SWAT 3: LA Force (LAFOR)

Version 1.35 Readme
March 2008

Requires SWAT 3: Tactical Game of the Year Edition version 2.0 or higher

This SWAT 3 mod was created by nemarsde for serious co-op play at LAN parties and was not originally intended for public release.

It contains new visual and sound effects, new weapons, new camouflage, new officer skins, new characters and new character skins.

The mod has some unique content created by nemarsde but most, if not all credit must go to the modders listed below.

nemarsde and MrLeigh created new careers and mission objectives to make use of this content and bring you a new SWAT 3 experience that can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

Beyond The Limits: A Scenario Tutorial by [FSK] Gily and nemarsde is included so you can get the most out of the mod (see "Beyond The Limits.rtf").

Disclaimer: Playing these careers and/or mission objectives without LAFOR mod (version 1.0 or higher) activated will cause SWAT 3 to crash to desktop.

The careers are all set in an alternate reality, following on from the original SWAT3 CQB 5 Man Career and SWAT3 Tactical GOTY 10 Man Career and the events surrounding the 2005 Nuclear Abolishment Treaty. The greater emphasis in each career is on diverse but specific tactical challenges.

LAFOR 6 Man Career is designed to be an escalation of the original careers. The mission objectives are more precise and the suspects are more skillful and better equipped. Expect the same variety of missions, from the mundane to the spectacular.

LAFOR 2 Man Role-Play Career can be played like any other career, but each mission has a set of role-playing rules. For example, a mission might be set you up as an LAPD SWAT sniper team so rule that you be restricted to bolt-action rifles as your primary weapon, etc. Every mission is designed for a new and unique style of play.

LAFOR Clan Practice Career is designed for serious co-op clans, allowing recruits to be introduced to and learn the clan's dynamic/stealth entry procedures. Every mission appears the same, assault a bus, but is subtly different making suspect behaviour almost impossible to predict.



  1. Open 7z archive. Copy "lafor_mod_v135.zip" into your "Sierra\SWAT3\Mods" folder.
  2. Activate "lafor_mod_v135" using SWAT3 MOD.
  3. LAFOR will be active when you next play SWAT 3.


  1. Open 7z archive. Copy all files in "Campaigns" folder to your "Sierra\SWAT3\Campaigns" folder.
  2. Copy all files in "Scenarios" folder to your "Sierra\SWAT3\Scenarios" folder.
  3. New LAFOR careers and mission objectives will be available when you next play SWAT 3.


1.35 (13/03/08)

1.34 (28/10/07)

1.33 (09/09/07)

1.32 (17/04/07)

1.31 (12/04/07)

1.3 (10/03/07)

1.25 (27/02/07)

1.24 (21/02/07)

1.23 (11/01/07)

1.22 (31/12/06)

1.2 (First public release - 22/08/05)



Copyright © 2008 nemarsde

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A copy of the license is included in the file "GNU Free Documentation License.rtf".

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