 -> Reeva - Family.

Prologue. The characters are free from their debt to Garik Mohebbi. They own The Brazen Fox and can now go looking for their first independent job. The Brazen Fox: 8 hull damage and 1 Engine critical damage

Scene 1 - Celebration. Lisana hosts a champagne party to celebrate.

Scene 2 - Liberating Repairs. Hong decides that he needs to steal some supplies to fix The Brazen Fox's damage. Lisana joins him when in case things go wrong. Hong spots a Rodian attempting to steal supplies from another ship and intervenes. He repeatedly beats the Rhodian. Lisana smmoth talks the captain of the ship and he rewards them with 900Cr worth of repair material. Hong's repairs take longer than expected.

Scene 3 - Drinks. Everyone else heads to the local Blasted Asteroid Cantina. Along the way Cho and Zak have a discussion. At the bar Dane, who somehow always buys the first round, buys the first round. Zak notices the totally gorgeous Eranas Charrel sneaking up on Reeva. She succeeds, and Reeva spills a patrons drink. They join Eranas and discuss several things. Eranas mentioned to Reeva she might have a clue to her mother but needs to follow up first. She also gives them a lead to their first job. A shady tech company owner by the name of Reom. Lisana and Hong arrive late, but not too late for Dane to buy them drinks.

Scene 4 - Infochant. Lisana, Dane, Zak and Hong engage the infochant Waroon Dak. He points them in the direction of Dreks Verza a fixer with a good reputation.

Scene 5 - Meeting Reom. Reom got straight to the point. An old homing pod was discovered close to The Wheel. The location of the Sa Nalaor has been found. A ship with treasures and unique cybernetics. Reom offered the group a contract to gather intelligence. Lisana met her match, Reom is a fierce negotiator. 10K credits with 10% upfront. Two or three times as much if they bring back technology as well. Anything else the party finds needs to be split 50:50. IT-3PO is a droid kept from those times and knows the captain on the ship and the original deal. If they get tech, they should bring it to a research station on Raxus Prime.[5XP,1000Cr]

Scene 6 - Gathering Information. The party gathered information for the upcoming job. This focused on the Nexu. Natural born killing machines. Multiple spot rolls failed.

Scene 7 - Repair Droid. Zak captures a repair droid that sunck on board. Hong investigates and finds both a homing beacon and imperial tampering with the droid. The homing beacon is kept the droid returned to its routine duties. [5XP]

Scene 8 - Reeva Comes Out. Cho and Reeva reveal that they are force sensitive to Zak. Much discussion ensues about how, when, if to reveal this to the rest of the party.

Scene 9 - Forgotten. Cho, Reeva and Zak meet up with Eranas again before they leave to discuss the lead to Reeva's mother. She has no recollection of the lead. She thinks it is all a joke. She is warned to tread carefully and look through her notes.

Scene 10 - Ambush!. Everyone prepares for the arrival of IT-3PO and departure. He is ambushed just as he approaches The Brazen Fox. Blaster pistol shots. Two Rodians take out the two guards, while another two bundle the droid into a V5 Medium Cargo Floater and race off. Hong fires up the engines of The Brazen Fox to disrupt the Rodian attack. Zak and Cho engage the Rodians ambushing the guards. Cho stuns one. Zak leaps onto Dane's floater and then leaps off to attack the last Rodian knocking him out. All despite the turbulence. Along the way Zak takes a 4pt wound, the first blood spilt as an independent crew (it won't be the last I am sure). Dane and Lisana pursue the Rodians in a floater, but lose them in the crowd. [2 Blaster Pistol, 2 Vibroknife, 2 Padded Armour, 2 Comlink]

Scene 11 - Lisana's Encounter. Lisanna leaves Dane to question the flight deck master in person to determine which ships are leaving the station. Dane returns to the ship. She gets the list, which includes a Yi Yar ship called the Nightflyer. As she returns to the ship a dark figure accosts her. He takes her into a secluded alley. He pins her against a wall, grabbed by her neck. Despite the terrifying circumstances, Lisana refuses to be cowed. "Who is Reeva?" gets a spat return of "Who are you?". Disgusted the man knocks her unconscious. Reeva hears a call via a commlink or the force. She is not sure which. Reeva runs to the rescue.

Scene 12 - Interrogation. Cho interrogates the two surviving Rodians. She learns that they are part of the Yi Yar clan. She learns more about the clan, it's enmity to IsoTech and that their ship is called The Nightflyer.

Scene 13 - Free Loot. Meanwhile, Hong is obvious to all and decides to loot a crate in the confusion of the ambush. [General Purpose Scanner].

Scene 14 - Take Off. Everyone returns to The Brazen Fox which departs in hot pursuit of the Nightflyer. The party decides to take the quick more dangerous path. The Brazen Fox enters hyperspace as a free company for the first time. [20XP]

Scene 15 - Hyperspace. An opportunity for conversation and recovery. Zak heals his wounds. Cho, Reeva, Zak and Lisana discuss many things. Hong completes initial repairs to The Brazen Fox.

