Season 1: USS Blakeney

A tabletop RPG campaign inspired by the 2009 film, Star Trek. Nero's incursion has devastated the quadrant and it will take a new breed of Starfleet officer to tackle the challenges of a hostile and unpredictable galaxy. Hackbird (One Seven Design Studio).

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Season 1: USS Blakeney

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Information on the USS Blakeney and its crew.

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USS Blakeney
Class: Bastion-class heavy cruiser
Registry: NCC-1735
Operator: Federation Starfleet
Launched: 2245, San Francisco Fleet Yards
Motto: Cogita Ante Salis (Latin: "Think Before You leap" or more commonly "Look before you leap")


Named after the renowned 21st Century quantum physicist Colin Blakeney, whose work on subquantum transportation led to the invention of the transporter and replicator technology. Regarded by many as a lunatic and/or charlatan, he was the Tesla of his time. There are nevertheless some who consider him one of the greatest scientists to have lived. The Vulcan scientist, Sunok—credited with developing the first guaranteed safe transporter—famously cited Blakeney as inspiration. Recently, Montgomery Scott's method of transwarp beaming built on the core premise of subquantum transportation, rectifying many of the flaws in Blakeney's earlier work.


The Bastion-class was originally designed in the 2240s as a heavy cruiser and would become Starfleet's premier science vessel. They would survey poorly understood cosmic phenomenon and were equipped with labs for conducting advanced astrophysics, quantum and temporal mechanics experiments. The additional secondary hull was dedicated to this role, having its own powerplant, accommodation and facilities for the research teams, including cargo transporters, food synthesisers and shuttle bay.

The Bastion-class was not defenceless either, having a boom-mounted weapons platform that could be armed with the latest Mark IV photon torpedo, and sub-warp phaser banks. Twin navigational deflectors allowed for force beam overlap and finer manipulation of incoming objects. The bulkheads used victurium alloy to bolster shield strength, which along with the redundant powerplant made the Bastion-class the most durable of its time.

Its characteristics and robust appearance have earned the Bastion-class the nickname, "Bulldozers" or simply "Bulls", and bull motifs often feature on Bastion memorabilia.

The Bastion-class contributed greatly to the D-A-C programme, implemented some time after the destruction of the USS Kelvin (NCC-0514) by Romulans in 2233. Based on the sensor readings of that ship, Starfleet concluded that a faction of the Romulan Star Empire had acquired technology massively superior to the Federation. The D-A-C programme was aimed at creating the next generation of starship, using this top secret intelligence, and ultimately resulted in the development of the Constitution-class heavy cruiser.

At present there are two Constitution-class heavy cruisers in service. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is Starfleet's official flagship, survivor of the Battle of Vulcan and currently deployed on a 5-year mission of exploration. The USS Kongo (NCC-1710) was launched a year after the Enterprise and remains in Federation Space. They're widely believed to be the most powerful starships in the two quadrants.

The Bastion-class also has its battle honours though. Four Bastion-class, including the USS Newton (NCC-1729) and Hood (NCC-1734), fought and were destroyed in the Battle of Vulcan.

Battle of Vulcan

Blakeney was surveying the outskirts of the Briar Patch in the Beta Quadrant in 2258, when the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council requested urgent aid of the Federation President. A squadron of Klingon ships had suffered catastrophic damage in an asteroid field in the Laurentian System and were adrift under auxiliary power. Thousands of lives were at stake and the Klingon Empire was unable to assist due to an emergency on the homeworld, Qo'noS.

Although Starfleet were alert to Klingon subterfuge, it was decided that the Klingon Empire would never suffer the shame of asking for help from the Federation for such an obvious ruse. The primary fleet were deployed to the Laurentian System, and the USS Blakeney was first on the scene, able to render critical assistance with its secondary powerplant.

The truth was that the entire Klingon fleet had moved against Nero's Romulan-Borg ship, Narada, above Rura Penthe, and been annihilated. 47 D7 cruisers and Birds-of-Prey destroyed, a few ships escaped to the Laurentian System before their warp drives failed. While they took shelter in an asteroid field and tried to effect repair, the Klingon High Council feared that Nero would attack Qo'noS out of revenge for his 25 years of imprisonment and torture on Rura Penthe.

Starfleet Intelligence knew that momentous events were in motion, but little suspected that it was the Federation under threat.

Although a lone science vessel and with no way of knowing what danger awaited them, Blakeney still braved the asteroid field to reach the disabled Klingon ships. For this action, the USS Blakeney's commanding officer, Captain Govinder Singh, was awarded the Klingon Courage Medal by the Empire and the ship honoured in verse as bIlujlaHbe'chugh bIQaplaHbe'.


