The Adventure So Far

War rages across the Galaxy. Both the brutal Galactic Empire and the desperate Rebel Alliance reel in the face of terrible losses. A tabletop RPG campaign set after the Battle of Yavin. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Fantasy Flight Games)

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The Adventure So Far

Post by Gypsy » 28 Nov 2018, 15:29

Brazen Fox - Session 1

After a champagne celebratory reception, nice one Lisana, we finally have a ship and start to talk about where we go from here. Zak, Dane and Reeva decide to go looking for contracts/leads for a job as we need to earn the credits to keep the ship running. Cho tags along. Whilst Lisana and Hong head out to gather materials for ship repairs as both hull and engines are damaged, hull at minus 10 and engines having taken a critical hit.

Lisana and Hung look for and find a group of thieves that seem intent on taking some crates of spares that our guys have already earmarked for our ship. As the thieves move in, Hong jumps on one of them, a Rodian, and proceeds to knuckle dust the Rodian's green face, his first hit really stunning it. Hong continues to pummel the Rodian for effect calling it names to establish it as a thief, whilst Lisana convinces the owners of the crates that she and Hong have saved the day. The owners are impressed and agree to provide 900 cr worth of spares and the loan of tools to help with our repairs that Lisana had explained was our reason for being there, legitimately trying to locate spares ourselves. Good result.. except for the Rodian.

Meanwhile the other four crew head for the cantina, the Blasted Asteroid. Cho and Zak get into conversation, Cho asking how Zak is coping. Dane & Reeva don't talk as we are too busy ear wigging the other conversation. The cantina is a bit dingy, though a number of droids are working to try to keep it clean. A first look around reveals a big beefy bouncer of a barman, a Corellian holding court in one corner and attracting a lot of interest. Zak also notices an Abednedo female in a shady booth who seems to have noticed Reevabut doesn't declare herself. Reeva is oblivious. Dane buys himself an ale
which suddenly seems to expand to everyone else, and not for the first time. Reeva names him Deep-pockets Dane. Dane then starts to talk to the barman about who around here might be offering work. The Abednedo starts to approach and Zak quietly alerts Reeva who says she knows her well - Eranas, friend and fellow bounty hunter. Despite knowing she is approaching, Reeva is still taken by surprise but they laugh and hug. Eranas invites us back to her booth to talk. She tells us that a guy called Reom is looking for a reputable crew who can keep their mouths shut. We express our interest and she agrees to put in a good word for us. Reeva asks her if she has had any success of the long term project (Reeva's mum)and Eranas says she might but needs to check it out first, not wanting to give false hopes.

At this point Lisana and Hong arrive, Lisana having just bet Hong 20 cr that he can't bed Eranas. Hong seems reluctant to accept the challenge. Zak & Cho decide to head towards the Corellian and Lisana and Hong go with them. Cho and Reeva continue to share drinks and chat over old times with Eranas, sharing bounty hunter stories. Lisana charms the Corellian and he names a 10 cr price for questions. They ask him about Reom. He tells them that Reom runs Isotech, a company that deal with high underground tech. They are good at custom installations. Then they ask the Corellian about reputable fixers. He says that Drex Versa is discreet, has the potential for knowing of a lot of jobs and is a solid guy.

We hear back from Reom and decide to go to the meeting at his corporate HQ. He explains that what he is about to tell us has to stay between us and that Eranas had recommended us. We agree and he asks if we have heard of a ship called the Sa-Nalaor? This ship is the subject of many rumours and stories. A treasure ship from the Clone Wars, missing, and commonly used in cons as it is a gold-plated rumour. It is said to be around the Cholganna system but it may not even exist. The rumours do crop up often though and the Empire has put some effort into finding it. In fact it is said to have disappeared fleeing from Imperial pursuit. But just yesterday another ship bumped into a message pod from the Sa-Nalaor. Seems the pod has been hanging around in space for 20 years or so. Reom wants us to go and find the ship bringing back as much information and goods as we can. He mentions that he has Raksis Prime, a covert salvage operation and bringing back good tech could double or even treble our fee, which is £10K, 10% up front. Are we interested? He gives us the room so we can discuss and we decide to go ahead.

From this point we get more information including the analysis of the pod. Cholganna is a forest planet that was home to nexu, agile predators with four red eyes and sharp quills. They had infrared vision and were 4.51 meters long. Typically 0.94 meters tall, nexus possessed sharp teeth and claws, as well as long tails. It's light build allowed it to remain highly agile and difficult to hit and it ambushes its prey from above. Not nice. The pod indicates that the frigate is still there though damaged. Its captain, Rel Parsol had requested assistance. The two routes available is a risky direct jump or a longer route via the Perlemian trade route. Reom thinks the tech the ship was carrying was cybernetics, expert level and could be old republic. He also offers us a 50/50 split on any additional loot. He provides data chips and holo chips, and says he has a protocol IT3PO droid that might be helpful to us. Apparently Roem's father had know the Captain which is why he has the pod but he knows that word is already out and has increased security at Isotech. His sister, Sheera, operates the official side of their business and there might be other opportunities in the pipeline for us from her direction. She will also supply the droid to us tonight.

As we reach our ship to begin preparations, Cho pulls Reeva aside to talk about the Force and suggests that they keep that information from the others with the exception of Zak. Reeva is not altogether happy with this, saying that she trusted Lisana and doesn't want to keep it from her. Cho emphasises that it could be dangerous for the others to have that knowledge. Only the thought that Reeve might be protecting Lisana makes her agree.

Then we all get busy to use our time productively until the droid arrives and we can leave. We research the nexu so we are better prepared. Hong works on the ship repairing the hull back to minus 8. We discuss the dangers of having Reom's droid as it could be a spy.

Zak is in his cabin preparing his gear and hears a noise outside. He finds an unauthorised droid looking around. Finding Lisana and then Hong, they agree Hong should take a look at it. The droid appears to have been hacked, which has an Empire flavour to it, and it has been sent to plant a homing beacon. They decide to let it fulfil its mission but then intend to ditch the beacon after we have left the planet. Meanwhile Dane goes shopping for breathers for Zak, Cho and himself.

Cho and Reeva find an opportunity to talk to Zak, making his aware that they are Force sensitive. He is concerned, knowing what a big deal that could be. But he feels that it is better that the rest of the crew are told, rather than find out later. To gain trust you first have to give it. Reeva agrees with him but worries that she would be putting Lisana at risk.

Reeva wants to head back to the cantina to see Eranas and asks Zak to go with her. She explains that the long term mission was about Reina and that if Eranas had found anything she wants him to hear it first hand. They leave for that rendezvous and find her at the cantina. When asked, Eranas cannot remember having said anything but she remembers the rest of their previous meeting. Reeva tries to read her emotional state which seems to be a genuine confusion. Reeva starts to ask questions to confirm this is really Eranas and she does so. Reeva is convinced that this and the previous Eranas are both the genuine article. Has someone wiped her memory? And do they know something about Reeva's mum? Reeva tells her to be careful and they head back to the ship and tell Cho. They have a brief discussion but then Lisana calls everyone for cocktails.