Morality. Reeva -> +1 conflict, rolled 2 = 51. Cho -> +5 conflict, rolled 7 = 52.

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Episode II - Welcome to the Jungle, Part 1

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Beyond the Rim - Act II

Obligation. Rolled 34 -> Reeva - Family.

Scene 1 - Hyperspace to Cholgana. Everyone has gathered in the lounge for dinner. The loot from the previous encounter is laid out on the table. The meagre equipment is gratefully taken by those that need it the most.

Scene 2 - Falleen Homeworld Day. Lisana is cooking a delicious meal for everyone to celebrate her homeworld day. Reeva "comes out" about being force sensitive. Hong makes light of it, believing that she does not have real powers, it is all trickery. Everyone else is accepting and agree it is better to keep quiet about it. The more people that know the more chance the Empire will come to notice...

Scene 3 - Arriving at Cholgana The Brazen Fox exits hyperspace after 3d:14h of travelling. The ship is deep in a dust cloud of the nebula, sensors are down and boulders pummel the hull. Dane desperately tries to pilot around the boulders but without sensors is effectively blind. Hong manages to recalibrate the sensors but not before the Brazen Fox takes a couple of hits from larger boulders, thankfully not quite hard enough to penetrate the ship's thick armour. Dane steers the ship clear and the crew head towards Cholgana. [2XP]

Scene 4 - Searching for the Sa Nalaor. The crew search Cholgana for signs of the Sa Nalaor. Using data from the buoy, they locate a large debris field after 8 hours of searching. Soon after a more detailed search they discover an escape pod and the main crash site. [5XP]

Scene 5 - Encounter with Octipuls. The crew decide to explore the escape pod first to see if there is any useful information there before pushing on the main wreck. The escape pod is buried deep in a cevasse which is inaccessible from the ship. They land 500m away in a clearing and proceed on foot. As Cho is being lowered into the crevasse, Reeva, Dane and Zak are attacked by octipuls - arboreal octipus. A vicious fight ensues. Dane lets go of the rope to defend himself and Zak and Cho falls some way crashing against the wall of the crevase. Zak holds on to the rope with one hand while he attempts to fight off the octipul with his gun then vibroknife. Hong and Lisana hear the screams for help over the comms and fire up the Brazen Fox. Hong pilots the ship to try and sweep the octipuls with the hull of the ship. The fight is short and bloody with several of the crew sustaining wounds and fatigue. The octipuls are badly wounded and retreat into the dense jungle. Zak and Dane are badly shaken by the affair - certainly Zak had flashbacks to being ambushed in a jungle.

Scene 6 - Exploring the Escape Pod. The crew spend the night recovering from their fatigue and head out again in the morning. This time things are uneventful and Cho explores the escape pod BESH 34. There are signs of a blaster fight with a nexu. There are signs of a human skeleton. Inside there are some annoying bugs that have nested inside. However environmental suits take care of that. Inside is another body that never made it out. Inside Cho recovers the memory recording from the escape pod. It shows a paniced Captain Harsol and other bridge crew panicing as the Sa Nalaor seemingly crashes and is destroyed. Yet the crew knows the wreckage survived mostly intact... [3XP]

Scene 7 - Find the Sa Nalaor. The crew move on to the Sa Nalaor and discover that the engine section broke off and dammed one end of a river creating an artificial lake. The hull and bridge section came to rest further down next to the river. The crew lands the Brazen Fox in a clearing close by the hull, choosing to leave the Engine section as it is unlikely to have anything of interest. As they travel through the jungle towards the wreck they notice an old encampment mostly washed away by flooding. Probably 20 years old. There are several graves, some marked with names of the crew.

Scene 8 - Exploring the Sa Nalaor. The crew push on to the hull and explore. It is clear there have been recent attempts to repair camouflage to the Sa Nalaor. Someone does not want the wreck to be found. They get to various rooms, including climbing an non-functioning turbo lift shaft to the bridge. But there is nothing much to see. They head back to see how the storage hull to see if there are any valuables inside. As they head back the general purpose scanner shows 2 new signals heading there way. [10XP]

Scene 9 - Ambush by Cyber-Nexu. The crew take cover in a corridor and wait for the attack. One nexu, modified with cybernetic claws leaps down the turbo lift and runs towards them. Another nexu with steel jaws has circled around to the rear and rushes to attack from behind. The crew fire everything they have but the nexu keeps coming. Cho tries to engage one to protect the rest of the crew, and although she damages it badly, it sinks its claws into her body. She passes out from electro-shocks delivered through the claws. Lisana sees Cho go down and charges the nexu. The nexu at the rear attacks Dane badly wounding him with the steel teeth. Hong fires his goo gun at the nexu pinning it in place and then sets it on fire with flammable gel. Both nexu are defeated but at a terrible cost. The crew retreats to their ship to recover and consider their next move. [5XP]

Scene 10 - Recovery. Hong researches the nexu cybernetics and Cho regains consciousness. The Nightflyer arrives in orbit at this point and starts searching for the Sa Nalaor.