The USS Blakeney was refitted for an expeditionary role after the Battle of Vulcan.The labs were removed from the additional secondary hull, and were replaced by emergency management equipment, such as heavy lifting machinery, bulk storage, temporary accommodation for refugees/evacuees, etc. This hull would also quarter any Starfleet ground forces required for peace-keeping missions. The redundant powerplant and twin navigational deflectors would remain. In total, both shuttle bays provide berths for 80 craft.

The refitted Blakeney had an overall length of 630 metres, a crew of 800, and carried a half-strength Embarked Ground Force of 600 marines, 300 in a Combat Battalion, 300 in a Support Battalion. In times of war, the marines could be brought up to a full strength of around 1200 men. Blakeney also employed the first of the newly formed Hazard Teams, consisting of an elite force of specially trained Starfleet officers.

Battle of Sentinel Minor IV

When the Fourth Orion Empire revealed itself in 2263, the Blakeney and USS Carolina (NCC-1000) were attacked by Orion battle cruisers while surveying the Paulson Nebula. The Carolina was destroyed, but the Blakeney was able to defeat the Orion ship at great cost to itself and its crew, sustaining massive structural damage of the loss of the lives of 20% of the crew, and a total of 40% casualties. Officially, the battle took place in the vacinity of Sentinel Minor IV, but in truth it occurred in orbit of the rogue planet, Koltaari. Due to Koltaari falling under General Order 7, its existence remained hidden. Relying on the redundant powerplant, the Blakeney was able to limp back to port under Starfleet escort. As malfeasance of the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief came to light, the setback in Federation-Klingon relations, the increased Gorn activity in the region of New Vulcan, and the threat of the Fourth Orion Empire, the enquiry into the battle was perfunctory.

The Blakeney was deemed unservicable, it was decommissioned and broken for salvage, its remaining crew reassigned.

USS Newton - Memory Alpha

USS Newton (NCC-1727) - Memory Beta

Tyken's Rift: Fresh out of Drydock: 1400 Scale USS Newton

Check out the link for many more photos of this excellently finished model at Tyken's Rift.

Star Trek Aftermath (BC)

This is a mod for Star Trek: Bridge Commander.

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Bridge Crew

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Cpt Govinder Singh
Commanding Officer, USS Blakeney

Tall (1.88 m) and imposing officer, hailing from India, in his late-fifties with a neatly trimmed, silvery beard and deep baritone voice. A Starfleet veteran, Captain Singh is the only commanding officer that Blakeney has had in its 16 year service. He has commanded high risk scientific missions in the Briar Patch and Mutara Nebula, and personally oversaw the refit of the Bastion-class. He has an excellent understanding of space sciences and engineering.

There was some doubt as to whether Singh would continue on as a post officer after both his children were killed in the Battle of Vulcan. He was something of a revered father figure to his old crew, but shortages have required experienced crew to be spread amongst Starfleet's other operations. The new crew of the USS Blakeney is largely untested as is its relationship with the commanding officer.

He was awarded the Klingon Courage Medal for his bravery in the Laurentian System, and is the only Starfleet officer to have ever received such award.

After the Battle of Sentinel Minor IV, the Code 1 orders from the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief were recinded and Captain Singh was acquitted of any wrong-doing. He retired from Starfleet and was assigned as a special envoy to the Klingon Empire in an effort to mend relations after Admiral Marcus's incursion.

[Captain Singh would have definitely been a vehicle for resurgent Amitabh Bachchan back in 2001. The role needs his combination of gravitas and humanity -GM.]

PO1 Barbara "Babs" Smith
Cpt Singh's Personal Yeoman
Yeoman Smith - Memory Alpha

A seriously-minded career woman, Petty Officer First Class Smith was assigned to her current position straight out of specialist training the year before the Battle of Vulcan. Although Singh wanted a hard-working yeoman whose mind was focused on the job, Smith also demands respect and isn't afraid of showing her disdain. A buxom blonde Californian girl with hazel green eyes and in her early twenties, many make the mistake of dismissing her as "totty". She does tend to hold a grudge though, so beware. She has a close working relationship with the Captain, there may be snide comments, but everyone knows it's strictly professional. Not so with Lieutenant Junior Grade Martinez, with whom she had a relationship at Starfleet Academy.

Babs Smith was nearly killed by the Orion syndicate, who infested her with wing slug eggs in an attempt to push Captain Singh to resign command. She later recovered and returned to Starfleet Academy for officer training.

[If only Andrea Dromm had of continued in The Original Series, we might have seen more of her screen acting. Instead she's mostly remember as a fashion model, and her Californian beach babe look is iconic. -GM.]