Before many minutes have passed, the droid is approaching the ship under escort. And everyone is dispatched to battle stations just in case. Dane heads for the pilot's chair, Hong to Engineering, Reeva to the gun turret, she take a bottle with her whilst Lisana defends her right to do that to the others. Zak heads out to meet the droid whilst others keep watch. Suddenly the droid escort is under attack and are killed! And the droid gets whisked off on a flyer by rodians, two remain behind to secure their escape. Zak attacks them moving up to try to get to the droid. Dane grabs a flyer to give chase and Lisana jumps on the back. Cho moves up to assist Zak whilst Reeva is making her way from the turret to the back of the ship. Meanwhile Hong takes control of the ship, lifts off and turns the ship around to buffet everyone with the engine backwash. The droid and its captors disappear, one of the Rodians was knocked prone and Cho knocks out another, so we will have 2 to question. But Zak is hurt! We regroup though Dane and Lisana try to give chase but fail and so Lisana gets off the flyer to find out what ships are scheduled to leave as we know someone is trying to get the jump on us. Meanwhile Hong gets Reeva's healing kit and manages to help Zak. Maybe he's not so bad after all? Lisana manages to get the list of ships and sends them back to the ship.

Lisana isn't back!! Or Dane. But Reeva knows that Lisana is in trouble. She leaves the ship at a run and hears Lisana scream inside her head. She follows her instincts and finds Lisana slumped unconscious on the floor. Dropping to her knees, Reeva tries desperately to bring her around. Lisana then tells Reeva that she was attacked by a man in grey robes who asked her "Who is Reeva?" before knocking her out mumbling he hadn't time for this. Reeva wants to get Lisana back to the ship and helps her to her feet, calling on comms for help. Zak sets out to come and find them whilst Cho gets busy interrogating the two Rodians, worried that they may have had something to do with the other attack also. It seems not but they do confirm they were part of the Eeyah pack and also crew on the Nightflyer which has just taken off. Lisana is worried about going back to the ship, worried that they may provide a trail for her attacker and is principally worried for Reeva. Reeva however is more concerned about Lisana and figures the ship is the safest place for her. Reeva stays with Lisana which everyone else rushes around to get the ship ready for take-off, planning to pursue or maybe even get ahead of the Nightflyer. Whilst the following conversations are taking place, Dane & Hong get the ship underway, deciding to go for the riskier one-jump option to try to stay ahead of the Nightflyer.

Whilst this is going on, Reeva seeks out Cho and Zak and tells them about Lisana's attack and that she has been thinking about what Zak had said before. She now wants to tell Lisana and the others about her Force powers because she says that they deserve to make the choice as to whether she stays.. or maybe they stay.. as the stakes are much higher now. And Reeva feels guilty that somehow she had brought the attack on Lisana. Cho still isn't sure it is a good idea and Reeve says that she can still keep her own powers secret, Reeva would respect her privacy. Zak, too, reassures Cho and during that inadvertently drops into conversation that when they had met before, Cho was on contract. Reeva is astounded and questions them both. She finds out that Cho had been contracted to terminate Zak but Zak had talked to her. He had been at a really low ebb and somehow touched Cho enough that she instead walked away. Reeva then heads off to talk to Lisana.

Lisana is in their cabin looking bruised and scared. Reeva tell her that she knew she was in trouble, heard her scream inside her head and that's why she had found her so quickly. She tries to explain that this happened because she was Force sensitive. Lisana had thought that Reeva was intending to break up with her. Reeva denies that emphatically, realising that Lisana is feeling very insecure. Instead she says that Lisana must think of herself as them staying together is a huge risk for her. Lisana says she doesn't want to leave Reeva and Reeva says she doesn't want Lisana to go either. Lisana says that the few months they had been together had been the happiest in her life. Reeva is touched by that and both of them realise that they are closer now than they have ever been. Lisana is really scared that Reeva is in danger, people will find out and she will be hunted down. Reeva says her powers are growing but she doesn't understand them nor has she had any training. However she doesn't think that ordinary people can tell that about her. They talk more about the attacker. Lisana is really worried that she might have given him information whilst she was out of it. Reeva tells her that she doesn't think so. She also tells her about Eranas and her loss of memory and both agree that it might be the same guy. Reeva then panics in case Lisanna had been bugged. They strip search Lisana looking for any evidence.

Meanwhile the conversation between Cho and Zak continued in Zak's cabin. Cho warned him that Reeva might have a case of hero--worship in his regard.

To be continued..

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Re: Brazen Fox - The Adventure So Far

Post by Gypsy » 20 Jan 2019, 15:47

Brazen Fox - Session 2

Now in hyperspace and it is dinner the following evening. Reeva tells everyone (well Dane & Hong) that she is force sensitive. She tries to explain what it means but not too well as she really doesn't understand it herself. Dane sounds interested, Hong thinks that force sensitives are frauds. Neither seem too worried but probably happier to be in the know.. maybe? Cho is probably not happy.

The rest of the journey is uneventful but we come out of hyperspace with sensors and alarms working overtime. Cho is manning sensors and they are scrambled. Dane can't see to pilot. Seems we are in some sort of debris field and the situation is dire. A huge object is on a collision course but Dane manages to avoid it. Meanwhile Hong manages to get sensors back on line. Then we are hit again. Total hull damage is now 25. Hong gets to work and manages to make a few rudimentary repairs. Hull damage now totals 23. However our route does seem to have gotten us here ahead of the NightFlyer. We head down to the planet on damaged sub-light engines. Lisana says she is staying aboard as she feels she would be a liability. Hong stays too to continue repairs. But first they have to find what they came for. They star to search using what data they had. Reeva tries to use the force but fails. However Hong arrives having been working on an algorithm during hyperspace which he puts into use. And it works!

The ship's debris seems to be spread over a wide area. We try to narrow it down to find the main impact area. Dane analyses the debris using his survival skills and manages to zero in on what he thinks is the impact area. Hong tweaks his algorithm and we locate what we believe to be an escape pod and the main part of the ship. We find a place to set the ship down about 500m from the crevice where the escape pod is. As previously agreed, Zak, Cho, Dane & Reeva head out of the ship, cutting their way through the undergrowth. Reaching the lip of the crevice, Cho volunteers to be lowered down to take a look. Zak and Dane hold the rope, Reeva stands guard. Suddenly she opens fire, grunting as she takes damage. All those at the rim are under attack from arboreal purple octopuses, three of them. Although Cho is currently not under attack, her rope is held by two people who are under attack. Dane drops the rope to retaliate, Zak manages to hold on, trying but failing to get a weapon out as well. Seeing their predicament, both Dane & Reeva attack the octopus on Zak, trying to help both him and Cho. Hong & Lisana, alerted by gunfires etc, take off and head in trying to use the ship to swipe the trees that house the octopuses. Cho manages to climb off the rope and then up the crevice, so eventually all efforts force the creatures to retreat but most of us are hurt. We return to the ship to lick our wounds.

The next day we prep and the group head back to the crevice. We locate the escape pod, lots of insects like hornets but we do our best to ignore them. Cho goes inside and finds skeletons, damaged weapons and some data which Hong retrieves. The data reveals that the Capt had some sort of scheme. The pod had 3 humans and 2 nemoidians in it who had disliked being forced into the scheme. Plus Kratala was known to be involved in political treachery against Chancellor Palatine.

We head back into the ship and move to the main crash site next to a lake which looks as though it had been formed during the crash when the ship's engines had plugged a river at the head of the valley. Approaching the site we find the remnants of a survivor camp, complete with about 20 burial sites all dated on the crash day or just after. It has been long abandoned and is now overgrown. We turn our attention to the main part of the ship along side the camp. There are several entrance/exit points all open and many are rents where the jagged metal has been bent back to allow easier access. The whole thing is also camouflaged and some of it looks recent, within the last few months. The scanner shows lifeforms within the ship and we look for the best way in.