Scene 11 - Captain Harsol Arrives. The scanners show life signs heading up the river from downstream. It is Captain Harsol, 2 Aqualish guards and 6 B1 battle droids riding large reptilian water creatures who swim effortlessly through the water. The crew decide to meet him and communicate with him over the comlink. They parlay. Captain Harsol seems somewhat paranoid and needs to control the situation. He demands that the entire crew returns with him to "The Retreat" to meet the other survivors. They must discuss what this means.

Scene 12 - The Retreat. the crew arrive at "The Retreat". A fortified camp built into a natural rock overhang. Well protected against Cholgana fauna and almost invisible from above. Captain Harsol addresses a crowd of the remaining 30 survivors. Some seem angry. Some worry the Captain Harsol will dispose of the crew before they have a chance to talk to them. Cratala, cybernetics expert, helps heal some wounds. Hong and Cratala hit it off. She seems oblivious to the pain her cyber-nexu caused. She is interested however in how they performed. [5XP]

Morality. Reeva: rolls 6 -2 conflict = +4 morality. Cho: rolls 10 -6 conflict = +4 morality.

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Episode III -

Post by Bigby » 17 Mar 2019, 15:03


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Episode IV - Welcome to the Jungle, Part 2

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Beyond the Rim - Act II

Obligation. Rolled ?? -> Hong - Debt.

Morality. Reeva -> 55+1d10()-2=. Cho -> 56+1d10(9)-12=53

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Episode V - Escape from Cholganna

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Beyond the Rim - Act II

Obligation. Rolled 19. Lisana - Responsibility (protecting vulnerable children).

Scene 1 - Council of War. The crew finalises their plans to get Cratala (and her two assistants, Quix Cata and IT-3PO) to Raxus Prime and keep the settlement safe by removing all traces of cybernetics to a backup site. Captain Harsol is reluctant to let everyone know the location of the backup site. He however does seem confident that they can avoid Imperial detection when they arrive.

Scene 2 - Talking Cratala Down. As the sun sets on the settlement, Cratala remains buried deep in the nexu cages while the Empire remains outside the gates. Lisana, backed up by Cho, promises Cratala that they are ready to take her away from the Empire permanently. To a laboratory on Raxus Prime that will provide her with all the equipment and funds she would ever need. Lisana is very persuasive and Cratala cautiously emerges.

Scene 3 - Distraction and Escape. The crew distracts the Empire by releasing the nexu and other creatures from their cages, herded by the cyber-nexu towards to the Empire encampment. The crew make there way through the Cholgana jungle at night. It is a terrifying experience. Dane clutches his ritual short-spear tipped with poison and the immortal advice not to waste it on the fauna. It is uneventful.

Scene 4 - Imperial Probe Droid. As the crew arrive at the river to get onto their Reevos water mounts, an Imperial Probe Droid cruises down the river. It spots them. The crew open up with all the weaponry at their disposal. It goes down in a hail of gun fire. But not before it gets a lone shot off that hits IT-3PO squarely in the chest.

Scene 5 - Deception. Captain Harsol calls on the comms. Demanding to know where the crew are going. Why they have left them to the mercies of the Empire. Cho replies that the Yi Yar clan have made off with Cratala and they need to follow their payday. They are sorry. It is all part of leading the Empire to follow the Yi Yar clan. It works.

Scene 6 - Punch it! The crew get back to the Brazen Fox. Dane sets a micro-jump towards The Wheel, before then heading to Raxus Prime. All seems well with the further deception to lead the Empire away from their intended destination. The journey to Raxus Prime takes 64 hours. During which a few things come to light.

Scene 7 - Is that a Nexu in Your Pocket? It turns out that Hong had liberated two juvenile Nexu. A breeding pair. Very valuable. Very difficult to care for. Maybe a way to pay off his debts to Vemmla. They are a complete pain on the ship, tearing up anything soft, leaving giant piles of faeces and demanding food, exercise and attention at all times.

Scene 8 - Reeva Gets Answers. Reeva takes flying lessons from Dane while they travel through hyperspace. A genuine interest. However she also plans to use this lesson to confront Dane. She wants to know what he knows about her Mother. They have never talked about it. But the first time that Dane saw her badge, she noticed that there was a brief flicker of recognition. But he denied knowing more and seemed genuine. She slaps the badge down on the console and demands Dane tells her what he knows. Dane has good reasons to hold the information back. Reeva uses her new found force powers to read Dane's mind. She cannot help herself, she had to know. Dane resists, but is powerless against her powers. He rummages through his mind and discovers two things. Firstly, Dane transported her mother on an Imperial contract about six years ago. He accidentally caught her transmitting data to a non-Empire destination. She turned on him, gun drawn, and for a moment was intent on killing him. But something within her stopped her. Dane convinced her that he was no lover of the Empire and agreed to protect her secret. Secondly, just after they had freed Zak, Dane was met by a tall well muscled man, dressed in grey robes with a cowl. He said that Reina asked Dane to not say anything about their previous meeting to Reeva or Zak. That it would put them in grave danger. He then put a mind block on his mind to prevent him from remembering either Reina or this meeting.