Cdr John Hayden
First Officer and Senior Navigator

A Martian, deeply tanned with chiselled good looks and piercing blue eyes, Commander Hayden is far from a grotesque, bug-eyed alien. He's always clean shaven with his golden brown hair worn in a crewcut and his uniform immaculate. He's the model Starfleet officer. He's also stubborn, intractable, brooding, and more than a little arrogant, but he can be relied upon. Starfleet Command perceived a lack of combat experienced officers on the refitted Blakeney. Having served on the USS Providence in the Battle of Theta Kalyb (versus Tholian privateers), Hayden was deemed the "right man for the job" by Starfleet Command, who assigned him as First Officer. Captain's usually choose their own first officers but Hayden was made a condition of Captain Singh's continued command.

Hayden appears to respect authority only so long as it agrees with him, though to be fair he is usually right. Hardly a young upstart, being in his late-thirties with a Starfleet career spanning twenty years, he's still only ever known the more paranoid Federation. He and the Captain have gotten off to a rocky start.

Hayden was commended by the Captain for his actions during the Battle of Sentinel Minor IV. Hayden was deeply affected by Imai's disfigurement and visited her every day in sickbay on the return journey. Refusing command of a starship, Hayden later took up a field position with the Starfleet Inspector General's Office.

[I'd cast Paul Walker in this role. I think it would keep the audience at home guessing. He usually plays the maverick renegade, the hero rebelling against authority, but when that authority's represented by the fatherly Bachchan, who do you root for? -GM.]

Dr Yu (Lt Cdr civilian grade equivalent)
Chief Medical Officer

An old friend of Captain Singh, in his early-fifties, Dr Yu is a civilian of Chinese heritage who studied medicine at the Tri-Planetary Academy. Rugged but earnest looking, he maintains a youthful physique through practice of Tai chi chuan. He, Captain Singh and B't'kr have a reading club, but Dr Yu also does regular rounds amongst the rest of the crew. He's quiet, polite, mild-mannered, but totally relaxed and informal. Approachable. Being a civilian he doesn't wear a uniform, favouring the traditional Manchu-style changshan, but is still in charge of the ship's Astro-Medical Department. His office is found in Sickbay. Like the Captain, Dr Yu has served on Blakeney for its entire time in service.

[I've always found Rongguang Yu fascinating, he can portray deep emotion so well, whilst some how internalising it. He also has a face that is both villainous and heroic, represented by the roles he's played. -GM.]

B't'kr (Lt Cdr civilian grade equivalent)
Chief Science Officer

The Hamalki are large, arachnoid-like creatures with twelve, highly dexterous legs and a semi-opaque chitinous carapace that shows off their internal organs and processes. They have 360 vision from twelve eyes, each optic nerve leading back to the pulsating brain and surrounded by a web of blood vessels. Hamalki identify each other by their innards, their placement and disposition, their movement, etc. It all forms a recognisable "face" to another Hamalki. It's not unheard of for a human to be physically sick at the sight of one though, and perhaps for this reason B't'kr keeps himself to himself.

He is incredibly knowledgeable. Hamalki have the ability to pass on their memories to a new hatchling before they die, allowing them to pursue interests over many lifetimes. B't'kr is one of the Federations foremost experts on space sciences. Little is known of his personality and he holds no Starfleet rank. His current iteration may have no doctorate, but he is prominent member of the Federation Science Bureau and authored the definitive work on neutronic storm wavefront dynamics. On board Blakeney his only friends are Captain Singh and Dr Yu; their reading club may even predate the ship's launch.

Lt "McGee" M'ghee
Senior Communications Officer and Security Chief

Lieutenant M'ghee is a Caitian, grey and black tiger stripe with a white muzzle and pink nose. The feline Caitians are related to the infamous Kzinti that fought against United Earth in its first post-warp war. Caitians are smaller than Kzinti, roughly man-sized and don't have parallel organs. Neither do they have the penchant for savagery that left Kzinti space a demilitarised zone. They are covered head to toe in fur, commonly white through grey and black or shades of brown, occasionally with faint markings. They look a little like the classic Hollywood Wolfman except with digitigrade legs and more feline features.

M'ghee was recently assigned to Blakeney from Starbase 11, where he also worked in communications, and was promptly named "McGee" by the crew. He's a talented linguist and is said to speak the language of every species in the Rigel System, which would be no small feat. Alien cultures and languages are his over-riding fascination. McGee has a tendency to scrutinise people, watching them with intense curiosity while his demeanour only reflects casual interest. His unblinking gaze can be off-putting, especially considering his secondary role as security chief. Rendering judgement doesn't interest McGee so much as knowing what's going. He reports to the Captain and let's him make the judgement calls.