We find an entrance that leads down to a T junction and determine that the bridge is likely off to the right, whilst ships sensors are to the left, along with a hatchway that possibly leads down to the hold. We go right. The corridor takes us to a room with lockers. Everything has been stripped. Beyond this room is the turbolift, obviously not operational. Cho climbs taking a rope she secures for the rest of us to follow. The bridge is a wreck, trashed, overgrown, full of insects and small amphibians. There is also a bulkhead access where the door had been removed with a cutter. It shows little of interest and we decide to have a good look at the bridge. Behind a panel we find a holo-emitter and data record. We activate it. It shows pilots and engineers panicking, trying to regain control of the ship. Along with them there is the Capt and an acadian woman, presumably Kratala. And then the ship crashes. Discussing it we realise that this recording seems at odds with the remains of the settlement outside. Could it have been falsified? Why? What is going on?

We decide to head back towards our entrance and then head the other way towards the ship's sensors. However we detect two lifeforms entering the bridge. One heads our way, the other heads outside. We position for an ambush, lining each side of the corridor opposite the entrance. Towards the bridge are Zak (left),Cho and Reeva (right). Lisanna is immediately behind Reeva with Dane behind her. Hong is across from them behind Zak. The lifeforms emerge, one to the front (bridge) and one to the back. They are Nexu. That is bad enough but they have been cyber-enhanced. The one at the front has electrified claws, the one to the rear, reinforced jaws. They are working as a pair and displaying an intelligence we believe is higher than their natural level. A fight starts. Three of us have medium ranged weapons, three short ranged so Zak, Dane and Reeva open fire, all hitting but difficult to tell how much if any damage we have done. Rather than waste an opportunity Cho steps forward, opening fire with her needle gun. I think they have been hit. However they move in to atttack, the first ripping into Cho with its electrified claws and she goes down beneath it. At the rear, the other one moving rapidly from side to side moves it on Dane and chomps down on him hard with its enhanced jaws. Dane is unconscious at best but looks badly hurt. Lisana is brilliant! Despite her fears she steps forward and fires at the one over Cho. Then Hong brings up a contraption that is a sort of glue-gun that then ignites the glue. The one holding Dane has dropped him so Hong opens fire on it, sticking it to the floor and setting it aflame! Wow! We then finish the critters off. Dane is healed and regains consciousness, still hurt though but despite a stimpak Cho remains alive but unresponsive. We know we need to get back to the ship but take the head off the uncharred one so we can look at the transmitter. However this does suggest that Kratala may still be alive.

Back at the ship, we try to recuperate but it is slow going. Hong gets to work on the transmitter but doesn't get anything useful from it. Eventually, some hours later, Cho wakes. Then we get the news that the NightFlyer has arrived and has started a search pattern. Then another alert. There are three blips inbound up the river. These blips turn out to be large water lizards with a sort of canoe like structure mounted on them so their passengers can travel. Apart from 6 combat droids and some men, Capt Parsol is with them. We decide that diplomacy might be the best option and so Zak, Reeva and Lisana go out to meet them. We explain that Reom from Isotech sent us as his father has died since the Capt disappeared. Our job was to find out what happened to the ship. We also warm them about the Rodians and the Nightflyer's imminent arrival and about them stealing IT3CPO. The Capt then insists that we all go to their settlement where he will question both us and the Rodians before making a decision. We don't really have a choice.

So after a fairly long river trip, we arrive at their fortified encampment, making the most of a sheltered cleft on the side of the river. It seems many have survived the crash and there are children here too. Someone yells out asking why we have been brought there, why the Capt hasn't killed us already. Sounds like we are not the first to have visited. He explains that currently we are guests and that others are coming. He wants to question them too to determine the truth. His authority is challenged and he says that he will include Kratala and a few others if that makes them happier. This seems to appease them for now but we are in a precarious position.

Then Kratala arrives with some of her 'staff'. She enquires after us, offering healing. Once she learns that we were attacked by her Nexu she questions us about them seemingly intent on learning about our experience so she can enhance them further; even asking us for ideas! Of course Hong obliges. She then changes topic to the wider world wanting to know the political situation. We tell her what we can and you can see that she is not happy that the Empire's influence has spread so widely. Hong makes it clear that they are no longer safe here because if we got here, the NightFlyer found the information, then others will have it too. Zak reinforces this by telling her about the attempt to plant a tracking device on our ship. She is very concerned. As the Capt returns, she takes her leave, offering to show Hong around her lab the following day. He accepts. Seems they have crazy in common.

The Capt still seems OK with us but still has to reach a conclusion about the Rodians. We are 'invited' to stay the night. Not as if we have much of a choice but we still want to gain their trust. We get the impression that the Capt is hiding something when he suggests we don't wander to far for our own safety but we think he doesn't want us to talk to his people.

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Re: Brazen Fox - The Adventure So Far

Post by Gypsy » 24 Mar 2019, 14:21

Brazen Fox - Session 4

Having been left to our own devices with a couple of minders in tow, Hong and Cho get together to crack the Rhodian comms in the hope we can get some useful lintel on what they are up to. They succeed in doing so but all in quiet. The rest of us go for a wander to see what we can learn. Outside the lab is lit and fully powered but nowhere else. Only torches and fires provide light elsewhere but this is mostly restricted to settlers' homes. Lisana & Reeva go to talk to the children, figuring that they might not be as inhibited in talking with us We help them with their chores. We learn that Roona is a middle-aged human, a joint mecanic with Neenan who runs the garage. Feeno runs the generator. We also learn that strangers have been here a few times before but always left, never returning, and the kids never saw spaceships leaving. Are there conclusions to draw here? It seems the parents' greatest fear is the empire turning up. Zak & Dane are following along, keeping an eye on things. Zak watches the Rhodians who seem to be surveilling the settlement. Lisana encourages the kidds to lead us towards the Rhodians. Whenb Lisana gets close, one of them draws a weapon but is stopped by another. One bad mark for them hopefully. We return to our room to get some sleep.

Aside: Cho tackles Dane about Hong, concerned because he now knows about Reeva but does not seem to be taking it seriously and she is worried that he might say something inappropriate at the wrong time. Dane understands her concern and promises to talk to Hong, which he does and Hong agrees not to mention it again. Dane does worry about how long this will stay in his memory.

Aside: Lisana takes Cho aside to ask about the implications for Reeva if the Empire ever learn of her powers. What Cho tells her - death or interrogation/imprisonment - does not allay her fears. She also asks Cho about her relationship with Reeva, in that she seems to take on a mother figure role. Cho explains that they have worked together and go back a couple of years, been through some stuff together. Lisana reminds Cho that Reeva is not a child. Cho agrees that Reeva has grown up a lot over the last couple of years but says she will continue to look out for her. Lisana seems satisfied with this.