Scene 9 - Consequences. Dane screams at Reeva to get out of his head and she runs from the cockpit, horrified at what she had done. Dane follows her, accusing her of mind-raping him. The rest of the crew in the rec area are shocked. Lisana is horrified at the word "rape". Hong rushes to Dane's defence. Everyone is on edge.

Scene 10 - Punch It In a Different Way. Dane takes out his adrenaline, fear and anger on the punch bag set up in the hold. Hong offers him support and diffuses the situation with his own unique brand of humour and take on life. He lets Dane know he has got his back.

Scene 11 - Cho Uncovered. Earlier, just before Reeva started her lesson with Dane, Cho and Zak talk in private as they reorganise their things into a single room to make room for the passengers. The zapping of Cho caused her to half transform into her natural form. It needs to be discussed as Zak has never seen her real form. There is a connection between them. Always has been and they reconnected when Zak was rescued. Cho stayed in her current shape because of Zak (sentimental) but also a finger to the Black Sun. There is an awkward pause. Cho changes. It is not pleasant. There is always something that gives her away to him whatever shape she takes though and Zak sees through the physical form to Cho's core. He takes it remarkably well considering the squick factor. Hugs. Change back. They talk about her still being an assassin and her life as a Clawdite.

Scene 12 - Dinner. A quiet, tense dinner. Reeva is not present. Lisana avoiding conversation. Zak takes dinner in to Reeva

Scene 13 - Arrival at Raxus Prime. The ship is immediately challenged by the port authority. Unusually Hong takes the lead on negotiations and things go surprisingly well. They want to board for an inspection.The threat of toxic Nexu faeces does not deter them, only delays them as they get protective gear. They send a ship and TIE fighter escort. Cho spoofs their systems to issue conflicting orders to ships in holding patterns. The ensuing chaos allows the crew to slip into the depths of Raxus Prime's canyons of junk and evade inspection or pursuit.

Scene 14 - Warm Welcome. The crew lands at IsoTech's secret research facility. Buried under junk and next to a toxic lake. Norta, the Rhodian administrator of the facility greets them warmly. He offers the facilities to help with repairs and a line of credit until Reom arrives. The crew play their cards close to their chest and offer up very little information. Party decides next course of action and take a tour of the place.

Scene 15 - Utinni!. Lisana negotiates with some Jawas for a robot helper for Hong (a dum-dum droid). They have a voice box / translator that makes their voices much lower and more sonorous. After much time, alcohol and buttering up Jawas they agree to cr450.

Scene 16 - She Flies Again. Hong repairs the critical hit to the sublight engines. Although a good quality job, it takes 24 hours to finish.
Longer than anyone whould have liked.

Scene 17 - False Trails. Cho heads to the main spaceport and lays a false trail of Cratala boarding a passenger ship to The Wheel. She is very convincing.

Scene 18 - The Price of Nexu. Dane asks around for the value of Nexu on the open market. This is not the right place. However he does get directions to Captain Shorwarr. One of the few who have successfully and repeatedly braved Cholganna is a wookie big game hunter who has dealt with might know or sell them on.

Scene 19 - Consequences. Zak and Reeva have a difficult conversation. Reeva worried about whether she is useful, whether she should go.
Reeva apologies to Dane. Dane accepts her apology, but warns her to be careful around him for a while.

Scene 20 - Coal into Diamonds. Hong and Dane salvage very specific junk and then Hong builds a workbench out of it.

Scene 21 - Reeva and Lisana Talk. Reeva, “Do you hate me?”. "I don't know how I feel". Reeva, “Do you want me to go?”. “No”. Reeva, “I am sorry”. Lisana, “I believe you are.”. Really long and awkward silence. Lisana, “Maybe we can talk again in a while.”.

Scene 22 - Reconciliation. Hong, Lisana and Dane have a conversation in the bar with lots of drinks. About how Dane is. Hong and Lisana are little concerned he has forgiven her so quickly. Hong tries to understand why this is “Rape.” More like trespass. He looks through everyone’s private things all the time. What's the big deal?

Morality. Reeva: 55 + 1d10(9) - 9 = 55. Cho: 53 + 1d10(8) - 6 = 55.

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Episode VI - Toxic Motherlode

Post by Bigby » 01 Jun 2019, 12:35

Beyond the Rim - Act III

Obligation. Rolled 73: Dane - Family. Lorisa will make another appearance, most likely she has the family's skills in Astrogation, She will not have been fooled by Dane's navigation deceptions. She will be following hard. Dane's goal of freeing his family is becoming ever more distant while the danger to them is ever growing. Something must change...

