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Before Steam, before massively multiplayer, before online gaming, we had LAN parties.

SWAT 3 by Sierra Entertainment was a tactical shooter released in 1999 and by 2001 allowed for 10 player networked co-op.

Amongst my gaming group we played SWAT 3 a lot, once bringing all our home PCs together under one roof and linking them up through a network switch!

Mod tools were released and I'd soon modded the game to give us new challenges and new weaponary, with contributions from other modders on the scene. This mod became LAFOR (LA Force) and I share it here as a reminder of those fun times.

I wrote a readme that explains the mod in detail but you might struggle to play the game at all. SWAT 3 was made for Windows 98 and Me, and though I found fixes for Windows Vista and later XP Pro, beyond that I do not know.

I do know that the games is still for sale on GOG.com and there's at least one modder still working on it.

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