He was relieved of duty, pending investigation after an Elasian Hush was found in his quarters that linked him to the disappearance of Ens Devereux, and replaced as Security Chief by Lt Ten Pas.

Lt Aline Imai
Senior Helmsman and Third Officer

Dark-skinned, exotic beauty, Aline Imai is a 30 year old Japanese Brazilian and Blakeney's new helmsman. Not that she's new to piloting, Aline has been assigned to many ships. Too many. She has a thing for older men, or more precisely bridge commanders; captains, first officers and such. Scandal has dogged her career and here she is, just turned 30 and still a lieutenant, no prospects of promotion. Most consider her a femme fatale, a man-eating tempest, Latin fire steaming in Asiatic ice, leaving a wake of destruction followed by clumsy cover-ups. Her reputation precedes her, but is she unfairly maligned? It does take two to tango.

Something no-one can understand is why Starfleet Command assigned her to Blakeney. Captain Singh is older, handsome and at the moment, vulnerable. It's almost like they're asking for another scandal.

The truth is, Aline was raped by the captain of the ship she was first assigned to, a Captain Benedict. Starfleet Command dealt with the incident informally, by transferring Aline off of the ship. Benedict is now a commodore and Starfleet attaché to the Federation's prestigious Babel Station.

Imai was badly disfigured by Kastal during the Battle of Sentinel Minor IV. She was awarded the Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry for choosing to foil the mutiny, alone and unaided, and hold the bridge even in the face of overwhelming odds.

[Natalie Mendoza can play across the range where fire and ice meet, a chaotic blend of passion, vulnerability and ruthlessness. You know, real acting. Although she's German Chinese, she physically embodies the Imai character quite well. -GM.]

Acting Cpt Bert Guillory
Colonel of Marines

Born in Copernicus City, the Lunar colonies, Guillory is a slender, softly-spoken man in his late-thirties. His short dark hair has a streak of grey and there are several deep shrapnel scars on his face. He's regarded as a pleasant, mild-mannered Starfleet officer but is otherwise unremarkable, having spent much of his career deployed on Gault as a peacekeeper during the Land Wars. Vasco valued Guillory as a reliable Support Battalion Commander. Few on the crew are aware that Guillory holds the Karagite Order of Heroism.

Guillory was shot in the head and paralysed down the left side of his body during the mutiny aboard the Blakeney. Confined to a wheelchair, he retired from Starfleet and moved to Alaska to be alone.

[James D'Arcy, the perfect contrast to Jason Statham. He's someone who has charisma enough to carry a lead role, but an ego modest enough to thrive in supporting roles. -GM]

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Below Decks

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Lt Phaeton Rodgers†
Assistant Chief Science Officer and Head of Xenology

Phaeton Rodgers of Alpha Centauri. His reputation precedes him. Lothario, wit, and writer, Phaeton is known more for his antics on the page than on-ship. How much of it is true can only be guessed at, but he certainly talks the talk. "Womaniser" isn't an accurate term, since according to his writing he's had it off with females, shemales and aliens whose genders haven't even been typed yet. Although his bestselling books have raised eyebrows, there's no denying that he gets results.

Phaeton's ginger hair, crooked teeth and lantern jaw might not be considered handsome, but his face is well-recognised in Starfleet and the Federation and has served him well enough so far. Famously unfazed by even the most disgusting of aliens, Phaeton is the natural stand-in for B't'kr, and there's no doubting his knowledge of alien races, and his skill at manoeuvring in their courts. Even the Hazard Team sometimes needs subtlety, or an expert on debauchery.

Phaeton later assumed command of the top secret Starfleet mission on the rogue planet, Koltaari, relieving Lt Everett Ford, aka the White Wizard.

[Phaeton is inspired by Damian Lewis's brilliant performance in Jeffrey Archer: The Truth. Lewis is famous for his straight-faced drama, but has a less well known comedy talent. He's perfect for the role of a serious bullshitter. -GM.]

Lt Kev†
Chief Geologist

Kev has the reddish face and hair, and porcine/simian features typical of a Tellarite, a race evolved from a monkey-like creature similar to a uakari. Kev keeps his beard short and uncrimped, and is average height for a Tellarite, standing 163 cm tall. He's a veteran mountaineer and caver, used to working as a team, so is remarkably affable for a Tellarite. That's not to say he doesn't annoy everyone he works with, just that his good nature deters them from jettisoning him into space. He's one of Dr Yu's Tai Chi students, enjoying the inner peace and staying limber for his next adventure planet-side. An expert in geology, Kev's been with the Blakeney for 7 years and is happily married to Starfleet. In his early-fifties (comparable to human age), he could be invaluable to the Hazard Team when the going gets rough.