Scene 1 - A Fitful Night's Sleep. The party waits for Reom's arrival to Scrapheap Point. A busy day comes to a close and everyone heads to bed. Cho slips into a force trance, thinking about how best to help Reeva. She sees a vision of Gak’Fedaw being tortured in her old Jedi school on Dantooine. It is not clear how old he is or when this happened, is happening or will happen. Dane has nightmares about Reeva's and the grey cowled man's invasion of his brain. The feeling of helplessness. The feeling of being violated. Hong is kept up all night by the growing and increasingly demanding Nexu. In a fit of desperation he goo guns them to the wall. Although this works, the animals become even more ill-tempered. Lisana is withdrawn, a her sleep is wracked by nightmares of her father's abuse and fears that he will return to plague her life once again. Reeva barely sleeps at all, her mind buzzing with the guilt she feels and her desperate attempts to suppress her powers. Every time she falls asleep, she powers start to reach out. Zak has a strange dream where he is encased in carboniate and standing on display in Vemmla the Hutt's palace. She speaks to him while he is frozen. Adoringly. It is disturbing. He was never there. Is this a dream/nightmare, is this a force sensitive vision or some weird memory from when he was frozen? Why was everyone disturbed at the same time? Was this a coincidence or some deeper disturbance in the force?

Scene 2 - Yi Yar Clan Attacks. In the morning Norta lets the group know that Reom arrived in the middle of the night, some 4 hours ago. After some sleep he has invited everyone to breakfast. Technician's wander around tidying up the base for the CEO's arrival. Hong has his dum dum droid check over the netting hiding the ship. The droid reports back that the netting is not designed to prevent the ship escaping, but that it is stuck in said netting and really could do with rescuing at Hong's earliest convenience. Everyone departs to meet Reom. Cho changes shape into a technician, worried that Reom might try something. Reeva volunteers to stay behind, maybe to provide a quick escape if needs be and maybe because she still feels uncomfortable around some of the party.

Scene 3 - Yi Yar Clan's Last Charge. As the group approaches the entrance to the base, three seemingly innocent Jawa skiffs, suddenly appear to be filled with Rhodians and Sullustans. They throw off their disguises and start shooting at the group. In the distance twelve Trandoshan mercenaries crest a ridge of debris and start heading towards the base from the flank. Worse, as the party begins to take cover and action, the middle skiff reveals a heavy repeating blaster being set up.

Scene 4 - They Brought a Machine Gun to a Pistol Fight. Zak immediately moves back to the ship, firing at the skiifs while he takes cover behind the feet of the ship. Hong dives into the debris, and seeing an opportunity takes a shot with his goo gun. A mountain of debris calves from the main pile and buries a skiff in junk. Reeva jumps into the bottom turret and fires at the skiff with the heavy repeating blaster. She misses. The gunners take a shot at Zak and the heavy blaster bolts rip through the cover and wound Zak. Lisana rushes over to apply a stimpak. Dane breaks the other way, taking a moment to aim he shoots one of the Yi Yar clan. He takes a shot in return. Cho, in the base, raises the alarm when she hears the calls of alarm and gunfire over the groups comms.

Scene 5 - Reeva Strikes Back!. A group of Rhodians charge towards the ship, under cover fire from their compatriots. Lisana stands in front of the badly wounded Zak from the charge. Reeva shifts her aim from the Yi Yar clan to the skiff and blows away the one holding the Heavy Repeating Blaster. Rhodians, Sullustans and the gun are sent flying. Zak, Hong, Dane and Lisana all fire on the Yi Yar clan, who are take casualties. Cho finds Reom, who has two guards as the Trondashians find them and open fire.

Scene 6 - Satchel Charge!. The remaining Rhodian in the group attaches a satchel charge to the turret where Reeva is stationed. The clan thrown out of the blown up skiff dust themselves off and try to set up the heavy repeating blaster again. Dane moves up to the ship, but is badly wounded and Lisana rushes over to help. Hong turns around and starts to run back towards the base. Maybe worried about Cho? That doesn't sound right, but who knows with Hong! Zak and Dane continue to return fire. Reeva again shoots the gun but misses the skiff.

Scene 7 - Chaos Ensues. Zak, seeing Reeva in danger, rushes over to the satchel charge, rips it off the turrent and throws it back towards the skiff. Dane, seeing Zak in the open and the Rhodian taking aim, takes a shot. But Zak is hit instead and again badly wounded. Dane himself is badly hit again by blaster fire. Things are lookng grim. Lisana tends to Zak. Reeva takes another shot at the heavy repeating blaster and knocks it out for good. Cho frantically tries to get the doors to close while the guards exchange fire with the Trandoshans. One of the guards goes down.