In the morning, after a night full of humidity and loud jungle noises, the guys (not Hong) go out for a run. We all then have breakfast together and Capt Harsol arrives. He offers us a tour, starting at the offices and then to the bluff. Hong asks what the Rhodians had to say. We discuss what might happen if the Empire turns up. Next he shows us the Nexu cages and then on to the laboratories, all kitted out with high tech facilities. There are assistants and other staff inside, along with Krytala. In discussing the possible evacuation again, they both agree that Krytala and her research could be ready to leave within an hour. Krytala herself had a cyber eye and she and Zak discuss possible enhancements to his cyber eye and right arm. Then we move on to the generator. This comes from their original ship. Rivet, a hairy frogman, is the guy who looks after it.
More discussion follows with the Capt about the assistance we can offer. He listens but says he needs to speak again to the Rhodians also. We are honest and open with him, agreeing that we cannot take everyone but would have room for Krytala and a few other to go to Raxis Prime and Reom. The Capt admits they are concerned about further support for the colony and hoped to trade Krytala's expertise and research to provide for them and for those who wish to return to mainstream living. He is concerted about whether we would return. Reeva suggests that some of them might stay behind which would guarantee a return and allow more of them to go. His main concerns are the ongoing safety from the Empire for both Krytala and the settlement. He suggests we discuss further amongst ourselves.
Several of us don't like the idea of splitting up though Lisana and Reeva are willing to stay. We discuss lots of options of how to protect Krytala including laying false trails, the settlement by providing evidence of barely any survivors and about maybe using the Rhodians as a false trail. Reeva even suggests that they might take Krytala whilst we take the real one. As expected Cho doesn't like that idea but does consider it. To be fair, Reeva doesn't like it either but they are getting desperate to come up with a plan that will beat any offer the Rhodians might have made.
Discussions over for the minute, Hong heads for the labs and picks up the wrong signals from Krytata and tries to seduce her. An epic fail. She pushes him away and he lands on a bench saw taking a grievous wound to his nether regions. He passes out. Coming to, he finds himself already being attended to and bandaged.
At supper time. the Capt returns and says the Rhodians have made an offer, a generous one, for the tech but that if we could match it he would prefer ro deal with us. It does seem that our policy of being honest and straight has won the day! We discuss ways in which to divert/convince the Empireaway from the settlement so they have a good chance of survival whilst we deliver Krytala and her research to Reom to generate them further funds to support the settlement. The Capt indicates that the Rhodians will not be a problem. We then consider using the Nightflyer also, though there is talk of leaving it hear for the settlement to use on the generator and other areas. But it does present an opportunity to lay a false trail for Krytala which Cho could assist with by masquerading as her. We are almost done when the Empire arrive. Not good timing! The settlers panic, including the Capt and the Security guy. The Empire say then only want to talk and offer assistance. They know who the settlers are. Zak plays for time and goes to find the Capt. Meanwhile the Rhodians are up to something.
Next minute their ship is coming in. One of the Rhodians fires on Lisana. Reeva shoots back. Both miss. Dane runs for the ladder up the cliff so he can see what is going on. Much to his dismay, moments later, the Rhodians also run for the ladders as their ship is heading for the top of the cliff to pick them up. A gun battle errupts, their ship's fire scattering everyone in the compound as they open fire on Dane who shoots back. Cho also runs for the ladder, now looking like a Rhodian, and fires on them from the bottom.
In the exchange Dane takes several hits and two crits but Cho is holding her own as most don't realise she is not really one of them. Hong also runs for the ladder to help Dane managing to hit one but also to break the ladders stopping the Rhodian pursuit. Dane finally reaches cover at the top of the cliff hurting badly, only to face the Rhodian ship. However Zak's request to the Empire is heard and they dispatch a ship to take on the Rhodian ship, stopping it from firing on Dane or on the compound again. The rest of the group are now too far away to help and so watch the cliff drama with bated breath as Cho Rhodian takes another down. Their leader screams for the ship to come down and save him. They try but as he jumps for the ship, he misses and plummets to his death. Cho finishes off the remainder whilst Hong goes to fetch Dane and get him to the Med facility where they cure 2 crits and 2 wounds, leaving him with another 4. He came close that time. Zak buys them a bit more time with the Empire who are still trying to sound helpful and offer medics. We hatch a quick Plan B.
Capt heads for the lab to finish laying the charges, Lisana heads for Krytala who is hiding amongst the Nexu cages. She tells Lisana and Hong what she needs from the labs. The intention now is to head off under the cover of darkness with Krytata, research and assistants using the river creatures to get back to our ship. Hong suggests she should take a Nexu too, travelling overland. It would be a backup for us. We still have to find a way to take off without the Empire knowing ideally, assuming that we do reach the ship at all. Dane tells us his cousin was flying the Empire ship that tackled the Rhodian one. Maybe she can help? Then we blow the lab.Now we have to convince the Empire that it was not a deliberate act. Maybe the Rhodians, maybe an accident? We have to be convincing enough to stall them until morning when hopefully we will not be around. Good game, good game!

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Re: The Adventure So Far

Post by Gypsy » 23 Apr 2019, 17:05

Brazen Fox - Session 5

We had a planning session to throw off the Empire and to get Krytala off planet. The main idea was to deceive the Empire into believing that the Rhodians had taken Krytala. We know that time is passing and we don’t want the Empire to find our ship. So we decide to get comms from Capt H once we are at the ship saying that we are going after the Rhodians to take back Krytala as she is our payback.

Plan in place, the next issue is to get Krytala out of the nexu cages. Lisana tries to talk to Krytala who is paranoid about falling into Empire hands. Eventually she listens to Lisana and emerges. We make preparations to depart which include releasing the nexu to create a diversion to cover our escape. We get to the river and race back towards the ship. So far so good.

Suddenly an Empire probe droid targets us. We open fire, Zak first but he misses. Reeva then takes a shot and manages to down it and take out its comms. However, it gets a final shot off before it is toast and hits our droid. Krytala’s security guy finishes it off. We reach the ship.

Comms are initiated to Capt H who plays his part well, yelling at us for leaving and abandoning them. Cho lies well, telling him we are going after Krytala, not interested in him or the settlement. He calls us names & Cho cuts him off.

Hong puts the ship back together whilst Dane plots a course off planet ideally to avoid Empire detection. Hopefully that has worked. We leave on our way to Raxis Prime. We make the passengers comfortable; Hong looks after his baby nexu and we catch up with chores.

Towards the end of the journey, Reeva gets Dane to give her a piloting lesson, then slaps her patch (the one left behind when Reina was taken) onto the console, demanding to know what Dane knows about her mum. He is evasive and Reeva pushes using her mind powers to find out what he knows. The first thing she sees is her Mum, seemingly on a mission for the Empire but somehow communicating with another group that Dane thought might be rebels. When she realises that she has been rumbled, she pulls a gun on Dane, looking like she is going to kill him. Dane says he isn’t Empire, despite being a pilot for them and offers help. She doesn’t shoot him and he agrees to say nothing to anyone about it. The timing of this event is after Batuu but before Reeva met Dane.

Her next image is from about 3 months ago when a grey cowled man confronts Dane on the wheel and says that he should not tell Reeva or Zak about the previous incident when he saw Reina. Reeva then realises than the man put some sort of mind block on Dane to prevent him from revealing what he knows. Reeva thinks this man could be the same one that had affected Eranus’s memory and attacked Lisana.

It is at this point that Reeva realises what she has done, never intending to do so and Dane knows what she has done. She bursts into tears, saying ‘sorry’ over and over again. She flees with Dane in pursuit, really angry and saying she has raped his mind. That hits home even harder on Revva and she knows only to well just how that feels, how powerless and vulnerable, how things will never be the same again.

Dane corners her in the Galley. She takes refuge with Lisana. The others including passengers are there. Cho cautions Dane, who dismisses the passengers out of hand. They retreat to their cabins. Questions are aired, Reeva finally admitting what she has done with a nod, still too upset and ashamed to say more than sorry, over and over. Eventually Reeva retires to her cabin. Lisana sleeps in the storeroom that evening. Reeva feels like she has blown everything.