Ens Connelly†
Third Assistant Engineer

The man responsible for the day to day running of the Engineering Department. Irish born on the Deneva colony, mid-twenties, short with a boyish face, heavily freckled, green eyes and red hair. He's rarely seen without a pair of goggles hanging around his neck. It's as if he's always hoping some engineering job will crop up, but spends most of his time managing the rest of the department. He's not ideally suited to the role he finds himself in, but his superiors have all dumped the "secretary jobs" onto him. His expertise is phasers and phaser field modification, not man management. He's newly assigned to the Blakeney, transferring from Europa Base.

Having spent 3 years firing all types of phasers for his day job, he might have a few tricks the Hazard Team would find very useful.

Ens Diya†
Head Nurse

Built like a black panther, this young African woman was a track star during her time at Starfleet Academy, running a sub-10 second 100 m sprint. This and her high esper rating led to her becoming a Federation sport ambassador rather than graduating. She travelled throughout the Federation, developing sports and sporting events like the Olympics. Diya wanted, and was allowed to resume her studies after the Battle of Vulcan. Now she's in her early-thirties, newly assigned as head nurse on the Blakeney. She's dry, affable and genuine, a people person with superb bedside manner. In her nurse's uniform it's easy to forget how well travelled she is, but this is one nurse who's seen far more of the galaxy than the inside of Medbay.

However, seeing her training in the gym is a quick reminder of her abilities, and she could serve as a Hazard Team medic.

[Modelled after Carmelita Jeter. Lovely face, scary body, awesome runner. -GM.]

Ens Devereux
Security Officer

The skinny, haggard Frenchman, Devereux, has had a chequered career with a long list of infractions. Once upon a time, he'd have been mustered out, but Starfleet has a manpower shortage. Getting blotto, out of hand, upsetting and offending people, resulting in formal charges. It's almost a shore leave tradition after 4 years on the Blakeney, and he's far from the Captain's favourite. Devereux is a terrier in a fight and isn't easily intimidated, even by his superiors. His boggle-eyed, hawkish looks don't endear him to the opposite sex either, although when sober he's genial, cheerfully cynical. He's been with the Blakeney since graduation, and is still an ensign. Blakeney veterans tend to be dismissive of Devereux, whereas newer crew are more wary.

He disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and it's since been revealed that he was abducted and transported off of the ship by Starfleet Intelligence because of his investigation into crew ties to the Orion Syndicate. He's currently enjoying a 3-month posting with the Provost Marshal's Office in Polar City on Rigel IV, where he gets to bully innocent Starfleet personnel on shore leave.

MCPO Webster

Master Chief Petty Officer Webster is a short, balding grey-haired man from North Dakota, in his late-forties. The Master Chief is regarded by most of his men as a dangerous psychotic, and is duly respected for it. He makes up for what he lacks in stature with the loudness of his voice and a penchant for wearing his tight-fitting gym leggings around the ship. He's the screaming, bawling, Master-at-arms who has to keep a battalion of marines from trashing the starship and does so using the power of fear. He prowls the Marine camp, wearing training leggings, itching to dish out punishment. The marines love to hate the Master Chief, the way it should be.

CPO Hall
Transporter Chief

Hall is a Jewish American in his forties, born and raised on the West Coast. His father and grandfather were aeronautic engineers at Blue Line, building shuttlecraft. Hall took it a step further, joining the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and specialising in transporters. He spent 5 years at Jupiter Station, before being posted to USS Blakeney 7 years ago. He's a hard worker who loves his job, and has an exemplary record. He's more approachable than Rasmussen, more experienced than Connelly, and crew usually take their non-technical issues to Hall rather than either.

CPO Pappas
Galley Chef

And representing the East Coast is Greek American, New Yorker, Mr Pappas. He's surly, cantankerous, and has spent most of his career serving slop at Starbase 12. He only joined the Blakeney at its recent layover in the Gamma 400 System, after the previous galley chef came down with lungworm. This makes him the newest member of the crew. A short swarthy, porkine man in his early fifties with thin black hair and tattooed forearms, his food really is so remarkably bland, Tellerites can't even complain about it (both a complement and insult). But on Starbase 12 he ran one of the busiest kitchens in Starfleet, feeding thousands of personnel transferring through the base every week. He's due to rotate back to Starbase 12 at the end of this voyage.

PO1 Illich
Chief Stevedore

Thin, balding Illich, Petty Officer First Class, mid-thirties, hailing from Russia, and one of several new crew transferred from Deep Space K-7 to USS Blakeney after the hand-over. Although he looks a little gormless, with small, sunken eyes, weak chin and a sheer forehead, he has a sharp mind and remarkable memory, making him well-suited to supervising busy loading/unloading operations.