Scene 8 - Dane Falls. Zak takes cover in the ship. Too wounded to take any further part. Dane finishes Rhodian. The satchel charge does not go off. The dum dum droid watches everything from a bird's eye view from the netting. Cho escorts Reom outside. Reom accesses a terminal and he initiates an emergency counter measure. Knock out gas floods the base knocking everyone inside out. Lisana tends to Zak. Hong attempts to access the bases systems to help. The last skiff fires on Dane and he goes down, hit several times and succumbing to his many wounds. Reeva opens fire on the skiff and blows it up. Zak dives into the last turret ready to open fire.

Scene 9 - Medic!. Both Zak and Dane are badly wounded. Lisana takes them to Cratala who immediately starts to help mend their wounds with immediately medical attention. Cho says to Zak, "You've been hit by worse!". Everyone takes a moment to gather themselves. The Trandoshan's are rounded up by the base guards.

Scene 10 - Pay Day. After the dust settles, Reom negotiates payment with the group. Lisana manages to negotiate a 10% bonus on top of a full payment. For the first time in a long time the party money, and a lot of money ~30kCr. The party takes stock of the spoils of war and their money. Additional dum dum droids are bought (and the first rescued from the netting). Hong makes good progress on repairing the Brazen Fox. Lisana immeditely sends her share of the money to her orphanage [Obligation Reduced by 2pts].

Scene 10 - Reeva Needs Guidance. Cho and Zak discuss what to do for Reeva. She cannot control her powers without the proper training. They need to find a teacher. They need to convince Reeva. Although Cho does not realise it yet, maybe the force has chosen her.

Scene 11 - Where is my Hydro Spanner?. Hong stops by Reeva's quarters as he searches for his hydro-spanner. The nexu have made off with it in revenge for their gooing. Reeva and Hong talk. His irreverent attitude belies a deeper philosophical view on the world. Against all expectation his words help Reeva regain her balance.

Scene 12 - Cho and Zak Confront Reeva. Mostly Zak. They try to convince her a teacher is required. She denies this and believes that her way, ignoring her force powers is the only risk free solution. She hates herself. What she did is entirely unforgivable. She knows what it is like. To inflict that on someone else and cannot live with. The conversation turns to Reina, how good she was and she must have had a good reason to leave. She trusted Reeva to survive on her own. Don't throw it all away.

Scene 13 - Two Bounty Hunters Circle Each Other. Cho and Lisana. In the galley. A tense stilted conversation. Cho, "have you spoken to Reeva?" Lisana, "not for a couple of days.". Lisana, "Did Cho know of Reeva's powers?". Cho, "A bit.". Lisana, "Does Reeva’s actions not worry Cho?". Cho, "No.". Lisana, "No? Wow, why?". Cho, "People can read other people. Thoughts are not private. Not entirely private.". Tension between Cho and Lisana. Don’t see eye to eye. Cho not scared. Lisana, “Fine! You keep her safe”.

Scene 14 - Lisana Sounds Out Dane. Lisana wants to speak to Hong and Dane. She is not happy. She is thinking of leaving and wonders if Hong and Dane want to leave as well. Hong says he is coming then doesn’t. Instead, he chases after a Nexu running off with his hydro-spanner. Lisana, "How are you doing?". Dane, "Ok.". Lisana, "Are you?". Dane, "Hong thinks so but he has a completely different view on life.". Dane, "It was a horrible thing.". Something he will never forget (unless his mind is wiped).". He doesn’t think it was deliberate. Maybe if she was not so inexperienced she would never know. This mistake should not define her life, even if it will. Lisana, "So you are happy to stay?". Dane, "Yes.". Lisana, "Ok.". A lot of drinks follow.

Scene 15 - Better Late than Never. The Empire arrives. Lorisa sends Dane a "Hellion Priority 1" encrypted message. Dane is pissed as a fart.
He is in the cockpit, about to take a leak into what he thinks is the refresher toilet. He thinks, "A message receiver in the toilet? That's odd. Oh it's the cockpit.". Lorisa's message says, "Run! I will cover your tracks. But I will have to follow eventually. I can give you a head start. Open the attached after you have got away.". Dane sobers up fast, wakes up the crew with a broadcast and starts the Brazen Fox's newly repaired engines. Everyone runs to their posts. Dane gets clearance from the base and then takes the ship through some ravens to mask their point of origin before firing up into the atmosphere. As soon as he clears, he engages the hyperdrive. For some reason the destination has been pre-set for Dantooine. Reseting the navicomputer would take too long, so Dane rolls with it. It is as good a destination as any.

Morality. Reeva: 55 + 1d6(4) - 4 = 56. Cho: 55 + 1d6(4) - 0 = 59.

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Episode VII - The Rugged Road to Ryloth

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Long Arm of Vemmla - Act I

Obligation. Rolled 55: Zak - Betrayal. The pressure of Director Myrto's interest in his brother prey's on Zak's mind.

Scene 1 - Past History. The Black Sun were involved in rescuing Zak. They led the heist. Cho and Reeva paid them. They also went along anonymously. So Vemmla does not know they were involved. The Black Sun took other things to hide the true target. However if Vemmla ever found out she want to exact a very special revenge. It is an open question about whether she still wants Zak or whether she feels the debt is paid.