Hong goes after Dane to find out what happened and if his buddy is OK. He doesn’t understand the ‘rape’ reference despite Dane’s attempts to explain and finally decides to call it trespass, rather than rape, which makes more sense to him. He does however help Dane, giving him the opportunity to talk about it and even makes him laugh. Hong reiterates that he is always there for Dane whatever.

Also during the voyage, Cho and Zak visit their relationship. Cho wants to reveal her true self to Zak but the idea scares her. She does go ahead however, and Zak handles it reasonably well.

We arrive at the planet, Reeva in a turret, everyone else in the cockpit. Hong goes through the protocols to gain access however the Empire decide they want a full examination of our ‘crap’ cargo. We create a diversion by scheduling a number of ships in and in the confusion head down to the surface. There is a large toxic lake amidst the wrecks and scrap that liberally litter the surface.

A Rhodian, Norta, is in charge and makes contact. Seems he is expecting us. Zak tells him we have stuff of interest to Reom and he says he’ll relay the message. We want to do repairs to hull and engines and he offers help. Netting to camouflage the ship, a line of credit 2000 to assist.

Zak and Reeva stay on the ship with the passengers whilst the others go to source spares and some dumdum droids. Some bargaining takes place between the Jowas together with Hong and Lisana. Price for a droid starts at 600. Lisana gets them down to 550 and after a while to 450 which we deal on. Also with the promise of a good deal on two more droids later. Norta gives a further 5000 extended credit so that we can repair the ship's engines. Still have the hull to repair.

Cho leaves a false trail as Krytala booking passage on another ship. Zak & Reeva have a heart to heart, Reeva asking if she should go. Zak reassures her, saying it is important to learn a lesson from this and it is important how she deals with it.

On the others’ return, Reeva apologies to Dane again. Vows never to use her powers again, says she feels cursed. Offers to try to make amends. Dane says he is not sure what she can do to make amends and that he will find it difficult to trust her but that he doesn’t want her to go.

Hong and Dane go scavenging for materials for a work bench for Hong. They succeed. There are lots of Jowas about and probe droids appear occasionally which is a bit worrying. We learn that Reom will be here the day after tomorrow.

Reeva talks to Lisana. Asks Lisana if she hates her. Lisana says she is not sure what to feel. Reeva asks her if she wants her to go. Lisana says no. Reeva says she is sorry. Lisana says that she believes she is. Suggests that Reeva keeps talking to Cho and Zak and that they will talk again sometime later.

Lisana, Hong and Dane hit the bars for a drink. They tackle Dane expressing their concern. Dane says that Reeva is young and made a bad mistake. He explains how it had felt for him. Hong still doesn’t fully understand.

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Re: The Adventure So Far

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Brazen Fox - Session 6

We all have a disturbed night, possibly for different reasons.

Hong is finding it harder to look after the baby nexu as they are growing and constantly need more food. It is a nightmare.

Cho is meditating & keeping to herself. Thoughts turn to home, Dantooine, a happy place where she did a lot of her growing up. Then her feeling turn to terror as the Jedi massacre happened there. And her thoughts turn to a childhood companion, Gak, and what has happened to him. Cho suddenly feels he is being tortured in the old Jedi temple and is in a lot of pain. He seems to see her? "Cho?" but then there is a voice from behind Cho asking who Cho is and that maybe he and Gak still have more to talk about. The man starts to torture Gak again. This could be past, present or future.

Lisana feels conflicted.

Reeva is still upset, wanting things back as they were, not knowing how she can make things right.

Zak is encased again and in a room with other treasures. Seems he is part of a collection. A hutt comes into view. Vemla! She is well dressed and bejewelled as if going out somewhere special. She addresses Zak. Tells him she regrets not being able to take him with her but he is too precious. She licks his face, promising they will soon be together in the flesh.

Dane has nightmares relating to the brain rape he endured.

In the morning we get a message from Norta to say that Reom arrived about 4 hours ago and is getting some sleep. He will see us for breakfast. Hong decides to name his dumdum droid Ding Dong. We discuss arrangements for meeting Reom. Reeva volunteers to stay with the ship and passengers. Ding Dong is set to work surveying the netting in case we need to make a quick exit at any point. Cho feels there might be something wrong and so gets into a techie disguise and goes for a recce. Zak, Lisana, Dane & Hong head out to meet Reom.

At this point 3 Jowa skiffs approach Reom's HQ using our ship as cover. However those on board look a bit beefy for Jowas. Rhodians! Another group approach the HQ from the left. These are Trandoshan mercenaries.Our people are out in the open between the two! Battle commences.

The 3 skiffs, the middle one with a big gun, are holding position. Zak heads for cover but takes a shot and misses. Hong manages to crash some debris on the first skiff and Dane fires on the other one. Reeva has manned the ship's turret and opens fire on the middle skiff with the big gun as she sees this as the biggest threat, but she misses. However the blast does throw up a lot of debris. The Zak and Dane both get shot, Zak badly. Cho who is in the HQ raises the alarm and Lisana runs for Zak and administers a stimpack.

On the next round, Reeva opens fire again and hits the skiff with the big gun, taking it out. The Rhodians and big gun are only temporarily disabled. Zak then shoots a Rhodian, as does Hong. And Dane hits skiff 3. Cho heads to find and hopefully rescue Reom. The last remaining Rhodian from skiff 1 manages to place a charge on Reeva's turret. Lisana finds Dane and applies a stimpack to him.

Next round Zak runs in and grabs the charge, throwing it clear. Reeva, now free to act, is still worried by the big gun and fires at it and its crew. Looks like they won't be doing anything for a while. Hong heads towards HQ. Dane sees that last Rhodian about to fire at prone Zak and fires but hits Zak instead. Zak goes down. Lisana warns Reeva that one of the passengers might be a traitor and to watch her back. Reeva thanks Lisana, a small hope blossoming that she cared enough to give the warning.

Back in HQ, Cho tries to get Reom and 2 guards to safety as the Trandoshan mercenaries have penetrated the building. She tires to Close the blast doors but fails. Lisana applies another stimpack to Zak to bring him round, suggesting he gets into the ship. Reeva fires at the last skiff but misses. Dane shoots the remaining Rhodian next to the ship. Cho hustles the guys outside and asks Reom to slam the doors shut as they are being attacked by 3 mercenaries and a guard has gone down. He does. Hong arrives and tries to initiate counter boarding measures within the HQ. The last skiff opens fire at Dane. He goes down. Lisana once again to the rescue, reaches Dane and applies another stimpack to bring him round. Zak has gotten aboard the ship and heads for the other turret. Lisana gets Dane on board as well, meanwhile Reeva fires again at the crew of skiff 3 and blows them up.

It goes quiet.

Krytala heals both Zak & Dane of their crits and some wounds. Seems that Reom had measures within the HQ to gas the complex to neutralise any threat which was very effective but not lethal.

As things have quietened, the meeting with Reom takes place with Cho included this time. Reeva again stays on the ship. Reom is pleased with us, wants to work with us again if the right opportunity arises. Lisana negotiates and manages to up the offered £30K fee up by 10%. We pay off the £5K debt and buy materials to fix the hull. We also decide to sell our surplus equipment.

Later, back on board our ship, Cho and Zak talk about Reeva and the current situation, agreeing they need to talk to her. Zak goes to find her and they have a heart to heart. Reeva confirms that she considers the force a curse and doesn't intend to use it again. She says she cannot forgive herself, knows what it feels like to be violated and cannot believe that she did that to Dane. Zak says she should be kinder to herself, maybe learn how to control it, that she needs to have hope. Reeva says she has a small hope but needs time to come to terms with herself. They hug.