Illich was in the pay of the Orion Syndicate, and his callous disregard for his ship-mates suggested his loyalty to Empress Duraba was motivated as much by a grudge against society as by greed. He was later found guilty of multiple infractions and sent to Tantalus Colony for rehabilitation.

[Inspired by Giovanni Ribisi in Contraband;an impressively scum-sucking performance, Ribisi was both gormless and dangerous. A punk. -GM.]

PO3 Candy†

A skinny, jittery black man in his early-forties, hailing from Detroit, Petty Officer Third Class Candy had a largely unremarkable career until the Battle of Theta Kalyb in 2254. He was patching up the hull of a Class J space cruiser carrying evacuees, when the ship was hit and he was thrown into the exhaust of the impulse engines, incinerating his left leg and genitals.

Candy survived and his organs were later regenerated by Starfleet Medical, but he was left a nervous wreck. He refused promotion and was posted to Starbase 1, giving seminars on starship hull maintenance. Candy was recently transferred to the Blakeney, and was not happy about it even before the Colonel of Marines seconded him to the Hazard Team. He's had a gripe with Starfleet Command, ever since he was diagnosed with a psychological disorder because he didn't want to jump out of perfectly good starships any more! Who's talking crazy!? Unfortunately for him, he keeps proving that he can be relied on in a crisis.

[Homage to the great Richard Prior -GM.]

CM Gromek

At a little over 1.95 cm tall and weighing 140 kg, Crewman Gromek looks like an upright silverback gorilla to a human. Capable of hefting 800 kilos, Gromek's race are built for wrestling down trees and each other. Hailing from the planet Ingav, Gromek is one of the subservient Sozlok subrace. Whilst a human might be terrified of a Sozlok, to the smaller Ingavi they're simple, gentle souls, who often join the monkhood, or are employed as servants and labourers.

Once a human has stopped shaking, they'll notice Gromek's warm, sincere smile and friendly eyes. He's naturally laid-back, almost Caribbean, but takes great pride in serving and is quick to do his master's bidding. This was how he was raised. He must eat specially prepared auto-chef meals, loaded with energy, six times a day, and has special dispensation to do so.

CM Lukadragis†

Crewman Lukadragis is an Eskan. Eskans are fair-skinned Klingonoids, and although they're members of the Federation, do have a jingoistic society that's especially proud of its military, much like Andoria. Unlike Andoria, they don't have much to be proud of. Whilst Eskan ground forces are second to none, they rely on their planetary defence system for protection. Their space fleet is largely comprised of troop transports, so without Starfleet they're sitting ducks.

Lukadragis is young, early-twenties, a jarhead with a bull neck. He's a marine, tight-lipped around officers, doesn't speak unless spoken to and follows orders without hesitation. His physical fitness evaluation puts him in the top 1% of Starfleet, no doubt benefiting from his Klingonoid physiology. Just the man the Hazard Team might need in a crisis.

[John Cena immediately popped into my mind as Lukadragis, probably due to Cena starring in the action flick The Marine. Put two and two together. -GM.]

†Authorisied for Hazard Team duty by the captain of the ship

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Hazard Team

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Under operational command of the Colonel of Marines.

Lt D'Antonio
Played by SteveH | Character Sheet
Junior Helmsman. Hazard Team Leader
Awarded Karagite Order of Heroism. For actions on and above the rogue planet, Koltaari, and in investigation of the Orion threat. (Redacted. Can only be officially awarded once the circumstances for which it was awarded are declassified.)
Hazard Team awarded Prentares Ribbon of Commedation for first tour.
Promotion to Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade after completion of first tour of duty in Hazard Team.
Awarded Silver Palm for first friendly contact with Romulan Star Empire on Nimbus III.

Lt Martinez
Played by Bigby | Character Sheet
Hydroponics Lab Supervisor. Survival Instructor
Awarded Karagite Order of Heroism. For actions on and above the rogue planet, Koltaari, and in investigation of the Orion threat. (Redacted. Can only be officially awarded once the circumstances for which it was awarded are declassified.)
Hazard Team awarded Prentares Ribbon of Commedation for first tour.
Promotion to Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade after completion of first tour of duty in Hazard Team.
Awarded Silver Palm for first friendly contact with Romulan Star Empire on Nimbus III.

Lt Ordiales
Played by Ghost | Character Sheet
Junior Communications Officer
Awarded Karagite Order of Heroism. For actions on and above the rogue planet, Koltaari, and in investigation of the Orion threat. (Redacted. Can only be officially awarded once the circumstances for which it was awarded are declassified.)
Hazard Team awarded Prentares Ribbon of Commedation for first tour.
Promotion to Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade after completion of first tour of duty in Hazard Team.
Field promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade, whilst participating in Starfleet Operation Barb Wire on Rigel VII.
Awarded Silver Palm for first friendly contact with Romulan Star Empire on Nimbus III.