Scene 2 - It's Been a Long Night. The crew decides to continue along the hyperspace route to Dantooine until Dane sobers up (3 setback dice drunk). It will lay a false trail for Lorisa and their Empire tail. Hong thinks about the difficulties of paying off Vemmla. They are going to need help.
Zak thinks back to Cholana and whether Osnan was acting weirdly (as the crew don’t know about Zak’s brothers interest yet).

Scene 3 - Lisana and Dane. They discuss, over yet more drinks, what to do about Lorisa’s note (and maybe her liver). 5 family members dead is a big deal. Dane needs to do something. Get in touch with Lorisa or maybe the other family members.

Scene 4 - Jump to the Wheel. The jump takes 3 days. Zak and Dane manage to heal the wounds they took on Raxus Prime.

Scene 5 - Zak and Lisana. Zak is in the hold doing some weights. And he is looking buff these days. They have a serious heart to heart discussion. Lisana talks about her past. Her abusive father. Who killed her mother. He did things to her like Reeva did to Dane. He apologised. Then did it again. She forgave him. He did it again. And again. And again. She thought Reeva was different. Why forgive Reeva, she'll just do the same thing? Zak's view is that they have to give her a chance. Get her a teacher. Give her a chance to prove she can be different.

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Episode VIII

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Long Arm of Vemmla - Act I

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Episode IX

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Long Arm of Vemmla - Act II

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Episode X - The Great Tatooine Land Race

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The Long Arm of Vemmla - Part II

Obligation. Rolled 96: No Obligation. The first time this has happened in the game.

Scene 1 - Nyn Briefing (All). Nyn briefs the party on everything she knows. She has set up an area in the hold with maps, details on key people and places. Vemmla's party is being held in her palace as it has recently been refurbished (when Cho and Reeva broke Zak out there was a lot of damage).

Scene 2 - Looking for Info on Race (Dane, Hong). Hong suggests they start with the bookies. They get some basic information about the race. Jabba’s team is favourite – The Sand Vipers. The race pays a lucrative prize, an incentive to take part. 1st 40kCr, 2nd 20kCr, 3rd 15kCr, 4th 10kCr. Should be able to break even or even make a profit, just on 4th. All top 3 places will get invite. Hong wants to look for a down on their luck and need some help at a low cost. Dane does the scouting out. RedCliff is just such a team. They also find out that Vemmla is working hard under the covers to even odds. They also find out about the details of the race (yes there are deaths and crashes and spills). They also find out the rules. They also find out that Vemmla is above all keen to make sure that Jabba does not win (for a 6th time in a row).

Scene 3 - Looking for Info on Palace and Party (Cho, Lisana). Lisana and Cho head to the cantina. Full on Lisana dressed as an entertainer. Cho in disguised as as distinguished gentleman. She charms Tans the local fixer. He gives her the name of the person that runs Vemmla’s office, Twi’lick Kelarin for 100Cr (which is a 50% discount due to 5 successes rolled).

Scene 4 - Street Ambush (Cho, Lisana). As they leave the cantina, 3 thugs slip out the back. There is also a shadowy figure following them more subtly (but not subtly enough) a kubaz. Cho turns the tables on the thugs and confronts them in a side street by the junkyard. She easily takes out two of them, scaring off the 3rd. Cho then turns tables on the kubaz. They disappear around a corner and Cho then grabs it by the throat. The kubaz calmly says he works for Vemmla and Cho should reconsider her actions and put him down. After a moment she does. There is a tense exchange. The kubaz is annoyed and embarrassed. Cho gives him a false name - Thaddius.

Scene 5 - Charming a Bureaucrat (Cho, Lisana). They head to Vemmla's office in town to look for entertainer work at the party. With a pass from Tans, they go to the head of a very long queue. Kelarin is a hardened bureaucract, used to every trick in the book. Lisana fails to get a job, she is simply too high class for Vemmla's party, but she does in the process charm Kelarin (a triumph). She agrees to drinks later.

Scene 6 - Looking for Info on Trex (Reeva, Zak). They go to the local cantina to talk to the local fixer Tans. Reeva plays it cool, pretending that she is looking for work as a skip-tracer. For 500Cr Tans gives up the name of Trex and an introduction for a meeting later. He also reveals that Vemma has been expanding on Geonosia and Ryloth. Mostly muscling in on the spice trade.

Scene 7 - A Father-Daughter Chat (Reeva, Cho, Zak). Reeva reveals her fears. Zak talks in terms of practical analogies and help. She should learn to use her skills. Until she does that she is not safe. Cannot stop yourself using your arm when someone throws something at you. It is instinct. Only effective if you learn to use it. Same with this (force) skill. Reeva opens up that she is struggling to sleep, having visions and although she thought that she could cope but she cannot. She agrees that she needs someone like Cho to help her. Maybe using techniques that she learnt when she was a Jedi youngling. Cho comes into the conversation to start that process and tell Reeva what is involved.