Lisana seeks out Cho trying to understand more about the force and what Reeva might be capable of. Lisana seems to care but also be scared of Reeva's capabilities.

Lisana and Hong go to check on Dane but Hong disappears, leaving Dane & Lisana to drink and chat. Lisana thinks Hong's approach is simplistic & is concerned how Dane is coping. During drinks, she asks Dane about his past. He explains about the family massacre and how the family coped. His parents were strong. Lisana reassures Dane that she will never mean him harm. He says he knows that. Lisana says she is not sure she can stay. Dane asks if that is because of Reeva. Lisana says yes. Dane tries to explain how he feels about the whole thing, says he doesn't think Reeva meant it and that it shouldn't define her whole life. But he had been scared by her and at the moment doesn't trust her. Lisana asks if he is happy to stay.
Dane says he is willing rather than happy to stay.

Later Dane is on his own in the cockpit, a little worse for wear after the drinks he shared with Lisana. A priority 1 Hellion message comes in. It says "Get the hell out of here. Just arrived in system and are scanning for you. Read the attachment after you have gone." Dane, suddenly sober, gets on comms and announces we are leaving now! He starts initiating launch sequences. Revva heads for a turret. Zak warns Reom before heading to the other turret. Cho takes sensors whilst Hong ensure the netting is removed. Dane needs a destination, Cho says Dantooine. Apparently it was on her mind.

We leave Raxis Prime bound for Dantooine with 5 successes and 3 threats. Meanwhile Lisana reads the attachment.

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Re: The Adventure So Far

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Brazen Fox - Session 7

On route to Dantooine, except that there is no real intention to go there. We have a team meeting. The main agenda is Hong's desire to take the Nexu to Vemmla to attempt to pay off his debt to her. And we do need to get the Nexu off the ship! Reeva is concerned about Zak's role in this and the risks that might be involved. Cho reassures saying that as long as Vemmla finds him interesting, it should be OK. Reeva then asks if she is likely to know about their involvement. Cho thinks that she will still believe it to have been a Black Sun raid. Reeva is still not happy but her concern has reduced.

Lisana then passes on a message to Dane from his cousin Larissa. She had saved him and us back with the refugees. Seems we are of interest to her boss, Supervisor Osnan. She also tells him that 5 of the Hellion family have been killed. It appears that the Empire are moving those that are critical of them, maybe ahead of a takeover. Reeva asks if he falls into that category & might be a target but as he is out of the company now, he thinks that unlikely.

At this point we mostly head off to bed whilst Dane & Lisana discuss Dane's family situation. Dane confesses that his aim was to bring the family business back to independence, somewhere away from the Empire. Lisana offers help and suggests that Hong could be useful too. Dane says he wants to get in touch with his family to see who would be in support of his aims, starting maybe with his male cousins, Relis and Reese. It would be useful to be able to talk to Larissa to find out who are the best family members to approach.

As Reeva tries to sleep, she starts to pick up empathic currents from the crew. In denial she starts to read manuals to distract herself. Then she tries again, this time getting a vision of a woman crying. She thinks this is her mother and she catches the words "I'm sorry Reeva, I'm so sorry". Despite all she has learned recently, her heart goes out to her Mum but she convinces herself that this is not the Force, just wishful thinking.

In a small game aside, it seems that Osnan is in trouble and that his boss suspects Larissa and tells him so.

In the morning, some more bleary eyed than others, we drop out of hyperspace and try to work out where we are. Changing direction, we decide to head for the Wheel as we need information. Reeva wants to check that Eranas is OK.

On our way there, Lisana takes a drink to Zak who is working out in the hold. He asks about her. She asks what Reeva has told him. He says not much, other than Revva cares a lot about Lisana. Lisana asks Zak about his childhood. He has had a broad mix of experiences. He says he originally believed the anti-hype about the Republic but confesses that Reina changed his views. He asks Lisana about her beginnings. She says her father was manipluative, unkind and abusive and was into organised crime. That he hurst Lisana's mum a number of times until she fled taking Lisana with her. To earn money, her mum turned to the sex trade on Coruscant. After a couple of years, her father found them, killed the guard, tortured and killed Lisana's mother and tried to take Lisana but she escaped. Zak says his far=ther could be cold & logical or pleasant, depending on his mood. Zak suggests that she has some things in common with Reeva such as bother mothers taking their children away. He goes on to say that he feels Reina must have boon more than an entertainer, maybe a spy? He had felt betrayed as nothing of their plans came about. He still doesn't understand. He didn't even know he had a daughter until she rescued him. But the message Reeva brought him from her mother suggested other than a betrayal. Lisana says he has lots of unknowns, whereas she has only certainties. Her father had previous showed remorse but then repeated those actions, so she doesn't believe that Reeva is genuinely sorry. Zak suggests that if Lisana wants future relationships, she has to see that people can be redeemed. Lisana has trouble believing that. He asks if Lisana ares enough about Reeva to help her. Lisana says she doesn't know as she can't separate Reeva's behaviour from her father's. She says she thought Reeva meant a lot to her, but now isn't sure. She needs to work it out. Zak says they want to find a way to teach Reeva as she has had no training with her Force powers. Lisana agrees this would be a good thing. They also discuss why the Empire might be interested in them. Zak thinks it might be because of him, Lisana suggests maybe Dane. Zak goes on to say that finding a Force teacher will not be easy or without risk. Lisana says they should take precautions, especially on the Wheel, because of the grey-cowled man.

We arrive at the Wheel and head for the Cantina. We get drinks and sit down to discuss who is going to do what. Dane asks Reeva if she will help him to find his two cousins, Relis & Reese. She is eager to help using her streetwise, wanting to make amends but as Dane thinks about it more, he decides he needs to work out a better strategy, maybe talk to Larissa first. Another piece of information we need is the selling value of a breeding pair of Nexu. Captain Shawah is the man we need and lo and behold, he is on Cholgana. Going back to the Hellion family problem we discuss the idea of hosting some kind of event so Dane can talk to a number of them. Or we might consider sending messages. Dane still needs to think about it as he doesn't want to bring them into danger. Zak wants to find out more about Supervisor Osnan. Who is he? A Supervisor is sort of between a Lt & a Capt, a sort of special agent with some independence. It is a recent rank and he is quite young still, fairly intelligent and has a good background. Perhaps he is being groomed, or tested? He is currently in charge of the Wanderer and we discover it is currently docked here at the Wheel. We find out where he is staying. Interesting that he is not following Krytala's trail?

Rather than stay here and be discovered, we decided to leave and head for Cholgana. Before departing Reeva scans the ship checking for tracking devices. She doesn't find any but notices that several others ships are getting ready to depart and that we could use them for cover. We take off and head for Cholgana and find Capt Shawah who is a wookie with lots of scars. He looks every inch a hunter. Lisana starts a conversation and Cho helps with the deception as we are posing as buyers for another party, asking about costs & how to transport safely. He tells us that a pair will rarely breed outside og Cholgana but are worth 20 - 30K. And we would need to feed them live prey. We buy some. Then we head for the refugees and speak to Capt Harsol. They are shifting camp. He reports they have received thetr first major supplies and that the Empire have not returned. About half the settlers want to stay, the others to return to civilisation. The kids are much better off, well fed and with good educational facilities.