Lt JG Quinn
Played by Gypsy | Character Sheet
Intelligence Analyst
Awarded Karagite Order of Heroism. For actions on and above the rogue planet, Koltaari, and in investigation of the Orion threat. (Redacted. Can only be officially awarded once the circumstances for which it was awarded are declassified.)
Hazard Team awarded Prentares Ribbon of Commedation for first tour.
Promotion to Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade after completion of first tour of duty in Hazard Team.
Awarded Silver Palm for first friendly contact with Romulan Star Empire on Nimbus III.

Lt JG Paratene
Played by pchan | Character Sheet
Security Officer
Awarded Karagite Order of Heroism. For actions on and above the rogue planet, Koltaari, and in investigation of the Orion threat. (Redacted. Can only be officially awarded once the circumstances for which it was awarded are declassified.)
Hazard Team awarded Prentares Ribbon of Commedation for first tour.
Promotion to Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade after completion of first tour of duty in Hazard Team.
Awarded Silver Palm for first friendly contact with Romulan Star Empire on Nimbus III.

Lt JG Crumb
Played by Caveboy | Character Sheet
Chief Steward
Awarded Karagite Order of Heroism. For actions on and above the rogue planet, Koltaari, and in investigation of the Orion threat. (Redacted. Can only be officially awarded once the circumstances for which it was awarded are declassified.)
Hazard Team awarded Prentares Ribbon of Commedation for first tour.
Promotion to Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade after completion of first tour of duty in Hazard Team.
Awarded Silver Palm for first friendly contact with Romulan Star Empire on Nimbus III.

Seledon (Lt civilian grade equivalent)
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Cpt Terrence Vasco
Colonel of Marines

Although a Starfleet officer, it's protocol to refer to Vasco by his billet of "Colonel". His swarthy, weather-worn face is lined with wrinkles and blast scars, with a heavy brow, dark, deep set eyes and broken nose. His face almost looks like a fist, and has seen a few in its time too. Balding and thick black stubble, Vasco is in his mid-forties but looks older. He's trained in advanced hand-to-hand combat and has written a manual on Capellan fighting techniques. Vasco has participated in a wide variety of combat missions, against a wide range of foes, including Klingons at the Battle of Axanar (2251). He was raised from the ranks, and this is obvious in his demeanour.

English, with a voice like a pint of paint stripper, Vasco commands Starfleet Marines aboard the USS Blakeney, anywhere between 200 and 1000 men. Marines wear a distinct dark, navy blue jersey. The Colonel's purview covers Blakeney's Marines only, though he is qualified to command a Federation starship, should the need arise, and still outranks every officer aboard except for the Captain. Hazard Team briefings are attended by the Captain of the Ship and the Colonel of Marines. The post-officer always has seniority, of course, but Colonel Vasco usually has operational command of the Hazard Team.

Vasco was killed in the line of duty whilst rescuing civilians from the wreck of the Sabrina, adrift in the debris field around Cestus II. He assisted in stabilising the fore-section of the ship with his thruster pack, allowing the Blakeney to gain transporter lock on fellow Hazard Team members still inside, commanding they be beamed aboard before him. Moments later the fore-section struck the debris field and was shredded. Vasco is thought to have died instantly. He was posthumously awarded the Starfleet Star Cross.

[For a cameo role like this you need someone with action credentials. I wanted someone who would be blunt. Jason Statham is blunt and isn't afraid to speak his mind, so there'd be no risk of misunderstandings. He had to be instantly likeable by the player characters, they had know all there was to know about him after the first few sessions.

It was always a cameo role, and I'd planned to kill him off from the start, as soon as the player characters had found their feet. Otherwise he'd constantly hinder their development. Crisis Point isn't a Jason Statham vehicle. -GM.]

Cdr Kastal
Combat Battalion Commander

Like most Saurians, Kastal has scaled skin with fine knobbles, much like a gecko. Saurian colouration can be spectacular, and Kastal has blue and red markings with large red/orange eyes. Sharing the common, roughly humanoid form, Saurians are descended from a mammal-like reptile. They're completely unrelated to the Gorn, and indeed evolved on the far opposite side of the quadrant. Saurian's have a four-phase lung, allowing them to breathe a wide variety of atmospheres compared to most races and this has served Kastal well in the past.

He's a cigar-chomping bad arse, specialising in boarding and assault operations, and making a name for himself leading a marine battalion nicknamed "Death's Edge" in the Borderland region of space, famed for several pirate-hunting missions, including the Assault on Rigel X, where Nausicaan pirate Vagh Bloodmane and his crew were killed in a ferocious battle on Sublevel 22. Having joined the Blakeney at Polar City, he now commands 300 marines in the Rapid Reaction Force.