Scene 8 - Lisana Sleeps with Kelarin (Lisana). Lisana meets with Kelarin for drinks and dinner. Lisana is a practical person not afraid to use her body. She sleeps with him. Kelarin decides to take her to Vemmla's party as his +1. During the evening, Kelarin divulges information about Losa - that she has some strange sexual preferences that would anger even Vemmla.

Scene 9 - Private Bounty Hunter Party (Reeva). Reeva meets Trex at a private bounty hunter den. A sort of private cantina. She gets some more info about real nature of Vemmla’s party. Arms and spice deals. However she doesn't get an invite or any work. She is just too green for Trex.

Scene 10 - Building a Team (All). Hong and Dane sweep into the headquarters of the Red Cliff team and take over. Hong uses an alias Muerta and introduced Dane as Swede. Hong claims to be related to Sulbubba. The team is relieved and follow eagerly. They have a small eight-wheeled / legged hybrid. It has potential but fundamentally flawed in design and build.

Scene 11 - Preparing for Race Day (All). Reeva scouts out the route. Zak looks for ambush points and clears them. Lisana sweet talks other teams for knowledge. Dane does practice runs. Cho conducts some espionage on teams. Hong builds an awesome machine (7S1T)!. All in all the crew build up a heady reserve of bonus dice for the coming race. And they learn that Vemmla has a challenger tank style build with turret weapon for self-defence. Jabba's team has a wheeled rhino style armoured vehicle.

Scene 12 - Race Part 1, The Sand Dunes (All). The race starts and there is carnage as half the field is taken out in the opening minutes. One of the "pack" takes an early and unexpected lead. Vemmla's team takes 2nd. The off-world team 3rd. Hong is driving on the opening stretch, Dane in reserve and Reeva present as defense with her rifle. The PCs take a steady 4th. Jabba coming in 5th followed by 8 remaining pack chasers.

Scene 13 - Race Part 2, An Electrical Dust-Storm (All). As the teams enter the canyons, a huge electrical dust storm sweeps over the racers. Although expected it has arrived early and sparks a furious round of new betting. Vemmla's machine cannot take the dust an an engine explodes. They falter into 5th place. Hong drives the PCs into an amazing 1st place. The unexpected pack leader in 2nd. Off-world team 3rd. Jabba 4th.

Scene 14 - Race Part 3, The Canyons (All). Dane takes over driving. The PCs remain in 1st place, the legs of their machine giving them a straight course through the canyons. The unexpected pack leader remains in 2nd. Jabba's team take an unexpected place to 3rd. Follwed by Vemmla in 4th and then the Off-world team in 5th. Even though they have a legged vehicle they make a critical mistake, maybe helped by some sabotage and a cliff face they are scaling comes loose. Only 4 pack chasers remain.

Scene 15 - Race Part 4, Sand People Attack (All). As the PCs exit the canyon, sand people start opening fire. As the smallest vehicle and the leaders the PCs take most of the fire. Reeva returns fire, furiously trying to suppress the ambush and just keep the vehicle or occupants from being hit. Vemmla and Jabba's teams open up with their heavy weapons. The sand people retreat. As the race exits the canyon, Vemmla moved up a place overtaking Jabba's team.

Scene 16 - Race Part 5, The Flats (All). The race enters the final stretch. Zak triggers an IED, hitting Jabba's team's vehicle. However it seems protected and trundles on, hoping their wheeled vehicle will overtake everyone on the flats. The PCs vehicle moves into a streamlined racing mode and pulls ahead of the field. Everyone inside feels exposed as the guns behind train on them. Cho's earlier sabotage takes effect and Jabba's guns fail to fire. Lisana's earlier charming efforts result in one of the pack throwing themselves in front of Jabba's vehicle. They are crushed, throwing themselves clear just in time, but succeed in slowing down the vehicle. As the race line approaches the PCs pull off an unexpected win, the unexpected pack leader a surprising and close 2nd. Vemmla's team comes in 3rd. The off-world team 4th. And embarrassingly Jabba's team come in 5th.

Scene 17 - Post Race Media (Dane, Hong, Reeva). The "Red Cliff" team is mobbed by thronging crowds and media. They are carried through the streets on a whirlwind of alcohol, adulation and excitement. Zak, Cho and Lisana melt into the background shying away from the media attention that could bring unwanted attention. After expenses and letting the Red Cliff team take a share, the party ends up with 30kCr profit. Suddenly they are flush.

Scene 18 - Worries About Father (Dane, Hong, Lisana). Lisana is concerned that if she killed her father then there will be serious consequences that would blow back from the Black Suns on Dane and Hong. She does not want to put them into danger. Although Carid mentioned that he had committed crimes and that the Black Suns had given the all clear, they cannot necessarily trust this information. Dane and Hong supported her choice. One for all and all for one!

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