SWAT 3 Fix for Windows Vista (and XP Pro)


You have installed SWAT 3 under Windows Vista (any edition) or Windows XP Professional, but when running the game an error occurs that prevents the movies from playing and may cause a crash to desktop.


The movies in SWAT 3 are AVI format, encoded with the Indeo Video codec.

Indeo - Wikipedia

Codec - Wikipedia

As of Jan 2008, no edition of Windows Vista includes support for the Indeo codec. Movies encoded with Indeo codecs will therefore not play under Windows Vista.


The Ligos Indeo codec can be downloaded for free:

Download Ligos Indeo Codec

This package includes Indeo Video 5.11 and Indeo Audio 2.5. This is not the latest version of the Indeo codec, but it is the latest free version. A later version can be purchased from Ligos.

Once the download is complete, right-click on "iv5setup.exe" and run as administrator.

This will install the codecs. However, the installer may not have automatically registered them with Windows Vista.

To register them manually, find "cmd.exe" on your computer, right-click and run as administrator.

This will bring up a command prompt.

Within the command prompt, type the following:

regsvr32 ir50_32.dll

This manually registers the Indeo codecs you installed.

You will now be able to play and enjoy SWAT 3, regardless of the game version.


Windows XP Professional does not include support of the Indeo codec either. Downloading and installing the Ligos Indeo codecs will solve the problem. The installer is fully compatible with Windows XP Pro and there is no need to manually register the codec.