Two weeks later we get to Tatooine where Vemmla is. Nyn Cablo,m a human female, used to be head of Vemmla's security before she was fired after a successful Black Sun raid, =that= Black Sun raid. She is mid 40s, a veteran of the Clone Wars and survived a few months in Vemmla's arena. We head for Ryloth to find her. Ryloth has a low Imperial presence and is a a place of extremes. Feudal society, exports slaves and real spice which can be addictive. Storms roll across the surface. Lessu is the capital but is not very technically advanced. We land and pay our fees. Folks live mostly underground, 76% of which are twilleks.

Finding an underground cantina, we go in and look around. Hong heads left for the Twillek dancer on the stage, Lisana spots another female Falleen & heads left to her for a chat, whilst Dane & Cho find a table on the right. We see someone who meets Nyn's description sprawled drunk over a table at the back. Zak and Reeva head there. Zak buys Nyn a drink on the way over and places it on the table. They start to talk but Nyn is holding a pistol on Zak under the table. Then the bar goes quiet as as 6 Glamorian thugs enter. Seems this might be a protection scam. They start throwing their weight around, intimidating the locals, demanding drinks and generally being disruptive. We are all keeping out cool until one of them approaches Reeva and demands a drink. She holds out her glass towards him, holding his gaze and then drops it as he reaches for it. A fight starts. The Glamorian grabs Reeva, not as well as he had intended but by her hair, trying to swing her around. She fires at him on stun and Zak follows suit. One of his mates wanders over to see what is happeniing. Cho interferes with him, turning on his vibro axe, strapped to his back and subtly shooting him with her needle gun. Dane fies at him too and is spotted doing so, so another Glamorian leaves the bar and whallops Dane with his axe. He takes a critical injury. Zak and Reeva finish off their two whilst Dane and Cho deal with Dane's attacker. Meanwhile Hong and Lisana working in partnership set a Glamorian against his chum, convincing both that they are stealing the other's drink. There is one other Glamorian on stage watching and working out where he might join in. However, Dane's agressor, the leader of this grumpy band has had enough. He calls his goons to order and they all leave threatening to return with reinforcements. The barman locks the doors and gives us all free drinks. We help to tidy the place up.

The talk with Nyn resumes. Zak explains what we are after, needing a safe way to reach Vemmla so Hong can pay off his debt. This debt occurred during her time with Vemmla and she remembers the incident. She suggests we move out of the bar just in case and find somewhere more private. We find a restaurant and order food, Zak paying for Nyn's meal. Nyn goes through a number of possibilities. We could break in? Tat would be ballsy. Or we could target one of her people - using bribery or pressure - but that could be expensive. She has another thought. Vemmla hosts a party after the cross dessert race which is a race for land vehicles and she has a team and vehicle. Then she asks if we are for hire. We say maybe. Apparently she lives & keeps order in a small mining town. There is a Hutt construction crew who have moved in next door, seemingly only to harass the miners & families. They source spice which also has legitimate medical uses as well as being an addictive drug. This Hutt crew are supposedly building a leisure complex but are really brawn there to intimidate. She has already been beaten up by four of them that worked her over. But she thinks that with a sufficiently bloodied nose, they might just move on. She wants us to provide the bloody nose. We say we'll take a look.There are about 8-12 of them with standard weapons.

Hong comes up with a plan of getting Krytala to create a disease to infect the troublemakers, something that the townsfolk could be made immune from. This would force the Hutt to then have to deal with the townsfolk. We all agree that the plan is too complex and would also take too long.

We hire 2 speeders and Nyn has her own. Hong flies one with Dane and Lisana aboard, whilst Reeva flies the other with Zak & Cho in it. We are en route when a shot from a blaster rifle takes ouy Nyn's speeder. She goes down. Immediately Reeva turns the speeder and heads towards where the shot came from, a small ravine with rock cover before it. Hong heads for Nyn and they try to get her aboard but she is out cold, so Lisana stays behind to apply a stimpak. Meanwhile back at the ravine, Zak leaps out of the speeder and lands in the middle of five oppoenets, attacking the leader with his vibro knife. Cho also jumps out to provide assistance attacking another one to the side of Zak. By this time Reeva has been targeted and hit twice whilst trying to control the speeder, then she gets hit again, this time critically. The leader tries to run, followed by one of his companions. Zak gets shot and Cho is hit hard, taking a critical injury. Another of their group leaps aboard Reeva's speeder. Reeva applies a stimpak to herself and shoots the guy in the speeder. However she has fallen prone and the speeder is now heading east at speed 1, parallel to the rocks, back the way we came.

[Part 2 next session]

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Re: The Adventure So Far

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Brazen Fox - Session 8

Continuation of Session 7 combat..

Cho fakes a surrender to distract her opponent and Zak takes advantage, shooting him in the head – crit! The guys start to run, leader calling out a retreat. Reeva’s opponent leaps out whilst Reeva struggles to try to stop her speeder. She fails but does manage to wrench the steering wheel out from under the brake. Hong attempts a rescue bringing his speeder alongside, locking the two so that he can try to control both. But it doesn’t quite work and now both speeders have reverted back to their original direction. Meanwhile Lisana goes over to medic and stimpak Zak. Reeva now manages to brake which separates the speeders and Reeva heads after a lone guy trying to hide. Cho goes after her suggesting they withdraw. Reeva says the man could be good for info or as a hostage. Cho takes a look but decides it is too risky and both decide to depart. Meanwhile Hong fixes up the speeders.

We head out again, Nin filling us in on some background whilst Lisana tries to medic both Cho & Reeva as they have critical injuries. Nin tells us the mining settlement is called New Meen & that Angu Drom bought the adjacent land to build a leisure facility. He is human and seems to have plenty of cash to splash around. Recently life has been more difficult for the miners with accidents, arson etc. Drom’s 12 man crew are responsible for most of these.

It is quite late when we arrive. New Meen is a shanty town. People are subdued, maybe scared & probably feel that Nin had deserted them. We decide to split up and nose around.

Zak & Cho head to scout the enemy camp, finding a cliff to climb as a good vantage point. They notice that there is a proper Cantina called Drom’s Oasis with its own parking lot & quite a few vehicles. Whilst they watch 4 guys, two humans and two Aqualish emerge all a bit drunk. They mess around on a speeder for a bit then head out for New Meen. Zak gets onto comms to warn us.

Meanwhile Hong and Reeva have gone to scout the mining operations, to see if there is something else here that might be attracting this unwanted attention but conclude that it is likely to be a shakedown for a protection racket.

Lisana and Min have gone to talk to one of the mining families – the Mishculls. They are invited in and offered stew, which they decline. This is in essence a one room shack and the wife is putting the kids to bed. Lisana introduces herself as Ilana, says she is here with friends looking for an investment. Getting them talking, she learns that some families have started to pay protection as things have escalated since Nin left. He says that Drom is behind it. ‘Ilana’ asks who is behind Drom. He doesn’t know but suggests it might be a Hutt. He explains that the miners pay tax but paying protection too could be a way of double-dipping.

It is at this point that the drunken 4 arrive, running their speeder into a twillek hut and doing damage. The twilleks emerge and the father is ready for a fight. Lisana intervenes and calms him down – just! They all head towards Nin’s hut with the twilleks and Reeva joins them as she had been covering the situation from behind the hut. Hong however stays with the 4 as he has already ingratiated himself with them making a ‘surrender monkey’ comment in the direction of the twillek, then offers to fix their speeder, damaged in the crash. They agree he can clean it for them. He convinces them that they have damaged their vehicle enough and they decide to head back to the Cantina for more drinks. Hong goes with them.