Kastal also assisted Captain Cartwright (Terran hardliner/Starfleet Intelligence), in developing the boarding tactics taught at Starfleet Academy. He fought at the Battle of Theta Kalyb, aboard the doomed USS Achilles.

Kastal was loyal to Section 31, and was shot dead by the Hazard Team during a joint Section 31/Orion Syndicate mutiny aboard the Blakeney. The men loyal to him were taken into custody.

Lt Cdr Petter Rasmussen
Chief Engineer and Second Officer

Everyone on board loves Rasmussen, yet no-one would ever volunteer to spend time with him. And that's OK, because he'd probably be preoccupied with his machines anyway. The Lieutenant-commander is a complete eccentric. He's the kind of engineer who's idea of a fun time is engineering. Whilst quarters in Main Engineering would be against Starfleet regulations, Blakeney has an additional secondary hull... with powerplant. Rasmussen works in one engineering section and lives in the other.

A Norwegian man in his mid-forties, with a ruddy complexion and thinning, slicked back hair. His pride and joy is a magnificently curled moustache. There's zeal in his light blue eyes, like a flame, a Bunsen burner, his mind always simmering away. Most of the time he can restrain his fervour for machinery, but when he can't, expect hackling, sobbing, swearing and obscure references to gremlins.

Don't think Rasmussen is anti-social though; he enjoys working with his team immensely. If anyone did want to stop by his "quarters" for a drink and work on his theta-matrix compositor with him, they'd be more than welcome. He's been with Blakeney for around 7 years, but his eccentricity has stymied his advancement through the ranks. (Not that he cares, he'd never willingly leave Main Engineering anyway!)

Rasmussen was killed in the Battle of Sentinel Minor IV. He was in the ops centre, supervising the Hazard Team's mission to plant limpet mines on the Orion battleship, when the ops centre was struck by a photon torpedo and destroyed. Before he died, his theta-matrix compositor was proven to work and in the future may greatly extend the range of Starfleet exploration missions.

Lt Azirah

Glistening blue skin and tentacles. Andorian. Azirah is the only Andorian on the Blakeney's crew. Whether her mutable features are soft or hard depends largely on her mood, but might be described as Slavonic either way. She keeps her pristine white hair shaved into a crew cut and wears the male Starfleet uniform. With Andorians having four genders, this has led to many rumours amongst the human crew. This is perfectly natural, most humans are just incapable of accepting quadrigender races.

Azirah earned her reputation on Deep Space K-7, as chief of operations, overseeing the hand-over to civilian administration. Having been raised from the ranks, she knows all the tricks and is a savvy QM. It's been revealed that she's also a deep cover agent of Starfleet Intelligence, assigned to infiltrate Orion Syndicate operations in the Borderland region.

Azirah was loyal to Section 31, a hardline faction within Starfleet Intelligence. They were in league with the Orion Syndicate. Azirah was killed by a hull breach during the Battle of Sentinel Minor IV.

Lt JG Jeb Berens†

Jeb Berens is one of these middle-aged graduates, inspired to seek adventure amongst the stars by recruitment ads. Born New Berlin on Earth's Moon, he grew up terrified by the poisonous plants and animals he read about at school. No such thing on the Moon. He became a doctor, specialising in poisons, but after the children left for college, his wife left too. Cue mid-life crisis and the lure of Starfleet. Short, fat, grey and balding, in his mid-forties, he doesn't wear the blue jersey well, but was commended for his wealth of expertise and knowledge by Starfleet Medical. He's still stuck behind a desk though, so here is a man eager to imperil himself and live life on the edge... for a change.

In a medical crisis, the Hazard Team might need a skilled doctor.

During the Battle of Sentinel Minor IV, Jeb was killed by a fall in the opening salvo from the Orion battle cruiser, when artificial gravity was disabled. A memorial was dedicated to him at the Federation Medical Council.

Lt JG Ramon Khalid
Personnel Officer

Khalid was headhunted by Starfleet after the Battle of Vulcan. Tall, dark and handsome, the red jersey fit like a glove. Khalid's an Arab with salt and pepper beard and hair. He was an physical trainer with the Central Bureau of Penology, spending most of his career at the New Zealand Penal Settlement. At the age of 40, he's a little old for a personnel officer, but there is a rumour that he's married to the First Officer's sister. He'll have to do his time in the low-level role like any other graduate, but it's expected that he'll be promoted soon enough. Him and Hayden have been seen doing the deck run together.

Khalid died of radiation burns sustained during the Battle of Sentinel Minor IV.