In the Cantina there are 13 guys, a mix of races. One is obviously Drom. He’s wearing a business suit and looks out of place and uncomfortable. Hong has a good look around but gains a few adverse glances and decides to stick with his 4 buddies. Drom questions Hong’s presence. Hong introduces himself as Muerta, a mechanic. Drom is not impressed and says that pets belong outside, tied up. The 4 are not impressed, they want to keep him. Drom asks why Hong is here. Hong says to mend the speeder. He and the 4 buddies high five each other. Drom is suspicious. Hong tries to blag that Drom hired him.. but through an intermediary of course. The deception works – just! He is hired on the usual rates and given a bunk.

It is at this point that the 4 confess that Nin has returned with a good looking Falleen woman though they have no idea why. Hong suggests she might be more than a friend to Nin. Drom is not happy that he is just hearing this news. Says they will sort it tomorrow. Both camps retire to sleep though we have night watches, just in case.

Morning arrives and Lisana starts to fix up the twillek hut as promised. Reeva offers to help and Zak joins in too. In the other camp Hong takes advantage of the luxury of a shower. We get together and plan.

Lisana starts the plan by addressing the miners to get them to show solidarity to one another, pointing out that they are 200 against a much smaller number. Most seem on board but a few comment that the few have machinery and weapons. Lisana reassures them.

Meanwhile we set out our ‘killing field’ and position everyone. The miners gathered around trying to look determined. Hong tells us that they are on their way. Hopefully we are ready for the next stage of the plan. The convoy of assorted vehicles and diggers arrive, Drom at the front.

Lisana calls on Drom to get down from his vehicle and surrender. He looks at the lone woman and declines. So Zak fires at him.. but misses.. though it still causes him to duck down. Making use of the distraction, Cho – looking exactly like Lisana – leaps onto the vehicle, wrenches the cab door open and hurls Drom from the cab to land at Lisana’s feet. Lisana points her gun at him and calls on his men to surrender. They do. Then Nin lays down her terms – that they can leave now with just the speeders, that they tell their bosses that New Meen is just not worth it and that they never return. Drom isn’t happy but agrees. We collect the weapons and the machinery etc and pass it over to the miners for their collective benefit.

We spend a further day with them, helping the settlement to organise better, to work together for mutual benefit. Then we head off back to Nebat.

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Re: The Adventure So Far

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Brazen Fox - Session 9

We get back to the ship and find that the Nexu are sick, so decide to go looking for a vet whilst Hong & Lisanna clear up. Hong then gets diverted to build a droid to better care for the Nexu. Meanwhile Reeva, Cho and Zak head into town. Reeva heads straight for a bar to ask about a vet and seemingly there is one just to hand sitting in the corner. We engage him for a ship’s visit at 3 that afternoon. Surprisingly he does not ask for any details of what the patients are. Anyway, he arrives on time and is not exactly helpful but charges us a call out fee and sells us some supplements. We suggest he keeps quiet about the nexu.

Cho tries to talk to Reeva about the force, pointing out that she passed vets but somehow went straight to the bar where there was one. Reeva says the bar is always the obvious choice for information and suggests Cho is reading more into it than there is.

Meanwhile Dane works out the navigation co-ordinates to get to Tatooine.

Zak and Nin talk, mostly about their past lives and what might lie ahead for either of them. Seems like Nin has something on her mind, but she doesn’t get around to saying it.

Cho is in her cabin staring at a red box. She opens it finding a phase knife inside, a Black Sun symbol on the lid. There is also a tracking device. She remembers how she acquired the box.

Cho had been looking for a phase knife, putting the word out. She isn’t having much luck but then a trader says he may have a contact with one but wants to meet her in the Spiral club on the Wheel and that he would be carrying a red box. The trader then passes her a note, a poem entitled ‘The Prodigal Daughter’ which is in Carid’s handwriting. Carid is the assassin that trained Cho who, as far as she knows, is still with the Black Sun.

Cho decides that it would be prudent to ask the rest of us to tag along and explains the situation. We agree. Lisana goes out to spend money on getting herself ready and Zak also gets togged up. Reeva finds it hard to spend money on frivolous items and uses a dress she already has but Lisana adds some bling to it. Hong elects to wear very little. We head for the club. Hong manages to smuggle in a knuckle duster but wishes he hadn’t as it is almost impossible to extract. Zak attempts the bodyguard role and pulls it off, taking in a blaster rifle and has an ‘in’ with security now. Lisana, Dana and Reeva don’t attempt to take in weapons. Cho manages to smuggle in a needle gun laced with anaesthetic and also a garotte. We all go scouting. Reeva had the idea of maybe spotting a fire alarm or similar that she could trigger in an emergency but can’t see one. We gradually work the club narrowing down areas to help Cho track Carid down. We are largely successful and eventually he and Cho meet. They chat and he seems interested in the rest of us. Then he outlines a job we might do for him. Cho agrees to put it before the rest of us. He intimates that he expects her back into the fold at some point, then he leaves, and Cho re-emerges to join the rest of us.

The following morning, we have breakfast and Cho tells us more of what happened, says we made a good impression on him and outlines the job he offered. A Black Sun operative has become an embarrassment and we are to get rid of him. Turns out he is Trehees, Lisana’s father. Reeva immediately offer to do it, knowing what it means to Lisana. She asks Cho where he is and is told Tatooine. A long discussion takes place on the merits of killing Lisana’s father with or without taking money for it. Hong wants to take the money. Dane feels more than uncomfortable about doing so. Everyone else seems happy to take on the job without pay. Reeva asks if they could do it legally by placing a bounty on him? Lisana suggests that rather than money, that Cho requests that Reeva’s debt to the Black Sun is wiped out. It seems we have an agreement. Lisana requests that Cho teach her how to fight as she doesn’t want his blood on anyone else’s hands. Zak and Reeva offer to help too.

Back in the present, Cho takes the tracker to Hong to get it checked out. The tracer has an antitamper mechanism which Hong triggers during his investigation. The device is of exceptional quality and therefore is exceptionally expensive. Apparently, it will transmit location and also audio in short range, say on the Wheel.

We arrive at Tatooine, heading for Mos Ilya. Tatooine is a desert world where water is harvested from the dry air as it is precious, can be a currency or a tax.

The nexu have recovered and have grown! Maybe that vet did know his stuff? Vemmla’s palace is nearby but we need to find out what we can first as there are a number of approach avenues possible: race winner, heist, bribery, assault…

Hong and Reeva head for Vemmla’s race team to find out what they can. Once past the guards the encounter an old ‘friend’ of Hong’s, ~Karnak, who Hong tries to blag. Karnak starts to panic and calls the guards. Reeva draws her pistol to try to intimidate him into calling them off. This backfires as Karnak seems to have a heart attack as the guards rush in, disarming Reeva and seemed ready to set upon the hapless pair. Both Reeva and Hong try to help Karnak who miraculously comes around now the guards are here and he orders them from the premises. They leave but head around the side where Karnak had said the race team leader, Zaphgar was located. Reeva tries the lock first but fails. Hong then tries with the glue-gun. That doesn’t work either.

On their return other options are considered. But we still need information. Hong suggests that Lisana might infiltrate the palace staff. Reeva suggests Lisana might be able to get hired as an entertainer for the after-Race party. We intend to check out these ideas.

Note: Critical injury roll: 2 days in

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